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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1952: Fire Fantastical Beast (I)

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Chapter 1952: Fire Fantastical Beast (I)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Little Fire’s pupils shrank fiercely and its voice trembled slightly. “Master, is that…”

Yun Feng took a deep breath. The void around her shook violently and a figure appeared in the air! The lightning Fantastical Beast, Ah Luo, appeared with a gloomy face, confirming what Yun Feng was thinking in her mind! “That’s right. That’s a fire-element Fantastical Beast!”

She was wearing black clothes and pants, which wrapped around a graceful and exquisite body. She had black hair, black eyes and a cold face. The fire-element Fantastical Beast appeared as a woman. Yun Feng was also very surprised. Logically speaking, the water element seemed to be more suitable for a woman’s image.

“Fire Cloud, Master has been looking for you. I didn’t expect you to fall to the point of being with the Blood Souls?” Ah Luo frowned tightly. He stared at the cold woman opposite her with coldness in her dark purple eyes. The muscles all over her body were tight. It was obvious that Ah Luo was helpless and heartbroken.

“I didn’t expect you to leave the Beast Region. It’s truly a surprise to see you here.” Her words were cold and her expression was cold. She wasn’t delighted at all.

Ah Luo frowned even more tightly. “So, Water Color that we’ve been unable to find is with you?”

The fire-element Fantastical Beast, Fire Cloud, sneered. “It’S none of my business where he is. Why are you here right now? To fight me?”

The powerhouse of the Blood Souls was shocked when he saw Ah Luo! Yun Feng also had a Fantastical Beast! The Soul Master might not know about this yet. If a Fantastical Beast joined Yun Feng’s side, the Soul Master would probably take some action. The powerhouse of the Blood Souls thought for a moment. If he could use the Fantastical Beast to kill Yun Feng, it should be a piece of cake. As long as Yun Feng died, all the map fragments in her hand would belong to the Blood Souls and the East and West Alliance would collapse easily! By then, even if the four families were here, they wouldn’t have anything to fear!

After all, the Soul Master cared about Yun Feng alone.

“My lord, Yun Feng has been ruining the business of the Blood Souls. As long as she’S here, you won’t be able to get the Fire Element Seed successfully. Yun Feng also wants to get this Fire Element Seed.”

Fire Cloud raised her brows and glanced at Yun Feng coldly. “You’re just a human being. How dare you steal the Fire Element Seed from me?”

Yun Feng’s heart sank. The fire Fantastical Beast was after the fire seed. Her chance of winning was zero! It would be great if Ah Luo could stand on her side, but Ah Luo had never cared about her. As long as she didn’t die, he would be able to complete Mr. Tree’s request.

“Fire Cloud, Master wants you back immediately,” said Ah Luo, but Fire Cloud smiled. “Back? I’m not going back.”

“As a Fantastical Beast, you’re breaking the rules when you walk out of the Beast Region! You even interfered with human affairs. It’s even more wrong!”

“Hahahaha!” Fire Cloud burst into laughter. “So what? Ah Luo, if you want to attack, cut the crap! It’s been so many years. If you have the strength to capture me back, just attack!”

“Don’t force me.” His dark purple eyes narrowed fiercely. There was a lot of impatience and repression in Ah Luo’s words. Yun Feng’s mind raced on the side. If Ah Luo could restrain the fire-element Fantastical Beast, she might have a chance to come into contact with the Fire Element Seed!

“Force you? If you don’t dare to attack, shut your mouth!” Fire Cloud said coldly as it looked at Yun Feng. “Humph, you’re just a human being.” After saying that, flames appeared in its body. It seemed that it was preparing to take the Fire Element Seed!

Ah Luo’s purple eyes glittered and he suddenly clenched his fists in the air. Fire Cloud’s face turned even colder. The fire turned into a long dragon and roared over without hesitation. Ah Luo stood there without changing his expression. He waved his hand and a thunderbolt rushed out, scattering the fire!

“I couldn’t tell that your ability has improved a lot over the years.” Fire Cloud curled her lips coldly

and used fire again mercilessly!

“Little Fire, retreat!” Yun Feng sent a telepathic message. She retreated a distance with Little Fire and finally dodged the aftershock of the fire-element Fantastical Beast’s attack. She looked over with her black eyes. The powerhouse of the Blood Souls opposite her was the same. If he was involved in a battle between Fantastical Beasts, he would die!

“Master, what should we do now?” Little Fire looked at the attack of the fire-element Fantastical Beast in shock. “A fire-element Fantastical Beast… Such power of fire elements isn’t something I can compare to at all!”

Yun Feng frowned and turned her black eyes to the fiery dragon floating in the sky, looking at the fire seed in its mouth. “Ah Luo has restrained the fire Fantastical Beast. We can take the opportunity to get close to the fire seed. However, Little Fire, you must be prepared. Once we succeed, we’ll become the targets of the Fantastical Beast.”

Little Fire’s pupils shrank! Yun Feng reached out and touched Little Fire’s head. “It’S fine. With Ah Luo here, I won’t die.”

Indeed, Yun Feng wouldn’t die, but she definitely wouldn’t be unscathed. Ah Luo wasn’t a helper. He just wanted to ensure that Yun Feng wouldn’t die.

“Master…” Little Fire wanted to say something, but Yun Feng chuckled. “Get ready. We’re going.”

“Swish…!” Yun Feng suddenly jumped into the air from where she was and went towards the fiery dragon, followed by Little Fire! Fire Cloud, who was fighting with Ah Luo, turned cold. He immediately attacked and a ball of scorching fire rushed towards Yun Feng!

It was so fast that Yun Feng couldn’t dodge even if she wanted to. If she was hit by the fire, the consequences would be unimaginable!

“Master!” Little Fire exclaimed. Yun Feng gritted her teeth secretly. She couldn’t dodge the Fantastical Beast’s attack at all! “Don’t worry. I won’t die!”

“Boom!” A thunderbolt came from the side and directly split the fire open! Fire Cloud’s expression became even colder! “I can’t believe the lightning Fantastical Beast has become a human’s bodyguard!”

There was a hint of anger in Ah Luo’s dark purple eyes. “Master said that she’S the special one. She can’t die.”

Fire Cloud frowned. “So, you’re going to fight me to the end!”

Ah Luo frowned. He didn’t say a word, but his actions were already speaking louder than anything else!

“What are you waiting for? Kill that human quickly and take the fire seed!” Fire Cloud shouted furiously. She was completely restrained by Ah Luo and didn’t have the strength to attack at all, or that human would have died long ago!

“Swish…!” The body of the Blood Souls powerhouse immediately flashed. When he appeared again, he was already standing in front of Yun Feng!

The distance of the two parties from the Fire Dragon was about the same! On both sides, the Fantastical Beasts representing their respective forces were fighting fiercely…

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