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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1432 Endless Journey (4)

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Chapter 1432 Endless Journey (4)

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“Kid, if you say that again, I’ll cut off your tongue.” Jiao Yun’s vicious look made Luo Teng a bit scared. Yun Feng glanced at Jiao Yun, who immediately looked at her. “Why? Do you have a problem with that?”

Yun Feng raised her brows. The prophet quickly said, “Jiao Yun, don’t forget how important she is to us!”

Jiao Yun’s expression froze and he glanced at Yun Feng unwillingly. “Let’s go!” The group set off again, but Jiao Yun’s attitude was slightly changed. He wasn’t as aggressive as before, as if he realized the importance of Yun Feng to them. Whether they could get anything depended on her.

The team moved forward quickly and tried to get out of the South Sea as quickly as possible. They had to leave the South Sea as soon as possible to completely get rid of the entanglement of the Chiyuan Tribe. Even though it was dangerous in unfamiliar seas, it was better than being on guard against others.

“The border of the South Sea is ahead,” said Luo Teng in a low voice. Yun Feng looked up and looked into the distance. There seemed to be a transparent barrier in the sea in front of her. The extremely lush seaweed on the ground formed a colorful border. As long as they crossed this border, even if the Chiyuan Tribe chased after them, they wouldn’t be able to cause trouble in the other seas casually.

“Do you think the Chiyuan Tribe can catch up?” Luo Teng smiled gloatingly. Yun Feng glanced at him. “We left in secret. Even though the Chiyuan Tribe is watching them closely, it’s very difficult to find us, unless… the message leaks out.”

Luo Teng chuckled as a glint of light flashed through his black eyes. “Just treat it as a gift from me to them.”

Yun Feng chuckled secretly. This kid was thinking the same as her. How could she get rid of Jiao Yun? She certainly had to cause trouble, and it had to be a tricky matter, which would certainly be the relentless pursuit of the Chiyuan Tribe. If the Chiyuan Tribe had already laid an ambush here, even Jiao Yun would be too busy to care about anyone else.

Luo Teng winked at Yun Feng. The two of them slowed down and distanced themselves. When they arrived at a place, Luo Teng’s body flashed to the side and Yun Feng also flashed. The two of them directly hid in a wide pit where they could see the situation ahead.

“Guys, where are you going in such a hurry?” A leisurely voice suddenly came out of the bushes in front of them. Seeing the person, Jiao Yun’s face immediately darkened. “Protect the prophet!” The few guards immediately surrounded the girl, while the girl looked back in panic with a worried expression, only to find that Yun Feng and Luo Teng were already gone.

“Jiao Yun, you’re indeed the one they sent. It seems that I made the right choice to come.” The person who spoke was a fierce general of the Chiyuan Tribe. He was very valued by the king of the Chiyuan Tribe. In terms of personal grudges, he had accumulated a lot with Jiao Yun. When enemies met, their eyes were certainly bloodshot. A few more figures flashed out of the bushes. Jiao Yun frowned. “You’ve been lying in ambush here!”

“Hahaha, you’re right. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. My muscles and bones are almost rusty. How about it? How about practicing with me?”

Jiao Yun’s face darkened. He turned around and his pupils shrank. Those two people were gone! A thought immediately flashed through his mind. Did those two people deliberately release their information and route… Otherwise, how could the people of the Chiyuan Tribe ambush them so precisely?

“You’re still in the mood to look elsewhere?” The general of the Chiyuan Tribe had already moved and attacked. Jiao Yun’s face darkened. He didn’t have time to care about anything else right now. He had to beat this tricky person back first! Damn it, the border was right in front of him!

The general of the Chiyuan Tribe made a move, and the others certainly attacked too. “Protect the prophet!” The three guards of the Chiwen Tribe immediately fought and pushed the girl to the back, so that she wouldn’t be affected.

The people of the Chiwen and the Chiyuan started a fierce battle very close to the border. The Chiwen Tribe didn’t bring too many people this time. Including Jiao Yun, there were only four of them, but there were seven or eight people on the side of the Chiyuan. They had a huge advantage in numbers and had the initiative to ambush. The Chiwen family gradually fell into a disadvantage. Jiao Yun was fine, but the other three guards were obviously already overwhelmed.

Luo Teng watched with relish from the back, but Yun Feng frowned and fixed her gaze on the three guards of the Chiwen Tribe. “Why? Do you want to help?” Luo Teng turned his head and asked. Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened. “I need the prophet.”

Luo Teng was startled. Seeing Yun Feng who was about to get up, he asked, “Hey! What are you doing?”

She flipped her wrist and a tiny bottle appeared in Yun Feng’s hand. She raised her head and drank it all. Luo Teng was dumbfounded. After taking the potion, Yun Feng’s red lips curled up slightly and her body suddenly flashed, turning into a black shadow that disappeared in front of Luo Teng’s eyes!

Luo Teng immediately rubbed his eyes hard. Seeing Yun Feng’s black shadow going towards the prophet, obviously trying to leave, he immediately got up. You want to get rid of me? No way!

The prophet was protected behind and kept retreating. She couldn’t help but look a bit panicked. Once the Chiwen Tribe was defeated, she would only die! “Argh!” The girl suddenly screamed, because someone had already approached her in an instant. Her waist was held firmly by a slender arm! Yun Feng picked the girl up and moved towards the shoreline quickly without stopping!

“It’s you!” The girl saw that it was Yun Feng and shouted again. Yun Feng couldn’t help but frown. The girl immediately said angrily, “You told the people of the Chiyuan Tribe where we were!”

The girl opened her mouth in shock. Yun Feng didn’t say anything else and led her to the border at full speed. Jiao Yun certainly noticed Yun Feng’s movement. “Damn it!” Jiao Yun roared and suddenly burst out with power, knocking the general of the Chiyuan Tribe back a distance. Then, he rushed towards Yun Feng like a rainbow!

Yun Feng turned around and saw Jiao Yun chasing after her quickly. “He’s indeed a follower. It’ll take some effort to get rid of him.”

“Put down the prophet!” Jiao Yun roared from behind and sped up again. Yun Feng looked at the border not far ahead and sneered. She held the girl’s body and sped forward quickly, increasing her speed too!

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