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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1430 Endless Journey (2)

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Chapter 1430 Endless Journey (2)

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Yun Feng was silent for a few seconds and finally said, “The method of resurrection.”

The girl suddenly opened her silver eyes and glanced at Yun Feng in shock. Then, she closed her eyes again. “With your current ability, you can’t succeed at all. Even so, do you still want to ask?”

The resurrection method that humans couldn’t control? It must be fundamentally different from the resurrection with the dark elements. “It’s fine. Just tell me.”

The girl sighed softly. “The resurrection technique is an ancient secret technique that can resurrect dead souls. There are a few requirements for the resurrection technique. Firstly, the person who uses the resurrection technique must be strong enough to withstand the power of the resurrection. Secondly, you must have the complete soul of the person to be resurrected. Thirdly, there must be a substitute.”

“A substitute?”

The girl opened her eyes. “There are many ways of resurrection in the world, but you have to pay a price no matter which one it is. The method of resurrection you want to ask is the most expensive. If you want to resurrect a complete soul, you have to replace him with another one.”

Exchanging a soul for a soul? Yun Feng was stunned. “Is there a requirement for the substitute?”

The girl said, “The strength of the substitute soul determines the strength of the reborn.”

Yun Feng’s mind brightened. In other words, if she used a God-Level soul to replace her brother, her brother would also be a God-Level powerhouse after his rebirth! She thought the resurrection method would be very complicated and required a lot of steps and things. Now, it seemed that as long as she could find her brother’s remnant soul and find a powerful replacement, she could resurrect her brother!

“The resurrection technique is unnatural. If you use it forcibly many times, you’ll kill yourself in the end.” Yun Feng understood what the girl said. Thinking back, after Senior Yao Guang resurrected Mu Canghai, his body was weak to a certain extent and he still hadn’t recovered completely. It could be seen that it took a huge amount of energy to operate the resurrection technique.

Yun Feng already knew in her mind that what she had to do next was to search for the remnant soul of her brother and find a powerhouse’s soul as a substitute. What she gave her brother must be of a higher level. It was difficult for Yun Feng to hunt such a powerhouse. She could only rely on luck.

Now that she had a clear idea of her own business, Yun Feng was much more relaxed in her mind. “My question has been resolved. Now, it’s time to talk. What exactly is the thing you and the king of the Chiwen Tribe were talking about?”

What Yun Feng said immediately made the girl much more vigilant. “Why are you asking this? Our deal is over. I’ll certainly think of a way to get the king to let you go.”

Yun Feng raised her brows. “What can you do? You’ve already said it. How can you take it back? Have you forgotten what your king said today? If you can’t get that thing, even you might die.”

The girl bit her lips gently. It was obvious that she didn’t want to reveal anything. Yun Feng chuckled. “We’re both on the same boat right now. If your king can’t get that thing, he won’t let me go. I don’t have a lot of time to waste here.”

The girl looked at Yun Feng, who said coldly, “Since you said I’m the key, you won’t be able to find anything if I don’t cooperate.”

“I’ll tell you! However, you can’t tell anyone!” The girl said anxiously. Yun Feng nodded, and the girl finally continued, “There’s been a rumor in the Endless Ocean. There’s a mysterious map that contains a major secret of the Endless Ocean. There are different opinions about what this secret is, but all the rulers of the Sea Clan believe that as long as they get this map, they’ll get mysterious power and can even unite the Endless Ocean! However, this map has been divided into many parts. Some have already been taken from the Endless Ocean to the human world, some have been lost in unknown places, and four are hidden in the Endless Ocean.”

It was indeed a map fragment. Yun Feng thought to herself. This map was coveted by human powerhouses and the Sea Clan of the Endless Ocean. It seemed that all the powerhouses were focused on the small map fragments. A large group of people would probably be alarmed when a map fragment appeared.

“You want that map fragment? The reason why you left the Chiwen Tribe was also for that map fragment?” Yun Feng raised her brows and asked. The girl nodded. “That’s indeed the case. There was news of the map fragment not long ago. To ensure that nothing went wrong, the king sent me there secretly, I didn’t know that it wasn’t the case until I arrived.”

Perhaps the Chiyuan Tribe deliberately spread the news to lure the Chiwen Tribe into taking the bait, or perhaps the message was true but they were late. In short, the Chiwen Tribe failed this time.

Yun Feng thought to herself. If the map fragment was still with the merfolk, the merfolk would be exterminated sooner or later. Si Wen wouldn’t let such a thing happen. But it was enough to show how fanatical the two races were about the map fragment. Four pieces existed in the Endless Ocean, which was divided into four areas. It was very likely that there was a map fragment in each of the areas. The fragment in the South Sea was undoubtedly in the merfolk’s territory. Now that the map fragment was in Yun Feng’s hand, it meant that she had to leave the South Sea if she wanted to find another piece.

“You want to leave the South Sea and go to another area?” Yun Feng raised her brows and asked. The girl nodded. “I had the same plan at first, but the Chiyuan Tribe will definitely think so too and try to stop me. However, with you here, I’ll more or less have more confidence.”

Yun Feng thought to herself that she had the same goal as the Chiwen Tribe. Accompanying the prophet to search for it was also the only chance to leave this place. It depended on whether the king of the Chiwen Tribe would let her go. Thinking of the king of the Chiwen Tribe, Yun Feng remembered the mole at the corners of his eyes. “What does that mole at the corners of the eyes of the king of the Chiwen Tribe represent?”

The girl chuckled. “You should see that among all the members of the Chiwen Tribe, only the corners of the king’s eyes have this mole. This mole is the king’s symbol.”

Yun Feng was stunned. The light purple mole was the mark of the king. What did the golden mole next to the corner of Er Lei’s eye represent? “If there’s a golden mole at the corner of his eye, what would it mean?” Yun Feng asked softly. The girl smiled. “A golden mole?” The girl stood up from the ground and glanced at Yun Feng with her silver eyes. “A golden mole only appears on the ancient demon dragon. Are you telling me that you’ve seen one?”

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