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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1207 [Divine Cooking Arts]

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Chapter 1207 [Divine Cooking Arts]

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Benladann and Miranda also greeted everyone with me, the two of them wearing adorable maid outfits. I had not asked them to do this, but the two seemed willing to help me as waitresses, so thanks to them I've been able to concentrate in my kitchen while cooking for everyone.

This was… totally just to make a good cover, of course. Not because I enjoyed the simple and mundane daily life of being a Restaurant owner! Also if these people were to learn that the Dragon King himself was cooking and serving them their food they would never believe anything anymore.

"Welcome, welcome! We'll get your breakfasts ready in a bit~!" Benladann said.

"Please behave while being inside if you don't want a beating, you know the rules." Miranda said with a cocky smile.

"Y-Yes Lady Miranda."

"L-Lady Benladann…"

"We'll behave, we'll behave…"

A group of beat-down thugs entered the restaurant and nodded timidly. Two days ago these guys came here to make a ruckus and were greeted by my flying wooden spoon and Benladann's fists. They didn't died miraculously because we held back a lot, but since then they had began to behave, although they keep coming for the food.

With that dealt with, I was already at the kitchen mass cooking tons of stuff through my Cooking Magic. Several Cooking Spirits and Slimes assisted me, making the work even easier. The specialty of this place is that food of incredibly high quality was being delivered in less than five minutes after being ordered, prices were not cheap, but they were not excessive either so everyone could afford this place. There was a wide range of food of varying prices as well.

This made it so people kept coming and going very quickly, letting us ramp a lot of profits… Well, not like we need money that much, but the belief and happiness of people towards our cooking… actually gave me divine power.

Why? Well, it is thanks to the Divinity of Cooking. Naturally, as a god of cooking, if I make dishes and help people fill their bellies and smile thanks to my food. I gain divine power from their gratefulness and happiness, which condenses into energy that flies into my body.

Like this, I've been farming Divine Power while just cooking for people! And yeah, I've made at least thirty million divine power alone with just these people in only five days since we opened this place! Amazing, right? Almost six million divine power a day by just mass producing some food!

…Although it is less efficient than just hunting divine monsters in the open seas, it is way easier and relaxed than having to dive underwater constantly seeking prey. The surrounding divine sea monsters already know me after I've hunted them so much, so they often hide or had ran away from the territory, only mortal monsters that can't sense my divine presence stay, those guys don't give me anything so I ignore them.

In fact I've feeding these people divine food made with divine monsters' meat and divine veggies grown in my divine realm in a way of "experimentation". I want to see how strong I can make these humble people of the suburbs by simply feeding them. And well, the results are amazing, their stats are boosted through the roof and their cultivation speed multiplied by a thousand.

Most people here was just weaklings at Rank 1, but over these few days, the population is in average Rank 3 now! I am slowly building them to be strong for the eventual revolution against the tyrannical Queen, one of my many side quests.

But for now, they better enjoy their damn food.


[You have made [Seafood Curry Accompanied with Soft White Rice (A+)] x4!]

[You have made [Giant Kraken Takoyaki Accompanied with Homemade Mayonnaise (B+++)] x5!]

[You have made [Grilled Tyrant Fish Filet Accompanied with French Fries And Tart Sauce (A+)] x3!]

[You have made [Seafood Curry Filled Steamed Buns (B+)] x6!]

[You've created several delicious meals! You earned Cooking Divinity Proficiency!]

"Orders out!" I said, quickly putting the plates over the table in front of the kitchen, over twenty different dishes appeared. Every person inside the room glanced at them with shiny eyes, patiently waiting my two gorgeous waitresses to bring them their meals.

"UOOOOHHH!" The people already celebrating as Benladann and Miranda distributed everything.

People started to immediately dig in. The curry-filled buns were our specialty so they loved them accompanied with other dishes. The seafood curry however was a famous meal for lunch and breakfast, while the grilled fish filets were a classic. Takoyaki was often bought by people that couldn't stay here and had to go to work.

"So good! I can't get enough of this curry! It combines all the delicious things I love about seafood together! And the white rice, so nice and fluffy!"

"These fried shrimps are phenomenal with the sweet sauce! So crunchy…"

"Heh, you love to brag about fried shrimps but the best one in here is obviously the amazingly well made fish filets, and these French fries are as crunchy and oily as ever…!"

"Cola is so refreshing and sweet, it makes me want to eat more and more of these dishes as I drink it!"

Ah right, I've been reinvented sodas, our first prototype is simple cola made with some herbs that tasted similar, some sugar and carbonated water which is easy to make with divine water magic.

And as I was about to finish making another set of meals…


[You have earned enough Cooking Proficiency, the [Divine Cooking Arts (D)] Divine Ability has been unlocked!]

[Drake, it seems a new Divine Ability is available! Should I purchase it for you?]

"Wait, what?! So there's also a Divine Ability related to cooking?"

[I believe it is something exclusive to you, it hasn't existed at all before! Maybe that's why it took so much for it to be created within the System through your accumulated proficiency.]

"I see… so already existing Divine Abilities are easier to learn and create… Alright then, let's get it right away!"


[You've exchanged 1500000 Divine Points!]

[You learned the [Divine Cooking Arts (D)] Divine Ability!]

And just as I learned this new spectacular divine ability, my daughters came from the orphanage where they were playing with the children, bringing Rose and Coral with them.

"Papa, I'm hungy!" Benladra called.

"Breakfas!" Kate proclaimed.

"Alright, alright~!" I said, quickly looking into the new Divinity Ability, might as well use it for their meals.


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