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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1208 Godly Dishes

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Chapter 1208 Godly Dishes

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My princesses arrived asking for breakfast, I couldn't possibly deny their right of having a massive feast if they asked me, their father and god of cooking for it! Of course, I also couldn't ignore the new Divine Ability I got, and Rose and Coral, my two little girl's new best friends. In just a week they had become quite inseparable. It seems that the fight against the knights really made their bonds grow stronger.


[Divine Cooking Arts (D)]

A Divine Ability tied with the user's experience and learning about the subject of Cooking, which has surpassed normal mortal and magical levels and has ascended to an incredible level of divinity, the first to have ever existed in the world of Yggdrasil.

It comes with several Abilities which are unlocked over time with each Rank, aiding at the act of cooking all types of dishes with all sorts of fascinating ingredients. The more the user cooks, makes new dishes, and makes people happy with them, the stronger their power over their Divinity of Cooking becomes, and so all derived techniques.

Additionally, passive enhances the quality of created dishes through Divine Cooking Arts, alongside their added bonus effects by +25% with each Rank. Current Bonus: +25%.

Available Techniques:

D Rank: [Divine Seasoning: Spicy Flavors] [Divine Spoon Of The God of Cooking]

C Rank: ???


W-What the heck?! The description was a bit similar with the Divine Blacksmithing Divine Ability, but it was just amazing! The boost was already obvious as I made some dishes using the slimes, who received a golden glow over them as a bonus effect.

It also came with two Techniques, [Divine Seasoning: Spicy Flavors] and [Divine Spoon Of The God of Cooking]! I am pretty sure what the first one does, I think. But the second one was quite interesting…

"Alright, what do you kids want for breakfast? Also bring the other kids of the orphanage if you want, I will feed you free of charge." I told the kids.

"Well everyone already had breakfast back in the house. Benladra and Kate invited us to eat here so we didn't ate breakfast and we're starving…" Coral sighed.

"I want a strawberry cheesecake!" Rose said without caring about anything else, she really wanted a good dose of sugar.

"Alright! Anything more?" I asked.

"Beef!" Benladra said. "And… Ham! And… Burger!"

My first daughter was a hardcore meat eater, since she was a tiny baby, and she hasn't changed her ways, highly favoring highly caloric meat for breakfast, which is fine because that's what dragons eat 99% of the time through their normal diets.

"Lemon pie." Kate said nonchalantly, without really caring much about meat right now.

"I-I want some eggs with bacon… Is it okay?" Coral asked.

"Sure, sure! Kate I'll make you some meat too, don't just eat lemon pie." I sighed, quickly making everything in less than five minutes. None of these food used Spicy stuff except Benladra's burgers, which she liked very seasoned for an extra flavor kick, so I utilized the new technique there.


Small particles of red energy reached the grilling burger, as it glowed red, with flames emerging evilly around the piece of minced meat. It surprised and scared me a bit… Will she be alright? Well, it seems the quality of the burger increased a ton, and so did its flavors and juices, so I hope so.

"And this one…" After being done with the burger, I looked at a big spoon that had been summoned, made completely of metallized divine power in the form of gold, a beautiful golden spoon!

It was some sort of divine weapon tied to the divine ability, and its powers were rather limited, but it seemed to be a special divine cooking utensil. I might end up unlocking more soon. The divine utensil had skills which boosted cooking speed and quality and flavor enhancement.

It could also be shaped into different sizes as long as I poured divine power into it. It could go from being a tiny spoon to become dozens of meters big, I could even use it to smack foes… or maybe one day cook them alive as a Killer Move sort of ability.

"Everything's ready!"

I quickly served the dishes to the children, who were sitting around the table. Benladann and Miranda quickly decided to join in as I left some my allies as the waitresses, such as Ruby and her mother, who were more than willing to help to repay for all the favors I've done for them, although slightly embarrassedly.


[You have made [Dungeon Minotaur Spicy Cheeseburger (A+)] x1!]

[You have made [Exquisite Black Wyvern Beef (A+)] x1!]

[You have made [Golden Cow Ribs Seasoned With Sweet Sauce (A+)] x1!]

[You have made [Divine Hog Bacon With Dream Bird Eggs (B+++)] x1!]

[You have made [Dreamy Strawberry Cheesecake (B+) x1!]

[You have made [Sunlight Lemon Pie (B+)] x1!]

[You've created several delicious meals! You earned Cooking Divinity Proficiency!]

[You gained some Divine Power!]

As I served the meals, the children began digging in with happy smiles across their faces. Benladra started eating the burger first as it was nicely packed in a soft patty with cheese and ketchup, she didn't seem to mind the spiciness at all, in fact she enjoyed it while drinking some orange juice.

"Yummy! Papa's burgers are the best! I love you daddy! Nom, nom… nom!" She said happily. She was so happy she was bumbling things while eating.

"Hahaha, I am glad you liked it. I thought the spicy flavor would be a detriment. I was wrong." I commented.

"Spicy: yummy!" She said, eating the whole burger in less than thirty seconds and patting her belly, right before moving to the big beef in front of her.

The people eating inside the restaurant glanced at my daughter devour everything with surprise.

"There she is at it again, the owner's daughter's sure lucky! She get to eat so many tasty things for free…"

"Does she has a black hole for a stomach or something?!"

"Gods… She's already eating more than her own weight!"

"And she's so cute!"

My daughter had become quite the spectacle…


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