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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1954: The Red Dragon (1)

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Chapter 1954: The Red Dragon (1)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“The descendant of the Dragons!” The two Fantastical Beasts both exclaimed. Even Yun Feng was surprised in her mind! The descendant of the Dragons? She didn’t have any connection with the Dragons in her body. Whether it was her aura or her blood, they weren’t related to the Dragons.

Perhaps… Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered. Perhaps it was Uncle Flirtatious’s Golden Dragon n Blood!

The red dragon’s tail swayed slowly in the air. Yun Feng was protected by the Red Dragon. Even the fire-element Fantastical Beast couldn’t do anything to her right now!

Fire Cloud frowned hard. Descendant of the Dragons… The person in front of her was clearly a human being. There wasn’t any dragon breath in her body at all! How could she be a descendant of the Dragons? Was there something she didn’t notice?

Ah Luo looked at Yun Feng with a complicated expression. She was a descendant of the Dragons? Didn’t Master say that she was a human being… What exactly was going on?

Yun Feng didn’t move. It was easy for her to be mistaken right now. The fire-element Fantastical Beast wouldn’t dare to attack her easily. Perhaps she would get the Fire Element Seed as easily as she expected.

After investigating carefully again, Fire Cloud sneered. “What descendant of the Dragons? She’s clearly a human being!”

The Red Dragon suddenly turned its blood-red eyes to the Fire Cloud. It opened its mouth wide and spouted out fire without hesitation. Seeing that, the Fire Cloud immediately dodged to the side and its face completely turned cold. Yun Feng was destined to ruin her business. However, with such a dragon protecting her and holding the Fire Element Seed in its mouth, she wouldn’t do anything to this human even if she attacked!

“You’ve trespassed on our territory. Leave quickly! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!” The old voice sounded again, with a hint of seriousness and viciousness this time. The Red Dragon also let out an angry dragon roar abruptly. It looked at Fire Cloud and Ah Luo with its fiery red eyes with sporadic killing intent. If the two of them didn’t leave, the Red Dragon would attack again.

“How can the Dragons suppress a Fantastical Beast? What a joke!” Fire Cloud said coldly. She wouldn’t give the Fire Element Seed to this human no matter what!

“Fire Cloud, don’t be reckless!” Ah Luo quickly said. “The Dragons have lived in this world for as long as Fantastical Beasts. Besides… Master once said that the Dragons have the power to resist Fantastical Beasts. A long time ago, Fantastical Beasts weren’t the strongest among the Magic Beasts!” “So what? The current Dragons can only bow down in front of Fantastical Beasts!”

“This is the land of the Dragons. He is not one of the Dragons in the present day! Don’t you understand?” Ah Luo shouted in a low voice. The Fire Cloud immediately fell silent and its face became even gloomier. Yun Feng also pondered in her mind. The place where the Dragons were buried certainly didn’t have the current Dragons. It certainly had the old guys from a long time ago! Were the old guys of the Dragons still alive in this world?!

“I can’t watch the Fire Element Seed fall into the hands of humans!” The Fire Cloud’s face was full of stubbornness. Ah Luo couldn’t help but feel angry in his mind. “If Master were here, he would still have to think for a while. Do you think you can compete with the ancestors of the Dragons with your ability?”

Fire Cloud suddenly raised its head and looked at Yun Feng coldly with its black eyes. “Human, if you get the Fire Element Seed, I’ll definitely not let you go in the future! Right now, the old guys here think that you’re a descendant of the Dragons. You took advantage of them. When you get out, the old guys here won’t be able to protect you! If you want to live, don’t touch the Element Seed! ”

Yun Feng smiled gently and didn’t say anything. Ah Luo stepped forward. “Let’s go.”

With a cold snort, the two Fantastical Beasts immediately disappeared, leaving Yun Feng alone in the entire space and the huge Red Dragon that protected her just then.

The Red Dragon’s long tail retreated. It looked at Yun Feng with its fiery red eyes and the old voice sounded again. “My descendant, you came here and woke me up with your blood. I’ve already resolved your crisis. Is there anything else?”

Yun Feng looked up at the Red Dragon entrenched in the void in front of her. Its translucent body was made of fire and its fiery red dragon eyes were looking at her. Yun Feng was certain that this old voice didn’t come from the body of this Red Dragon.

Taking a deep breath, Yun Feng said loudly, “I wonder which ancestor resolved the crisis. I can’t thank you enough!”

There was silence in the air. Then, the old voice came again. “The Golden Dragons have always been

upruly. 1 didn’t expect your temper to be so different. HOW Interesting.”

Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel shocked in her mind. Luckily, she had the Golden Dragon Blood, which made the ancestors of the Dragons here think that she was a descendant of the Dragons. Otherwise, her personality would really be nothing like that of the Dragons.

Yun Feng chuckled. “Ancestor, you might not know this, but times have changed. The Dragons have also changed drastically from before.” Even though Yun Feng wasn’t a member of the Dragons, she still knew the changes of the Dragons clearly, so she was a bit more confident.

There was a long sigh. “Things will always go the other way when they reach the extreme. The Dragons were at their peak for a while, so they certainly had their desolation. You don’t have to be sad, descendant. As long as the bloodline of the Dragons doesn’t end, the rise of the Dragons will definitely come.”

There was a deep meaning in what he said. As long as the Dragons lived endlessly, their decline and rise would always alternate. Now that they had declined, there would definitely be a day when they could dominate again! Perhaps this was one of the reasons why the Dragons were still so powerful and had such a stable foundation after so long! The mystery might also come from this!

“I’ll certainly remember what my ancestor said,” said Yun Feng solemnly. She would definitely tell Uncle Flirtatious everything without missing a word. Perhaps Uncle Flirtatious wanted to hear this with his own ears. Even members of the Dragons wouldn’t enter the burial ground casually. She had no choice but to break in this time.

“It’s good that you remember it. Is there anything else?” The old voice sounded again. Yun Feng looked at the Fire Element Seed in the mouth of the Red Dragon. She didn’t have to get it. She just had to ensure that the Blood Souls didn’t get the Fire Element Seed. Even if she got the Fire Element Seed, the ability of the Element Seed wasn’t something she could control right now.

“If there’s no blood of our clan, outsiders shouldn’t be allowed to enter the burial ground, right?”

“Even though there are certain protective measures here, it’s still possible for Fantastical Beasts to break in. After all, my strength has already weakened too much. It’s difficult to resist them.”

Yun Feng’s heart tightened. So, she couldn’t leave the Fire Element Seed here. Once she got it, the fire Fantastical Beast would chase after her relentlessly and might even kill her to take it. Yun Feng took a deep breath. “Ancestor, it’s no longer safe to store the Fire Element Seed here…”

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