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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1437 Dragon Breath (3)

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Chapter 1437 Dragon Breath (3)

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“Grandmaster-level pharmacists, welcome.” A figure slowly walked out of the inner room. Yun Feng saw a hazy red color faintly discernible. A very slim man walked out. He was tall, but his body was too skinny. He wasn’t too muscular, and he had the gentleness of a woman. The color of the shell on his neck was pink. The pink color contrasted with his exposed fair skin and his very feminine facial features. If this man didn’t show his chest, Yun Feng would definitely think that he was a female.

She couldn’t help but think of Qu Lanyi when she met him for the first time. At that time, he was disguised as a woman. Even women weren’t as feminine as the one in front of her. Perhaps because he was from the Sea Clan, he carried a hint of charm.

The man walked out and saw Yun Feng. Surprise flashed through his eyes, but he didn’t say anything. “Since you’re grandmaster-level pharmacists, it should be easy for you to make grandmaster-level potions.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything. The other two old men said, “Of course. There are differences between grandmaster-level potions. The difficulty is different and the chances of success are also different.”

The man nodded. “I still want to verify your identity as grandmasters.”

“Of course. Your Highness, do you want us to make grandmaster potions on the spot? However… we need some equipment.”

The man chuckled and gently brushed the circle of shells on his neck with his hand. His eyebrows moved slightly. “The equipment certainly won’t be a problem. I just hope that the three of you won’t let my hope go to waste again.” The man raised his arm gently and a thin sand curtain immediately rose. A pharmaceutical workbench appeared with all the tools on it. “Guys, you can begin.”

Yun Feng lowered her eyes. She certainly wouldn’t take the first place. The other two old men looked at each other. One of them walked forward and started making medicine. The man watched the old man’s movements with glittering eyes. Yun Feng looked up. These two old men were quite strong. The Sea Clan seemed to be much faster at making medicine than humans. The first one succeeded. The man smiled in satisfaction. The second old man went up and also succeeded. The man’s smile became even wider. Only Yun Feng was left.

“It’s your turn.” The man looked at Yun Feng. Yun Feng glanced at the workbench. “I need an isolated environment.”

The man raised his brows. The other two pharmacists were the same. This little girl had a lot of requests!

“It’s fine. Sure, as long as you succeed.” The man waved his hand. Yun Feng walked to the workbench and the man swept his finger. A heavy curtain fell just like that. The other two pharmacists curled their lips disapprovingly when they saw this. Young people were so arrogant and impatient.

Unlike the first two pharmacists, Yun Feng was very quiet when she made potions. The first two people made the sound of bottles colliding from time to time, but Yun Feng didn’t do anything at all. The man and the two pharmacists were both puzzled. The man tapped his fingers gently on his hands and looked at the heavy curtain with his eyes, as if he wanted to see through it to see what was going on inside. She was so young. Was she really a grandmaster-level pharmacist?

The three of them waited patiently with a doubtful look. After a while, the heavy curtain was lifted by Yun Feng. Yun Feng walked out with the bottle in her hand that contained extremely pure liquid. The eyes of the two old men glittered when they saw that. She really succeeded?

The man raised his brows when he saw that. It was obvious that he was quite surprised that Yun Feng could succeed. “You’re indeed real grandmaster-level pharmacists. I’m very satisfied with this. What you’re going to do next is very simple.”

The man walked out. Yun Feng and the two old men followed him. They zigzagged all the way to a hidden place. The guards here were even more strict. Even with the man leading the way, they could tell that the guards were suspicious and vigilant. The man pushed the door open and entered. Yun Feng noticed an extremely strong smell of potions, mixed with the smell of many plants. The faces of the two old men also darkened when they smelled this smell. They more or less had some guesses in their minds.

The room was surrounded by incense and the smell of herbs was also spreading in the incense. The bed inside was covered by a curtain. Yun Feng couldn’t see the situation inside clearly, but she knew that there was someone lying inside. The man walked to the curtain and didn’t lift it. “Cure him. If any of you can cure him, you can get any promise!”

“Can I take a look first?” The two old men seemed to be eager to try. The man nodded and stood in front of the bed curtain without leaving. The two old men stepped forward and lifted the curtain, their expressions changing a bit. Yun Feng couldn’t see clearly. She only knew that the two old men shook their heads after putting down the curtain. “This… I’m afraid it’s not something that potions can solve.”

The man pursed his lips tightly and disappointment and anger appeared in his eyes, but he suppressed them in the end. He glanced at Yun Feng. “What about you? Do you want to come and take a look?”

The two old men left with a helpless look. If they couldn’t do anything, what could such a young girl do? However, Yun Feng was the only hope in the man’s eyes right now. Yun Feng saw the glitters in the man’s eyes. She lowered her eyes and lifted the bed curtain, seeing the scene on the bed.

The body that was so skinny that only bones were left. Yun Feng only needed one look to know how the bones of the Clam Phoenix Tribe were distributed, because the patterns of the bones on the bed were already unusually clear. There was only a trace of breath on that dark face, or it would be a corpse. Even the Life Potion couldn’t save this… corpse that was about to die.

Dragon breath? Yun Feng was shocked. If there was dragon breath in the body, it would already be good enough for him to last until now. How domineering was the dragon breath? How could this guy tolerate the breath of the Dragons? However… why did the breath of the Dragons appear in the Endless Ocean? Perhaps… Uncle Flirtatious was here!

“This way, I won’t be able to investigate clearly. Let me out!”

Yun Feng looked up and met the man’s gaze. “Give me an independent space.”

“Are you confident?” The man’s tone was a bit shaky. Yun Feng said, “I’m not completely confident. This is your only chance. If you delay any longer, he’ll die sooner or later.”

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