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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1950: Fire Cloud Wolf (1)

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Chapter 1950: Fire Cloud Wolf (1)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Fire element…” The pupils of the powerhouse of the Blood Souls couldn’t help but shrink slightly. Then, he sneered. “Hm, you’re a five-element mage. There are four of them outside. I forgot that you still have one left. However, even if you have a contracted Magic Beast in your hand, you don’t have much chance of winning!” The powerhouse of the Blood Souls burst into laughter. His black eyes glittered with a hint of madness as he clenched his fists fiercely! A black chain as thick as a python was held in his hand and the chain slowly moved as if it was alive.

“Swish…!” A pair of black wings suddenly appeared in the scorching fire! They weren’t as small and exquisite as before anymore. This was a pair of huge wings. They were as black as velvet and there were red flames rising on them!

“Dark elements!” The powerhouse of the Blood Souls finally looked shocked. He stared at the wings that appeared in the fire with his black eyes. “Fire element and darkness element… Mutated Magic Beast?!”

Yun Feng looked at the pair of black wings in the fire and was also very shocked in her mind. She was used to the small wings on Little Fire’s back in the past, but they seemed to have completely grown up now! Being reborn in fire was indeed very different!

“Little Fire, you’re finally awake.” Yun Feng said with a smile. She was very gratified in her mind. The fire was still burning. The Fire Cloud Wolf rolled its black eyes slightly. “Master, I’m back.”

Yun Feng was slightly stunned. Little Fire’s voice… had changed! It had become cold and almost heartless! Its previous anger and heartiness were all gone and its personality had completely changed with its rebirth!

Yun Feng was silent for a moment. “It’s good that you’re back.”

The fire around the Fire Cloud Wolf was still burning. A few red threads spread on the ground where its four claws landed, like tiny capillaries. Yun Feng said telepathically, “Little Fire, I vaguely feel a heat source moving underground.”

“That’s right. When I was in the Ring of Contract, I also felt the movements underground. Thanks to the fire-element energy underground, I woke up so quickly.”

Little Fire’s unusually calm words came to Yun Feng’s mind. Yun Feng continued, “The Fire Element Seed will most likely be here.”

“Master is right, but we must deal with this person from the Blood Souls first!”

Yun Feng frowned. Even though her strength had already reached the God Emperor Level, the powerhouse of the Blood Souls in front of her was also at the God Emperor Level! He was even a bit stronger than her! Even though Little Fire had awakened, she didn’t have a high chance of winning!

“Swish…!” The heat source underground swam around again at a much faster speed, like a ferocious beast swimming in a cage, full of anger.

“It’s moving again.” Yun Feng pondered in her mind. What exactly was swimming underground?

“Roar…!” The Fire Cloud Wolf roared as its body wrapped in fire jumped up from the ground. It suddenly spread its black wings and fire rain emitted from the wings! Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened and her body quickly left the spot. She flipped her hand and her mental strength surged out fiercely, rushing towards the powerhouse of the Blood Souls!

“Crash!” The chains that were as thick as a python spread out in the air and rolled towards Little Fire like a snake. Its beast eyes, which were as black as the night, glittered and a huge claw slapped the air fiercely with scorching fire! The red fire snake spread up the chains and directly pounced on the black robe of the Blood Souls!

“Humph!” The Blood Souls snorted. A skinny and fair arm came out of the black robe and a ball of black fire darted out of his palm, swallowing the red fire instantly!

“Bang!” Yun Feng’s mental strength came from the air. Her black robe rose and an invisible force directly faced it. The two forces collided in the air and shattered!

“Roar! ” The scorching fire came just like that. The Fire Cloud Wolf was astonishingly fast. It directly passed the black chains and opened its mouth to bite! The body of the Blood Souls flashed. Little Fire’s wolf mouth missed, but it raised its sharp claws! Half of the black robe was forcibly torn apart by Little Fire!

“Rip!” A huge piece of black cloth slowly landed on the ground. The powerhouse of the Blood Souls stepped in the air with a gloomy face and stared at Yun Feng and the Fire Cloud Wolf firmly. He lowered his head and looked at his robe that had already been torn. His skinny body was undoubtedly exposed!

As expected, everyone who joined the Blood Souls suffered a huge pressure on their bodies. Yun Feng looked at the body in the black robe. Some of the body parts didn’t even exist! The Blood Souls used some means to get powerful strength, or they wouldn’t have paid such a heavy price!

“It seems that it’ll be very difficult to finish you off if I don’t show you my real strength.” The powerhouse of the Blood Souls smiled sinisterly and slowly raised his two skinny arms. Yun Feng saw it extremely clearly this time. Something was constantly squirming in that skinny body. Instantly, black chains rushed out of this body and one end of the chains was completely inserted into the ground. Instantly, a huge black net was formed!

“Swish!” Black mist came out of the chains and filled all the gaps between the chains. A huge black net enveloped Yun Feng’s head, and the powerhouse of the Blood Souls stuck to this net like a shriveled spider!

“We’ve already cast the net to catch the prey. Let’s see how you, the prey, escape!”

“Master, be careful of these dark elements!” Little Fire returned to Yun Feng’s side. Yun Feng frowned. The space domain was completely restricted right now. The dark elements on the web were like mucus on a spider web.

“The space has already been completely restricted.” Yun Feng whispered. She couldn’t attack recklessly, or… if she failed, she would die forever!

“These dark elements look very strange. Master, what should we do now? Little Fire looked at the spider webs that filled the sky and the disgusting member of the Blood Souls like a spider fiercely. Yun Feng remained silent and the heat under her feet appeared again. Yun Feng looked at the ground with her black eyes and slowly narrowed them.

“Even though he sealed the void, the space under his feet is free.” Yun Feng whispered. Little Fire’s black eyes glittered. “Master, you mean…”

“Since the situation has already turned out like this, we can only use other forces to disrupt the situation!” Yun Feng curled her lips and slapped the ground fiercely with her hand. Little Fire followed Yun Feng’s movement and slapped the ground fiercely with its sharp claws. The flames mixed with high temperature and the fierce mental strength Yun Feng released rushed to the ground!


The red fire instantly illuminated the tiny cracks on the ground. They extended from Yun Feng and Little Fire’s feet in all directions, like magma erupting from a volcano… Under the impact of this force, the ground that had already had cracks suddenly loosened and was about to rise!

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