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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1951: Fire Cloud Wolf (2)

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Chapter 1951: Fire Cloud Wolf (2)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“What?” The Blood Souls expert standing in the air couldn’t help but widen his eyes in surprise when he saw this scene. Then, he narrowed his eyes fiercely! What was Yun Feng trying to do?

Feeling the crazily surging elemental power under the ground, Yun Feng immediately slapped again! Her mental strength went straight into the ground again, vowing to stimulate the thing underground!

“Boom, boom, boom!” Red flames kept gushing out of the ground. The ground was instantly blown away by the huge force and shattered! Rocks flew into the sky and fell again. A fiery red figure broke out of the ground and a heat wave and high temperature came right at them. Yun Feng and Little Fire immediately flashed and dodged. The powerhouse of the Blood Souls was shocked by this sudden scene. Before he could do anything, the huge black net he created was broken by the red figure that rushed out!

“What’s that?” Little Fire raised its head with shock in its black eyes. Yun Feng also raised her black eyes. Dazzling redness filled her entire vision. At first sight, it was like a glorious red sun! Rolling heat waves mixed in the air, as if they were going to burn the entire void completely! Yun Feng only felt that sweat had already appeared on her body in a moment. A scorching feeling came from the surface of her skin. Her mouth was dry and even her hair seemed to be on fire in an instant!

“Such strong fire energy!” Little Fire couldn’t help but roar. “Even I can’t stand it anymore!”

Yun Feng gritted her teeth secretly. Such a high concentration of fire-element energy indeed made her almost unable to stand it! Staying in such a heat wave for another second, her entire body would completely burn!

“Water Field!” With a furious roar, Yun Feng raised her arm. The cold water element completely enveloped Little Fire and Yun Feng. Even though she was isolated by the water element, she could still feel the heat so clearly! Yun Feng looked at the hem of her clothes. There were already traces of burning there! The fire element was already terrifyingly strong!

In the void, the fiery red figure circled in the air. The scorching temperature made her vision extremely blurry. Yun Fengs eyelids were burning. She opened her eyes and finally saw what that thing in the void was!

It was a fiery red dragon! Its body was almost made of fire. Layers of fire enveloped its body and the clear trajectory of the fire could be seen every time it moved! Dragons! This was the burial ground of the Dragons. There were still ancient Dragons living underground!

“Swish, swish, swish…!” The black chains in the air were all put away. Even though the body of the Blood Souls powerhouse was wrapped in dark elements, the scorching heat had already burnt his skin. A few red marks instantly appeared on his skinny body because of the high temperature. There wasn’t any pain on the face of the Blood Souls powerhouse at all. On the contrary, he was surprisingly excited!

The fiery dragon slowly swayed its tail in the air. Its translucent body was filled with fire and its sharp claws were also stained with scorching fire. Its completely red dragon eyes looked down at Yun Feng and the person of the Blood Souls from the sky and didn’t do anything.

“Master, look! The thing in the mouth of this Dragon!” Little Fire’s wolf eyes emitted strong light. Yun Feng followed Little Fire’s hint and looked over. She could clearly see a round red bead in the mouth of the translucent dragon! Layers of fire were burning around the bead!

“The Fire Element Seed!” Without any guess, Yun Feng was instantly certain that the fiery red bead was the Fire Element Seed!

“Fire Element Seed, hahaha! That must be the Fire Element Seed!” The voice of the powerhouse of the Blood Souls came from the side with incomparable excitement. Yun Feng’s heart sank. As expected, the Blood Souls’ goal was also the Element Seed!

She couldn’t let the Fire Element Seed fall into the hands of the Blood Souls!

This thought flashed through Yun Feng’s mind. “Little Fire, attack!”

“Roar! As you wish!” The Fire Cloud Wolf roared and suddenly opened its mouth. A scorching fireball quickly formed in its mouth! “Boom!” It shot out!

Yun Feng, on the other hand, clasped her hands fiercely and the fusion of elements was instantly completed! She didn’t have a chance to use the fusion of elements just then. This was her only chance! Even if she couldn’t take his life, she had to hurt him! She couldn’t give the Blood Souls any opportunity!

She raised her hand gently and the fusion of elements went straight to the powerhouse of the Blood Souls. Little Fire’s fire-element energy ball then arrived. The two high-concentration forces both rushed towards the powerhouse of the Blood Souls. A weird smile suddenly appeared on the pale face of the powerhouse of the Blood Souls. He flipped his hand and held something in his hand, crushing it instantly!

“Buzz!” A huge space shook. Yun Feng and Little Fire couldn’t help but take a few steps back from the fluctuation!

What kind of power was that? Yun Feng was surprised. Even so, she couldn’t miss any opportunity to attack! “Explode! ” With a deep shout, the fusion energy of elements instantly burst out. However, what Yun Feng didn’t expect was that an even stronger energy completely enveloped her power of fusion of elements. Red flames suddenly appeared around the powerhouse of the Blood Souls and enveloped Yun Feng and Little Fire’s power!

“Buzz…!” A muffled sound came, followed by a few aftershocks. Yun Feng immediately understood that her power of fusion of elements was resolved silently just like that!

“Whoosh…!” The fiery red fire slowly spread out and a figure appeared in the air, standing next to the Blood Souls powerhouse. He slowly retracted his hand and his eyes were full of coldness!

“Did you call me out because you were about to die?” The figure said with endless coldness in his voice!

The Blood Souls’ expert’s face was full of respect. He quickly said humbly, “Of course not. Even if I die, I wouldn’t dare to disturb you. The reason why I called you out is because the Fire Element Seed has already appeared!”

The figure raised his brows and glanced at the fiery red dragon in the sky indifferently with a hint of heat in his eyes. “Very good. If you call me out for something else and others don’t take your life, I’ll do it too.”

The body of the powerhouse of the Blood Souls trembled slightly and he immediately lowered his head, not daring to say anything. Yun Feng frowned as her heart pounded crazily! She clenched her fists tightly and stared at the figure that appeared out of thin air with her black eyes without blinking. Someone who could make even a God Emperor of the Blood Souls so afraid, someone who could resolve her and Little Fire’s attacks so easily, was also passionately interested in the Fire Element Seed and even had the power of the fire element!

Yun Feng’s heart sank… Her previous thought indeed came true!

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