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«Genius Summoner (Web Novel) - Chapter 1420 Unexpected Discovery

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Chapter 1420 Unexpected Discovery

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Most importantly, the lower half of this young man’s body was that of a human being. He wasn’t a member of the merfolk.

“You’re not from the merfolk?” Yun Feng asked in a deep voice. The young man sneered. “You too. Find that thing quickly!”

Yun Feng curled her lips. “You certainly can’t be hasty if you want me to find it.”

“I spent a lot of effort to lure Master Tu away from here. There’s only a few minutes. Hurry up!” The young man roared anxiously. Yun Feng chuckled softly when she saw this. This young man should really be in his teens, or he wouldn’t be so impetuous and arrogant.

Yun Feng ignored the young man’s urging and looked at the screen. There were four vivid mermaids on the screen. Their graceful bodies seemed to be dancing. Yun Feng glanced at the four mermaids one by one. The young man on the side had already lost his patience. “It seems that you don’t know at all. Why should I spare your life?”

Yun Feng burst into laughter. “Do you see what’s so special about this mermaid painting?”

The young man was a bit stunned by this question. Then, he roared angrily, “This has nothing to do with that thing. Don’t get distracted! What a cunning personality! Do you know where it is or not?”

Yun Feng curled her lips and said unhurriedly, “If you want to find that thing, this screen is the key, or rather…”

“Or what?” The young man replied impatiently. He was already itching to attack Yun Feng. Yun Feng suddenly turned around and the young man narrowed his black eyes. “Do you know or not? I’m not as patient as you think!”

Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered. “Of course I know, but what if there’s only one of these things?”

The young man burst into laughter. “Of course, give it to me!”

Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered again. “Why should I give it to you? I need this thing too.”

The young man was extremely impatient and a hint of viciousness flashed through his face. “You can try if you want! If you can beat me, you can have it!”

Yun Feng’s red lips curled up. The young man’s expression was already vigilant. He chuckled and Yun Feng turned around. “Never mind. It’s good to give this to you. I can’t compare to you.”

The young man sneered. “It’s good that you have such a thought. Otherwise…”

“The four merfolk on this merfolk screen are the same everywhere, but there’s only one huge difference, which is the color of their eyes. The four merfolk’s eyes have four different colors. What does this mean?” Yun Feng’s voice came softly. The young man’s eyes directly landed on the huge table in front of the screen.

“Four different eye colors…” The young man mumbled as he approached the long table and looked at it carefully. Suddenly, his black eyes brightened and he looked at a few spots on the long table. “I see…” Yun Feng saw the expression on the young man’s face from the corner of her eye. The young man wasn’t slow. He thought it through quickly with her clue. The young man suddenly raised his head and met Yun Feng’s gaze. His lips curled up. “You do it!”

Yun Feng raised her brows. This kid wasn’t stupid. He knew that it was safest to let someone else explore the way. Yun Feng didn’t say anything. She came to the long table and touched a few places gently with her finger. The young man watched on the side nervously. A few seconds later, he only heard a “Kat” and a secret compartment on the long table bulged.

“Open it!” The young man urged. Yun Feng opened the box without saying anything. She glanced at the young man’s scorching gaze from the corner of her eye and a cunning smile flashed through her black eyes. Her slender fingers suddenly lifted the lid of the box. Yun Feng’s body suddenly turned to the side. The young man behind her was stunned and an aura pounced out of the box. Since Yun Feng dodged sensitively, the aura directly hit the young man.

“You did it on purpose!” The young man roared furiously as he looked at his body with a conflicted expression. This aura instantly disappeared, as if some kind of mark had been planted. He couldn’t get rid of it no matter how hard he tried! Then, the noisy footsteps outside all rushed over. “A member of the Sea Clan broke in! Go inform Master Tu!”

“Very good. Don’t let me see you again!” The young man said fiercely as he glanced at Yun Feng furiously. In the end, he turned around and left quickly and helplessly. A black shadow left in front of Yun Feng in exasperation, taking away a large number of people who were rushing here. “There! Don’t let him escape!”

The footsteps and noises outside were getting further and further away. Yun Feng knew how messy that young man must be. When silence returned to the outside world, Yun Feng quickly walked to the side of the long table and tapped the surface of the long table gently with her finger again. Another sound came. Behind the protruding box just then, another box protruded. Yun Feng opened the box carefully. Why did Master Tu hide the so-called compass in such a place? The compass should be a pass to leave the city. It was just a pass. Why did he have to go through so much trouble?

When the box was opened, shock and surprise flashed through Yun Feng’s black eyes. She looked at the thing in the box. That wasn’t the so-called compass Yun Feng had seen before at all. Yun Feng carefully took out the thing inside and looked at it carefully in front of her eyes. She narrowed her black eyes slightly. Suddenly, the thing in her hand moved abruptly. Yun Feng was shocked. Was it still alive?

Yun Feng looked at the moving little thing in her hand in shock and couldn’t help but grab it even tighter. However, there seemed to be a layer of mucus on the surface of this thing. It was very slippery and it was difficult for Yun Feng to grab it. The hurried footsteps outside just then turned back. Yun Feng raised her brows. It seemed that the kid had some tricks up his sleeve. He escaped from so many merfolk in just a few minutes. It seemed that she should leave this place as soon as possible, but Yun Feng didn’t find the compass today. She didn’t want to return in vain.

“You idiots! You let someone break in here!” Master Tu’s exasperated voice came from outside. Yun Feng raised her red lips. She was worried that she would probably return empty-handed this time, but Master Tu came to her door.

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