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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1431 Endless Journey (3)

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Chapter 1431 Endless Journey (3)

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Yun Feng didn’t say anything. The girl walked out with a faint smile. Yun Feng had indeed seen one before. The guy with this mole was still in her Ring of Contract right now! An ancient demon dragon. The mole at the corners of Er Lei’s eyes was the symbol of an ancient demon dragon! The ancient demon dragon was also a dragon, but Er Lei’s original body couldn’t be related to a dragon at all… Yun Feng frowned and thought for a long time. Er Lei was very likely to have the bloodline of an ancient demon dragon, but it wasn’t pure, or his original body wouldn’t be like that. Mutated? Or did he have other bloodlines?

Even though she still didn’t have a definite answer, she finally had some clues about Er Lei’s background. There was indeed the bloodline of the Dragons in his body, or he wouldn’t have believed so firmly that he was a member of the Dragons. However, this bloodline belonged to an ancient demon dragon and wasn’t on the same side as the current Dragons.

Yun Feng’s human identity didn’t spread. The king of the Chiwen Tribe more or less believed what the prophet said. Yun Feng was the key, so he certainly couldn’t attack Yun Feng. Yun Feng and Luo Teng stayed in the place where the girl was for a few days. Luo Teng couldn’t stand it anymore. There were many times when he asked Yun Feng to hand over the thing so that he could leave, but Yun Feng really didn’t have anything to give him. She explained to him that there was only one young You Yan in the box, but Luo Teng obviously didn’t believe her. In the end, Yun Feng didn’t bother to explain.

Even though Luo Teng was frustrated, he still wanted to follow Yun Feng, as if he wouldn’t stop until she gave it to him. Yun Feng wasn’t bored these few days. She usually played with that young You Yan. Little You Yan wasn’t afraid of Yun Feng at all. It liked to run back and forth around her finger the most. That almost transparent little whisker also liked to run around Yun Feng’s finger. It was countless times cuter than the shameless one Yun Feng met back then.

Luo Teng watched angrily on the side. He couldn’t believe that there was such a thing in the box after all. Yun Feng asked Luo Teng what he wanted to find, but he kept quiet.

“You two, come with us! The king wants to see you!” The few guards roared gruffly and pointed at Yun Feng and Luo Teng. Little You Yan hid in Yun Feng’s palm in fear and only its two whiskers swayed gently. Yun Feng put Little You Yan away and got up to walk over. Luo Teng followed her reluctantly.

The two of them were taken to an extremely luxurious hall. From afar, they could see the king of the Chiwen Tribe sitting upright on it, and there was a row of people sitting on both sides. They were all old members of the Chiwen Tribe. The prophet stood in the middle. When Yun Feng and Luo Teng walked in, everyone immediately glanced at them like dozens of radars scanning Yun Feng. Luo Teng seemed very uncomfortable, but Yun Feng walked in without changing her expression.

Seeing how calm Yun Feng was, the king of the Chiwen Tribe couldn’t help but glance at her a few more times, but he still had killing intent towards Yun Feng. Yun Feng stood behind Luo Teng and a voice immediately sounded on both sides. “Is this the key the prophet mentioned?”

The girl nodded. “My lords, it’s her.”

“How can such an… outsider be our key?”

“Is she a spy sent by the Chiyuan Tribe? Is she going to put on a show?”

The girl said, “My lords, do you even doubt what I said?”

“That’s not what we meant, but… her identity as an outsider is indeed a bit suspicious.

There was immediately a heated discussion at the scene. Yun Feng stood there and didn’t pay attention. The girl also looked indifferent. The last person to come to a conclusion was the high and mighty king. When the discussion finally ended, someone next to her stood up. “Your Majesty, even though we can’t doubt what the prophet said, we should more or less be careful.”

The king of the Chiwen Tribe, who was sitting in the main seat, looked at Yun Feng deeply. It was obvious that none of the elders of the Chiwen Tribe present could tell that she was a human. The king of the Chiwen Tribe couldn’t help but frown. This human was quite capable. He waved his hand and everyone quieted down.

“There’s no doubt about what the prophet said, but you also make good sense. In that case…” The king of the Chiwen Tribe clapped his hand and a figure appeared behind him from an unknown direction, standing tall and straight. His extremely ordinary face was expressionless, giving people a dull and oppressive feeling.

“Jiao Yun, go with them. Remember your duty. Protect the prophet. Nothing can go wrong.”

“Yes!” He glanced at Yun Feng expressionlessly. Yun Feng felt inexplicable hostility. The girl couldn’t help but frown when she saw Jiao Yun next to the king. The expressions of the people on both sides were also a bit strange when they saw Jiao Yun. Yun Feng didn’t know Jiao Yun’s identity, but she knew that even if she left this place, she might not be able to move freely.

The prophet had just returned to the territory of the Chiwen Tribe not long ago and was about to set off again. This time, Yun Feng and the others’ destination was outside of the South Sea. Jiao Yun’s following gave them a better guarantee of strength. Yun Feng couldn’t find out his bottom line, so his strength was above hers. That was good. If anything really happened, she would leave everything to him.

This time, everyone left in secret. Apart from Jiao Yun, there were also a limited number of guards. There were only three of them. If the Chiwen Tribe made a big move, it would inevitably attract the attention of the Chiyuan Tribe. The prophet of the Chiyuan Tribe was far less powerful than the girl, so they certainly had to pay attention to the movements of the Chiwen Tribe at all times.

Yun Feng and Luo Teng remained silent along the way, and so did Jiao Yun and the few guards. The prophet was carefully guarded in the middle by them, while Yun Feng and Luo Teng followed behind, but Jiao Yun would still pay close attention to the two of them.

“How f*cking frustrating!” Luo Teng cursed secretly, but Yun Feng didn’t care. She still had to slip away when she found an opportunity. If she really had go with them along the way, it would be inconvenient for her to do a lot of things and she wouldn’t be able to do them. Seeing that Yun Feng didn’t respond, Luo Teng turned around. “Don’t you want to punch that guy?”

Yun Feng glanced at Luo Teng. “I advise you to be quiet.”

Luo Teng was stunned and immediately felt a fierce gaze sweeping over. Jiao Yun’s gloomy gaze fixed on the two of them. Luo Teng was immediately enraged and cursed. Jiao Yun immediately looked extremely awful. He waved his hand and everyone stopped.

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