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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1438 Dragon Breath (4)

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Chapter 1438 Dragon Breath (4)

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The man gritted his teeth so hard that they made creaking sounds. In the end, he had to compromise. “Alright! If you cure him, everything will be fine, but if he’s injured because of your mistake, I won’t let you go!” The man turned around and left after saying that. The two old men were also taken out, but the surprise on their faces was already indescribable.

After everyone retreated, Yun Feng waited patiently for a while. After confirming that the man had indeed left, the purple light of the Ring of Contract flashed and Er Lei appeared from the Ring of Contract. As soon as he appeared, Er Lei said firmly, “That’s right. It’s indeed a dragon breath.”

“Is it Uncle Flirtatious?” Yun Feng asked, but Er Lei shook his head. “If it were Ao Jin’s Golden Dragon aura, he would have died on the spot. How would he have survived until now?”

Perhaps someone from the Dragons came to the Endless Ocean? Yun Feng frowned. Why did the Dragons come to the Endless Ocean? Did Uncle Flirtatious ask them to come, or did the Red Dragons and the Black Dragons? Yun Feng pondered secretly. Er Lei also frowned. “This dragon breath is different from ordinary dragon breath…”

Yun Feng’s black eyes brightened. Er Lei had the bloodline of the ancient demon dragon in his body! The dragon breath he sensed might not be the dragon breath of the current Dragons, but the dragon breath of the ancient demon dragon! Thinking of this, Yun Feng glanced at the member of the Clam Phoenix Tribe on the bed. What exactly was his status in the Clam Phoenix Tribe? The king? Or someone else? There was dragon breath in his body. The members of the Clam Phoenix Tribe didn’t know about it, so it was certainly impossible for them to know where this man had been. It was very likely to be from the area where the ancient demon dragon had been!

“Er Lei, is his aura similar to yours?” Yun Feng asked. Er Lei frowned and sensed carefully. “It’s indeed a bit similar. The aura in his body is actually very weak. I can even suck it out.”

The smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth widened. Very good. She had a very important bargaining chip. This dragon breath contained a lot of things. It seemed that the members of the Clam Phoenix Tribe indeed had extremely important information about the map fragment. If she cured him and asked for the information, she would very likely become a thorn in the side of the Clam Phoenix Tribe Her black eyes darkened slightly. She could only be petty now. She could get what she wanted from this man.

“Can you wake him up by absorbing some of the dragon breath first?”

Er Lei nodded. “The Clam Phoenix Tribe is too weak. Such weak dragon breath tortured him to this state!”

Yun Feng smiled helplessly. Who could be as fierce as Er Lei? He had the bloodline of the ancient Fiend Dragon in his body. He was probably as rare as Uncle Flirtatious. Golden Dragons and ancient Fiend Dragons were all extraordinary. Er Lei raised his hand and directly summoned a ball of lightning elements. The body of the member of the Clam Phoenix Tribe was immediately covered in lightning elements. Looking at these silver snakes that were twisting crazily, Yun Feng was a bit worried that Er Lei might accidentally roast this man.

After the silver snakes covered the body, Er Lei clenched his fist and purple lightning elements directly covered the man’s entire body along his palm, then pulled fiercely! Yun Feng saw an unusually aggressive purple-black aura slowly ooze out of the man’s body. When it reached Er Lei’s palm, it was directly sucked into his body.

“Will you be alright after absorbing this aura?” Yun Feng was a bit worried, but Er Lei burst into laughter. “Don’t worry. How can anything happen to me?”

The breath was long. Er Lei absorbed it for a while and suddenly stopped. There was still a part left in this man’s body. The clansman on the bed, who was about to die, slowly woke up at this moment. When he opened his eyes, his vision was very blurry and he couldn’t see who was in front of him at all.

“Did you get anything?” Yun Feng lowered her voice and asked. The man lying on the bed slowly said, “I… I found something.”

There was a smile in Yun Feng’s black eyes as she cleverly interrogated the man. After hearing the man’s intermittent words, Yun Feng stood up in satisfaction. “Suck out all the dragon breath in his body. How long will he be unconscious?”

Er Lei sneered. “With his weak body, it won’t make sense if he doesn’t remain unconscious for a few months.”

That was perfect! A few months was enough for her to find the place this man was talking about! “Absorb all the aura in his body.” As soon as Yun Feng said that, Er Lei squeezed his hand fiercely and pulled hard with the lightning element. The purple-black aura inside the man’s body was all pulled out and entered Er Lei’s body!

The body of the man on the bed immediately twitched, but his dark face was much better. Without the dragon breath in his body, this man could be said to have survived. Er Lei returned to the Ring of Contract. Yun Feng patted the clothes on her body slightly and wasn’t in a hurry to go out. Instead, she stayed in the room for a long time before she got up and slowly pushed the door open.

“Do you have a solution?” The man immediately came up to Yun Feng when he saw her. Yun Feng said solemnly, “His injuries are indeed very serious. Normal potions don’t work on him. I’ve tried many times, but fortunately, I know a potion formula that can ease his current symptoms. I gave him a bottle and it was indeed effective.”

The man immediately rushed in and rushed out again after a while. “Is there only one bottle of potion? Can you… give me that formula? Of course, you won’t suffer a loss!”

The man nodded. “I wonder what promise you want?”

Yun Feng pondered for a long time. The man waited patiently. Yun Feng chuckled. “I want too many things. I don’t know which one to choose.”

The man couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief after hearing this. “If you haven’t thought about it, think carefully. This promise will always be valid.”

Yun Feng nodded. “That’s good. If I think of it, I’ll certainly propose it. I wonder… Who should I ask for it from?”

The man chuckled and put on a smile on his feminine facial features. “Just say that you need to talk to the Crown Prince. They’ll certainly bring you in.”

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