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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1422 It’s This (2)

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Chapter 1422 It’s This (2)

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After everything was settled, Yun Feng sealed the space around her and took out the thing that had already shown its original form in the space of the bracelet. Meatball also jumped out onto Yun Feng’s shoulder, glancing at it with its big eyes in disdain, as if it didn’t like it.

The thing that was originally curled up and couldn’t be seen clearly had already spread out completely at this moment. Its two almost transparent whiskers fluttered slowly. Its short and fat body and the scales on its body were glittering faintly. Yun Feng only needed one look to know what it was.

When Yun Feng first came to the Endless Ocean, she was looking for something that could resurrect Mu Canghai. One of them had “grass” in its name, but it was actually the whisker of some kind of member of the Sea Clan. This member of the Sea Clan was called You Yan. The one in front of her looked like a smaller You Yan no matter how she looked at it. To be exact, it was You Yan’s young form.

There were very few members of the Sea Clan like You Yan and their whereabouts were unpredictable. Nobody had seen it at all. Besides, ever since You Yan was so shameless last time, Yun Feng didn’t have a good impression of it. At this moment, this young You Yan looked at Yun Feng curiously with its big eyes, as if it wanted to come over and get close to her. However, because of Meatball, it shivered and twisted its body, looking at Yun Feng pitifully.

It wasn’t strange for You Yan to appear in the territory of the merfolk, but where exactly did this young You Yan come from? Why did Master Tu hide it so carefully, fearing that someone would notice it? He even blocked the city gate after it was gone… What exactly did this You Yan represent?

Many question marks appeared in Yun Feng’s mind. She only felt like she had walked into a mystery. And that young man. Did he know that You Yan was in the box? Was he looking for this or something else?

While Yun Feng was thinking, the space blockade suddenly fluctuated violently. An aura passed through the space blockade and drilled in. Then, a suction force immediately sucked the young You Yan over! “Humph, this thing will be mine sooner or later!”

Yun Feng was a bit shocked when she heard this voice. It was that young man! His strength was below hers, but he could penetrate her space blockade! Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened as she got up and chased after the young man’s aura. The young man ran in the front at an extremely fast speed and Yun Feng chased after him relentlessly. The city gate was sealed and the security was a bit stricter right now. The young man certainly didn’t have the ability to break out by force. He could only keep circling the city, but he couldn’t get rid of Yun Feng no matter what. In the end, he could only find a remote corner and stop.

The young man roared angrily and made a strange sound, as if it was the voice of his original form, the Sea Clan. Yun Feng raised her brows and looked at the young man. The young man looked at Yun Feng angrily. “This thing is mine!”

Yun Feng chuckled. “What do you want this You Yan for?”

The young man was stunned. He suddenly opened his palm and widened his black eyes! Yun Feng saw the young man’s expression and knew that this wasn’t what he wanted. The young man squeezed it furiously. The poor young You Yan struggled in pain a few times and looked at Yun Feng pitifully with its big eyes. Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened. “If it’s not what you want, give it back to me.”

“It’s you! You must’ve swapped it!” The young man roared. Yun Feng looked very upset and her black eyes were cold. “I’ll say it again. Give it to me!”

“Hand over the thing you swapped!” The young man squeezed the young You Yan fiercely again. The short and fat body of the young You Yan struggled fiercely and its two transparent whiskers also moved violently a few times. Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes. “I don’t know what you want. I’ve never swapped anything.”

“Nonsense! You’re so cunning. You must’ve taken my things!” Seeing that Yun Feng cared about the fat thing in her hand, the corners of the young man’s mouth curled up unconsciously. Yun Feng saw that the young man insisted on that. She didn’t have much patience left. Not giving it to her? Sure!

Mental strength surged out of her hand and turned into a long whip that curled towards the young man’s wrist, attacking abruptly like a long snake at a high speed. The young man’s black eyes glittered and his body swayed slightly. Yun Feng’s mental strength directly missed!

“Your speed isn’t enough at all,” said the young man proudly, but Yun Feng sneered. Meatball on her shoulder opened its mouth and jumped up, turning into a beam of bright light that pounced on the young man. The young man was startled and was a bit surprised by Meatball’s speed. His body was also the same as before. Coldness flashed through Meatball’s big eyes and its mouth full of sharp teeth had already opened. Its chubby little body swayed slightly along the young man’s trajectory in an instant and bit his wrist fiercely with precision!

“Argh!” The young man exclaimed and immediately let go. The young You Yan in his hand quickly swayed its body and rushed towards Yun Feng with all its might. Yun Feng held the young You Yan firmly with one hand and felt that this poor kid was already shivering.

The white light flashed again and Meatball had already returned to Yun Feng’s shoulder. The young man looked at Meatball in disbelief with his black eyes and covered his bite wound with his other hand. “What’s that?”

Meatball wiggled its little body proudly and glanced at the young man in disdain. Yun Feng looked at the wound on the young man’s wrist that Meatball bit open without hesitation and her black eyes were slightly cold. “If you keep pestering me, your wrist won’t be the only one that gets bitten next time.”

The young man’s face darkened and he glanced at Meatball in fear. “I won’t give up! I’ll definitely follow you! Until you hand that thing over!” After saying that, his body flashed and he directly disappeared. Yun Feng pondered. That guy treated her space blockade as if it were nothing. Who exactly was that young man? This thought flashed through her mind and she threw it away. That young man had nothing to do with her at all. She didn’t want to be involved in his business that would surely cause trouble in the Endless Ocean.

After a few days of consecutive lockdowns, the city gate was opened again. Master Tu probably couldn’t find anything and had no choice but to open the city gate. This was an important city in the border area of the merfolk. If it was kept sealed like this, it would certainly attract Si Wen’s attention. Master Tu certainly couldn’t let the higher-ups know. The city gate was opened again in such a helpless situation.

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