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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1949: Fire (3)

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Chapter 1949: Fire (3)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“The Blood Souls won’t get anything from me even if I die!” Yun Feng said in a low voice. Her hand immediately transformed and the aura of the Magic Beast in her body spread throughout her body. Her body suddenly tightened and she was about to break the chains!

“Hahaha! Don’t waste your time! You can’t break free from my chains at all! ” The Blood Souls tightened his grip and exerted strength. A force hit Yun Feng’s body and the pain was unbearable!

“Ugh!” Yun Feng couldn’t help but grunt. A few wounds were made on Yun Feng’s body by the chains. Blood soaked out and mixed with the remaining Golden Dragon blood on her hand, fusing into the ground drop by drop. She was restrained by an invisible force earlier and Yun Feng lost the chance to resist. The powerhouse of the Blood Souls succeeded. Otherwise, Yun Feng wouldn’t have been caught so easily!

“It’ll be more valuable to capture you alive. I’m sure the Soul Master will be more satisfied.” After saying that, the Blood Souls powerhouse glanced around in advance. “This… seems to be the burial place of some Magic Beast.”

Yun Feng glanced around her. There were huge skeletons half buried in the ground everywhere she saw. They were very huge. Even though only the skeletons were left, she could guess how powerful Magic Beasts were when they were born. This was the burial ground of the Dragons, so the ones buried here were certainly all Dragons!

“How exactly can we get out…” The Blood Souls expert cursed softly. He tried to leave with the means of the spatial crack, but he didn’t succeed.

Yun Feng remained silent. It was very difficult for her to escape now that she was restrained. Now that the powerhouse of the Blood Souls wanted to keep her alive, she might as well think about how to find an opportunity next. The powerhouse of the Blood Souls tried a few times, but the attempts all failed. The spatial connection couldn’t be established at all here and even the power of space was useless.

“Yun Feng! Where exactly is this place?” The powerhouse of the Blood Souls pulled her fiercely. Yun Feng only felt another wave of pain. She pursed her lips gently. Yun Feng sneered. ‘Why? Can’t we get out?”

The Blood Souls slowly narrowed his black eyes and clenched his fists. “Don’t think that I’ll really let you live just because I said so! Even though we’ll suffer a loss when you die, the things you have are enough to make up for everything!”

Yun Feng raised her brows. “If that’s the case, this is a good opportunity for you to kill me.”

The face of the Blood Souls powerhouse suddenly darkened. “Don’t think I don’t dare to kill you.”

Yun Feng sneered. “If you don’t kill me right now, I’ll take your dog life.”

The powerhouse of the Blood Souls narrowed his eyes completely. The fire of anger burned in his chest. He suddenly burst into laughter and exerted strength in his hand! “I’ll torture you before you die! You ruined too much of the Blood Souls’ business. Don’t worry. I won’t let you die too quickly.”

“Ugh!” Pain came and there were more wounds on her body in an instant. Blood instantly drenched Yun Feng’s clothes on her body. Yun Feng’s face was also very pale. She stood there without saying a word and didn’t cry out in pain!

Seeing Yun Feng like this, the powerhouse of the Blood Souls certainly didn’t show any mercy. A continuous force came and the forces were like sharp thorns, completely piercing into Yun Feng’s body! Yun Feng felt that her body was like a beehive, riddled with holes! However, even so, she still stood there proudly!

Blood dripped on the ground and sweat mixed with the blood. There was only blood in the air. The powerhouse of the Blood Souls looked crazy. He took the greatest pleasure in torturing Yun Feng! Yun Feng sneered in her mind. She was waiting for a chance to counterattack!

What was this feeling? Yun Feng was puzzled, but she didn’t show it on her face. A slight scorching feeling began to spread from the bottom of her feet and a rising heat seemed to be spreading up from the ground, slowly climbing up.

The temperature had become hot. That was Yun Feng’s first impression. The temperature was changing subtly. Hot air kept circling in the air and rising slowly with the temperature. Yun Feng stood there expressionlessly and sensed everything carefully. A thought formed in her mind!

The powerhouse of the Blood Souls was completely immersed in torturing Yun Feng. In his opinion, he must torture Yun Feng, the biggest thorn in the side of the Blood Souls, to the point of wishing she were dead!

Enduring the pain, Yun Feng gritted her teeth and distracted herself from this strange change. She glanced at the ground with her black eyes and suddenly found many tiny cracks on the ground. There seemed to be faint fire glittering behind the cracks.

It was constantly swimming! In other words, an object with high temperature underground was wandering underground at this moment!

Yun Feng’s eyes darkened as she looked at the tiny cracks on the ground. Because of what she thought just then, Yun Feng observed more carefully. Her eyes glittered. As she expected, the high temperature kept swimming. Was it the Fire Element Seed?

“It’s time.” The powerhouse of the Blood Souls mumbled as killing intent flashed in his eyes. Yun Feng frowned. He was going to attack!

The black robe with red dark patterns suddenly rose and a few black chains shot out of the body of the Blood Souls powerhouse. They instantly turned into several black sharp swords in the air and all pointed at Yun Feng! Yun Feng would be facing thousands of swords in one attack!

“Don’t worry. The Blood Souls will make good use of your soul.” The Blood Souls expert was laughing strangely. He raised his arm and then smashed it down fiercely! “Die, Yun Feng!”

“Swish, swish, swish…!” Ten thousand arrows shot at the same time! Yun Feng didn’t have the power to dodge!

However, at this moment…

“Boom!” Suddenly, a heat wave surged out of the ground, blowing away the black swords like invisible lava and directly melting the black chains on Yun Feng’s body!

“What?” The powerhouse of the Blood Souls was panicked by this sudden change. Seeing Yun Feng break free from the chains, he immediately swung his hand and the black chains moved at the same time. However, it was difficult to trap Yun Feng again!

“Swish, swish, swish…!” Her body, which was stained with blood and wounds, moved quickly. The wind element immediately strengthened her body. Yun Feng completely turned into a beam of green light and flashed through the endless black shadows. Every time she stepped on the ground, Yun Feng would clearly feel that the scorching energy waves under the ground would quickly flow under her feet!

The fire-element energy was chasing her? Yun Feng was puzzled, but she didn’t dare to stop at all. The chains that filled the sky were like long snakes, fighting to wrap around her body. If she was entangled again, she would definitely die!

“You can’t escape! ” The powerhouse of the Blood Souls roared wantonly with an extremely hoarse voice. He looked at Yun Feng, who was dodging around, with his slightly red eyes. The black chains chased after her relentlessly, not letting go of anything!

This wasn’t a way to escape! The tip of Yun Feng’s foot landed on the ground again and fire-element energy quickly surged to her feet again. A stream of heat was about to climb up along her feet, but when another wave of attacks came, Yun Feng could only jump up again!

Why was the fire-element energy chasing after her? Yun Feng frowned. She clearly felt that the fire-element energy was trying to enter her body just then! Was the fire-element energy so abnormal because…

Yun Feng suddenly stopped and stood there steadily! Fire-element energy quickly surged, starting from the bottom of her feet, climbing up her body and surging into her body!

Yun Feng smiled. After the fire-element energy surged into her body, it was all absorbed into the space where she stored the Fire Ring of Contract! Little Fire, it must be Little Fire!

If the Fire Element Seed was really stored here, how would Little Fire let go of such fire-element energy? It was time for the one that had been sleeping to wake up!

“You’re not dodging anymore?” The powerhouse of the Blood Souls sneered and the black chains instantly came. “Earth Shield!” Yun Feng shouted furiously as the golden earth-element defense enveloped Yun Feng firmly. The black chains hit the defense, making a dull sound.

The powerhouse of the Blood Souls burst into laughter and exerted more strength. The black chains struck out fiercely again and the Earth Shield instantly collapsed! Yun Feng still stood there with a gloomy face, which surprised the powerhouse of the Blood Souls.

“Hm, you know it’s useless to hide.”

Yun Feng frowned. What she could do right now was to stand right where she was and let Little Fire absorb more fire-element energy! She couldn’t move at all in the process! The more fire-element energy she absorbed, the more likely Little Fire could wake up!

“Buzz…!” Invisible energy waves suddenly came out of Yun Feng’s body. Yun Feng’s eyes were full of surprise. Such a rhythm came from the power of the fire element that she hadn’t touched for a long time! Little Fire was about to wake up!

“Buzz, buzz, buzz…!” As the fire-element energy kept surging in, the sound of resonance became more and more intense. Yun Feng waited patiently!

“Hahahahahaha! Without your contracted Magic Beast, you’re just an arrow at the end of its flight! No matter how you resist, you won’t be able to escape death today!” The Blood Souls expert laughed crazily and raised his arm. His black robe fluttered even though there was no wind and suddenly rose! A few chains appeared again!

Yun Feng chuckled with endless coldness flashing in her eyes. She raised her black eyes and suddenly emitted a dazzling light!

Her red lips curled up and she turned her bloody hand gently. A ball of dazzling and scorching fire jumped on it!

“I don’t have a contracted Magic Beast?” She whispered as the curve of her red lips became colder and colder. The roar of a beast resounded in the void!


Hot fire directly came out of Yun Feng’s body with an extremely high temperature. Her body was surrounded by fire… A pair of beast eyes, which were as black as the night, were glittering!

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