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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1421 It’s This (1)

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Chapter 1421 It’s This (1)

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Master Tu scolded her outside again. He suddenly swung his fishtail and opened the door, walking to the long table in the inner room in a hurry. Master Tu immediately touched a few parts with his finger gently. The box Yun Feng opened the second time bulged. Master Tu opened it in a hurry. When he saw that it was empty, his expression changed drastically!

“It’s taken away… It’s taken away!” Master Tu mumbled. He didn’t notice that there was another person hiding in this space at all. That was Yun Feng. Yun Feng carefully hid herself with the space blockade and watched Master Tu’s movements and expression from a close distance. Seeing that Master Tu was so dejected, Yun Feng looked at the thing in her hand firmly in confusion.

Master Tu proved that this thing was extraordinary. Besides, the young man appeared to fight for this thing. If this thing was so precious, why would Si Wen put it in such a remote place? Or… did Si Wen, the king of the merfolk, not know that this thing existed?

The thing in Yun Feng’s hand suddenly became energetic and struggled fiercely. Its entire balled body seemed to be about to spread out. Yun Feng almost lost her balance and didn’t catch it. More and more mucus was secreted on its body, as if it wanted to escape. Yun Feng’s fingers were slightly extended by the thing. Two long whiskers extended out and fluttered slowly in the air through Yun Feng’s fingers. Yun Feng looked at the two almost transparent whiskers and suddenly thought of something.

She had come into contact with so many Magic Beasts, but only one of them had a whisker. Was this one also… Yun Feng clenched her fists and stuck the two whiskers outside. The thing she was holding seemed to be very angry and started twisting violently. The force of the twisting was so strong that Yun Feng couldn’t hold it anymore!

Yun Feng’s shoulders sank slightly. She knew that Meatball came out of the bracelet space. Meatball didn’t make a sound when it came out. Its body only floated to a place in Yun Feng’s hand and it bared its sharp teeth at that thing. Yun Feng obviously felt that the thing that was struggling fiercely just then suddenly stopped moving and immediately became quiet and obedient.

Meatball’s little nose twitched. It glanced at Yun Feng with its big eyes and then jumped back to Yun Feng’s shoulder. Its little body rubbed against Yun Feng’s a few times and flashed back to Yun Feng’s bracelet space. Yun Feng smiled helplessly. Meatball was really something. She didn’t expect the species of the Sea Clan to be so afraid of it too.

The palm of her hand finally calmed down and Yun Feng was also relieved. At this moment, Master Tu’s face was full of worry. He obviously didn’t know what to do. In the end, he suddenly shouted, “Capture that kid! Capture him at all costs! Seal the city gate immediately. Don’t let anyone leave the city even if they have a compass!”

Yun Feng’s face darkened after hearing that. If they sealed the city gate, it would take a while longer, but it didn’t matter. Anyway, the focus was on that kid at this moment. She didn’t feel pressured at all. Even though the city gate was sealed right now, she still needed the compass. She stuffed the thing in her hand into the bracelet space. With Meatball here, that thing should be very obedient. A gust of dark wind rose gently and floated past Master Tu. It was so gentle that it was very difficult for Master Tu to notice it. The dark wind passed, but Master Tu still didn’t have any reaction. The dark wind quickly floated out of Master Tu’s house and landed in a remote corner outside. Yun Feng came out of the sealed space and chuckled as she looked at the compass in her hand. She put the compass away. Yun Feng was about to step forward when she heard a voice next to her.

“You got the thing? You’re quite smart!”

The smile on Yun Feng’s face faded slightly. She slowly turned around and saw the young man she met just then leaning against the wall, looking at Yun Feng with anger and embarrassment in his black eyes, but he didn’t attack immediately. Yun Feng raised her brows. “You’re quite something.” He could get rid of so many people and come back for her in such a short period of time, which showed that he was determined to get the thing in her hand.

“Cut the crap! Where’s the thing? Hand it over!” The young man stood straight and looked at Yun Feng fiercely, but Yun Feng was puzzled. “The thing? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t pretend to be mute! You cunning thief, give that thing to me, or I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Yun Feng sneered. Did this kid really think that she would be controlled by him? The reason why she was restrained by him in the room was firstly because he seized the opportunity and secondly because she didn’t want to make too much noise. Yun Feng’s concession seemed to make this young man think that he could really dominate Yun Feng. He couldn’t help but sound a bit arrogant.

“You want to teach me a lesson?” Yun Feng chuckled. “Up to you. I don’t know what you’re talking about. If you want it, you can go back there.” Yun Feng ignored the young man after saying that and turned around to leave. The young man bit his lips and suddenly attacked angrily. His fingers instantly transformed into unusually sharp beast claws that pounced on Yun Feng!

“If you don’t give it to me, I’ll take it from you! I’ll take your life too!” Viciousness flashed through the young man’s face. He didn’t show any mercy with his beast claws and stabbed towards Yun Feng’s back with all his strength, planning to take Yun Feng’s heart out of her body in one go. However, Yun Feng raised her arm and turned her body slightly. Her hand quickly transformed and blocked the young man’s hand in front of her!

“What?” The young man looked at the beast claw that blocked his way and Yun Feng’s demonic eyes in shock. The young man gritted his teeth and exerted his strength again in disbelief, but he found that Yun Feng’s beast claw grabbed his firmly. He couldn’t move at all no matter how hard he tried!

“Damn it!” The young man roared furiously. Yun Feng smiled coldly. “If you pester me again, I’ll crush your hand immediately!”

The young man’s face turned pale. Feeling the terrifying power from Yun Feng’s claw, he couldn’t help but feel a bit scared in his mind. It turned out that she wasn’t weak. She was much stronger than him! Seeing the fear in the young man’s eyes, Yun Feng finally let go of the claw and glanced at the young man before she turned around and left.

Looking at Yun Feng’s back that was getting further and further away, the young man clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. She clearly took that thing away, or those merfolk guards wouldn’t have chased after him so closely! She even looked like she didn’t know anything! The young man thought for a while and suddenly chased after Yun Feng. Since she wasn’t willing to hand it over, he wouldn’t let it go!

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