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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1439 Dragon Breath (5)

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Chapter 1439 Dragon Breath (5)

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Yun Feng’s black eyes brightened and she immediately bowed. “So, it’s you, Your Highness. I’m truly rude.” Yun Feng raised her brows. The royal member of the Clam Phoenix Tribe, Crown Prince. There should be more than one group of people chasing after this map fragment.

Yun Feng soon left the King’s Palace. If she stayed there any longer, she would cause trouble. The person she saved today should be someone sent by the Crown Prince to find the map fragment. The Crown Prince was so anxious to get the information from that person. The other princes must be competing fiercely too. The princes of the Clam Phoenix Tribe were fighting for the map fragment so fiercely. It must be the idea of the king of the Clam Phoenix Tribe.

Yun Feng pursed her lips. It seemed that she should speed up a bit more. It had already been a few days since she left. She didn’t know how Qi Luo and Luo Teng were doing. Yun Feng took off the Thousand Shadows Mask and went straight to the place where she lived before. As soon as she pushed the door open, she saw Qi Luo. Qi Luo was very surprised to see Yun Feng back. “Is there any news?”

Yun Feng nodded. She looked around, but didn’t see Luo Teng. “Where’s that kid?”

“Here!” Luo Teng slowly stepped in from outside the door. Qi Luo glanced at Luo Teng complainingly. Luo Teng raised his brows. “You got a promise from the royal family of the Clam Phoenix Tribe in such a short time?”

Yun Feng chuckled. “We’ll get more than we thought. We should set off, and the sooner the better!”

Yun Feng, Qi Luo and Luo Teng soon set off and left the capital of the Clam Phoenix Tribe. The journey was quite smooth. As soon as they left the capital, Yun Feng took out the Finger Spiritual Jade and looked at it carefully again. She saw that the light spot that hadn’t appeared for a long time finally glittered again. That was the aura mark that belonged to Jiao Yun. Looking at the light spot flashing in the capital, Yun Feng curled her lips. Jiao Yun was quite smart. He could chase her all the way here. As expected of one of the best experts of the Chiwen Tribe. No wonder the king of the Chiwen Tribe asked him to follow her.

However, the king of the Chiwen Tribe didn’t expect so many changes to happen, and he certainly didn’t expect them to run to the capital so deep in the West Sea! Thinking of the vigilance of the Clam Phoenix Tribe towards the outsiders, especially the control on outsiders, she believed that Jiao Yun wouldn’t be able to come out for a while. Jiao Yun didn’t have the Transformation Potion, so he certainly couldn’t change his body and sneak into the capital. As an outsider, it was certainly inconvenient for him to move there and he would be restrained a lot. He would also be delayed for a while, which was a good opportunity for Yun Feng.

At this moment, he was in the city. Yun Feng and the others had already left the city. It would probably be a while before Jiao Yun left the city. Yun Feng put away the Finger Spiritual Jade with a smile on her face. Luo Teng couldn’t help but frown when he saw that. “What exactly are you laughing at? You seemed to be looking at something just then?”

Yun Feng curled her lips and glanced at Luo Teng with her black eyes. “You ask a lot of questions.”

Qi Luo nodded secretly on the side. Luo Teng looked embarrassed. Yun Feng looked ahead and roughly identified the direction. “Since we’ve already left the city, we should leave this place as soon as possible, in case the people patrolling nearby think we’re suspicious.”

“Where are you taking us? Do you have a route in your mind?” asked Luo Teng. Qi Luo rolled her eyes at him. “Can’t you see that? Feng Yun already has a rough idea in her mind. We just have to follow her.”

Yun Feng smiled lightly. “Luo Teng, don’t ask too many questions along the way. Be careful not to make your stomach uncomfortable.” After saying that, Yun Feng had already turned around and walked forward. Qi Luo covered her mouth and smiled, following her. Only Luo Teng stood there alone with a confused look. “What uncomfortable stomach… When have I ever had stomach discomfort…” Luo Teng, who was having a belly full of doubts, also followed her, but he couldn’t understand what Yun Feng meant.

The three of them went all the way to the north of the West Sea. Luo Teng was still thinking about what Yun Feng said, but he was much quieter. Yun Feng immediately felt that it was much quieter and comfortable. Qi Luo followed her silently on the side and finally couldn’t help but say, “Where are we going? Why don’t you tell me? I know more about the Endless Ocean than you do. If there’s any danger, we can avoid it in advance, right?”

Yun Feng raised her brows and glanced at Qi Luo. “I didn’t mean to hide it. I was going to ask you.”

There was a smile in Qi Luo’s eyes. Without Jiao Yun by her side, she seemed much weaker. Originally, Yun Feng accompanied her to find the map fragment for the Chiwen Tribe, but it seemed that Yun Feng had already dominated everything now. She had become an accessory instead. Without Yun Feng, she couldn’t find any information about the map fragment at all, which made Qi Luo understand that she could only rely on Yun Feng. Since she had to rely on Yun Feng, she certainly had to put down her dignity and get along with Yun Feng more harmoniously.

Qi Luo was afraid that Yun Feng would leave halfway. In that case, she would probably not be able to go back to the Chiwen Tribe.

“Sanglong Canyon. Do you know where this is?” Yun Feng asked. Qi Luo was obviously stunned. “Is the map fragment hidden in Sanglong Canyon?”

Yun Feng didn’t answer when she saw the obvious shock on Qi Luo’s face. After the shock, Qi Luo finally calmed down. “The Sanglong Canyon is a forbidden land of death for the Endless Ocean! Very few members of the Sea Clan step foot there. Anyone who gets close to it will die quickly for no reason! Nothing can save their life! That place is too terrifying! The Sea Clan can’t get close at all!”

“Did those dead members of the Sea Clan have no muscles on their faces and only bones left before they died? Did their entire bodies seem to have been sucked dry?”

Her black eyes glittered. As expected, the symptoms of the person from the Clam Phoenix Tribe were exactly the same. The Sea Clan was helpless, but it was simply negligible for Yun Feng. With Er Lei here, those weak dragon breaths were too simple for him! With Er Lei leading the way, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to enter Sanglong Canyon at all! However, those weak dragon breaths were fatal to the Sea Clan, or rather, any Magic Beast with dragon breath in their bodies was fatal!

The dragon breath was too domineering. Its aura could torture most Magic Beasts to death. No wonder the Dragons had an extremely high status among the Magic Beasts.

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