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«Galactic Garbage Station (Web Novel) - Chapter 789 Unsurpassed

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Chapter 789 Unsurpassed

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What no one expected was that the weibo posted by Su Jing gradually spread on the Internet. It was not a sensation at first, but the more it went on, the more it became like a blowout, which caused widespread repercussions.

Some Net Celeb, the so-called once-in-a-millennium beauty, may surprise everyone at first, but they will get bored after watching them for a long time. This Buddhist sutra Buddha Statue is the other way around.

At first, everyone thought that it was nothing, but the more they looked at it, the more amazing it became.

“I didn’t believe it before, but after reading the Buddha scripture on the Statue, I was really shocked.”

“Buddhism is indeed broad and profound.”

“Which Buddhist scripture does this Buddha Statue come from? I want to see it.”

“Everyone is looking for it, but they can’t find the corresponding one. Many people speculate that it may have been created by Su Jing.”

“How is that possible? This is a Buddhist scripture!”

Many people on the Internet are discussing the source of this Buddhist sutra Buddha Statue. Some people guess that it was created by Su Jing, but it is hard to believe.

After all, even a modern Buddhist Great Master would not be able to create such a broad and profound scripture, let alone a young man like Su Jing.

There is a hot discussion on the Internet while Su Jing in the Super Universe Garbage Station is grinning as he heard Qingyun’s beautiful voice: “Recycle Degree plus one, Recycle Degree plus one, Recycle Degree plus two, Recycle Degree plus three…”

The Recycle Degree has increased to 108 and is still growing. This proves Su Jing’s guess that the spread of the Buddhist sutra Buddha Statue is equivalent to recycling waste and recycling resources, which can be increased in the Recycle Degree.

“Ok, don’t report for the time being. You can report the results to me when the Recycle Degree almost stops increasing.” Su Jing said.

“All right Master.” Qingyun stopped reporting, otherwise, the constant Recycle Degree plus one plus two would be annoying.

Su Jing ignored the buzz on the Internet and continues to sort out the trash. He was still rummaging through the pile of waste paper, which was soon half gone, but he had not sorted out any more useful waste paper, nor had he sorted out any key information.

The remaining half, however, gave Su Jing a headache, because it could not be regarded as waste paper, at most, it could be regarded as paper ash.

A large pile of ash, at most, Su Jing will occasionally see one or two pieces of paper not burned out, of course, he could also see some words or sentences in the burned-out papers as they seemed to have left some prints on the ash.

Su Jing picked up a piece of paper with one and a half characters left on it. He only took one look and his eyes lit up: “Good word!”

The whole character on the shredded paper is the word “Kind”, and the other is half-burned. According to the shape and meaning of the word, it should be a word for “Compassion”, which together means “Mercy”.

These two words are simply penetrating, and the artistic conception in them is profound.

The previous Buddhist scriptures copied by someone can only be considered good at best. It is worse than the calligraphy he got from the Immortal Universe, and it is even worse than the words with sword intent from Desolate Era Universe.

The word “mercy”, however, was even better than the Desolate Era Universe’s note with sword Intent. The artistic conception present in this note is different.

It does not carry a sharp sword intent but gives people a feeling of compassion, it was as if seeing a compassionate Buddha.

“How could such a good character be burned? It’s a reckless waste of natural resources! Moreover, the content of the words written by someone who can write such a good character maybe even be more incredible.” Su Jing felt very regretful by the burned note and he couldn’t settle down for some time.

He released his spiritual force and enveloped the entire pile of paper ashes. He carefully examined the handwriting on it.

The words that were barely recognizable, whether on the remaining paper scraps or on the burned paper ashes, were all picked out by him: Power, Zen, Demon, Merit, Kindness…

Unfortunately, these words are too scattered, and they may come from different pages or even different books.

“Wait, how could I forget about it.” A thought suddenly appeared in Su Jing’s mind and he released a mouse from the Spirit Beast bag. It was the Little White Mouse who had awakened Stand.

After Su Jing’s careful care these days, Little White Mouse has become more and more beautiful and cute, and he can barely hold on mentally. Of course, it also consumes a lot of good things from Su Jing.

The treatment this little guy enjoys is almost on the same level as Su Jing. This is also something that can’t be helped.

After finally getting an animal to awaken his Stand, Su Jing can’t just watch it being drained by the Stand and die due to the loss of the spiritual force.

Of course, because of this, Su Jing did not want to cultivate another Stand animal for the time being. There are two reasons for this: Firstly, the probability of an animal awakening a Stand is very low.

And secondly, it is not easy to train and cultivate an animal who had awakened its Stand ability.

“Little White, help me fix these paper ashes.” Su Jing said.

“Chirp-Chirp-Chirp.” The Little White Mouse called out, which translates as “leave it to me.” It climbed to the side of the pile of paper ashes and a phantom suddenly appeared behind it, and put its hand on the pile of paper ashes.

The ashes slowly turned back into paper as if the time was turning around them, and pieces of paper were assembled. Before long, complete pieces of papers were presented in front of Su Jing.

“Good job!” Su Jing praised the Little White Mouse. At first, he only thought that Little White Mouse’s Stand ability could be used to restore stone carvings, antiques, and other things.

But now, he has found that there are many promising places to use it in the garbage dumps.

However, Su Jing soon discovered that he had become too happy too soon. Because after a while, after repairing one or two hundred sheets of paper, the Little White Mouse was tired, showing an expression of difficulty, and chirped at Su Jing, meaning it was tired and wanted to rest.

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