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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1206 Divine Blacksmithing

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Chapter 1206 Divine Blacksmithing

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The dropped items from the Dungeon were pretty amazing, it surprised me how filled with skills and divine abilities they were, and their stats were just as ridiculous. It felt like playing a rogue like game by picking so much loot. However, this dream dungeon exploration also opened my eyes over my own talents at creating items and equipment.

I always thought I was amazing at it… I mean, I am! …For mortals that's it. I remember being always praised over my great potions and my ice-made equipment. However, as we began fighting stronger and stronger foes, these armor and weapons started to shatter all into pieces, and their bonuses were not near as enough either.

Instead, Rakasha's talents with blacksmithing ended awakening into an incredible Blacksmith God, with Divinity and Divine Abilities to go with it. He was great. All his almost three hundred years of experience were applied into his newfound divinity, making everything he made amazing… yet I also wanted to do the same.

I secretly kept trying and trying with my strongest skills and divine power, but at the end, my sole creations, without his reinforcements, didn't seem to be as good. Of course that's fine, I could had simply relied on him from now on, and I will…

But it really left a bitter taste on my mouth. It wasn't hate against him or anything, more like… jealously. I never felt this way against other people in such a thing, but he has no fault in this, he deserves the talents he has for having worked so hard for them through his entire, harsh life.

I guess I ended kind of admiring the man a bit more as I realized my shortcomings, and I ended taking a few classes with him, he explained me that the way I treated materials was very "brutish" and that I lacked a lot of "finesse" and "mastery" but that I still had an amazing talent.

Recalling our last classes yesterday…

"You are way too brute with handling materials my friend!" He said slightly angered at how I made my stuff. "You just grab things and stick them together with magic?! That's not how it's done! I am in awe it actually creates equipment to begin with, which means your Unique Skills are really making most of the job for you."

"Ugh, I guess I rely too much on it." I sighed, letting him reprimand me. I was as prideful dragon most of the time against my foes, or people I didn't knew, but with friends I often acted like my true self, and didn't mind him getting angered, he was the expert here after all. If I got angered over his reprimanding then I would be proving to be even more of a fool.

"It's not a bad thing but you've gotta improve and draw your own talent. Your dexterous claws, your draconic essence, and your mana and divine power. They're all rich energies you can employ to create excellent items as long as you know how to handle things right. For now you must learn the basics of Magic Blacksmithing, Smelting!"

Like that, Rakasha spent whatever free time he had imparting into me his centuries of experience. In just a few days nothing much can come out, but I learned a few good things, such as the ability to Smelt materials and create ingots. My learned knowledge and the imparted experience he gave to me had effects into the system itself, as I was able to attain a new Divine Ability (which cost a big of Divine Points too).


[Due to your Accumulated Experience from an Expert over the Subjects of Metallurgy, Smelting, and Magic Blacksmithing, you can now learn a new Divine Ability!]

[You've exchanged 2500000 Divine Points!]

[You learned the [Divine Blacksmithing (B)]!]

[Unlike attack, defense, or support-based Divine Abilities, Profession-tied Divine Abilities require new knowledge and experience to increase their Ranks, make sure to learn well, Drake!]

Yeah, the System herself was happy I wanted to learn from people and not just be a stubborn muscle head. Since that day that I've been inspecting this new Divine Ability, which seemed to be one that keeps getting better as I learn and grow in the subject.


[Divine Blacksmithing (B)]

A Divine Ability tied with the user's experience and learning about the subject of Blacksmithing and its usage in various ways to create equipment and weapons, or even magical physical constructs. It comes with several Abilities which are unlocked over time with each Rank.

Additionally, passive enhances the creation of items through Divine Blacksmithing, alongside the rate in which you can learn from an expert by +25% with each Rank. Current Bonus: +75%.

Available Techniques:

D Rank: [Divine Smelting] [Rapid Hammering]

C Rank: [Advanced Material Analysis] [Manufacturer]

B Rank: [Equipment Repair] [Reconstruction]

A Rank: ???


Although the abilities sounded cool, they were not as amazing as those of Rakasha even when he used the same ones I got from this, meaning that I had yet to learn a lot, especially because I couldn't see any Blacksmithing Divinity available within my Divinity Shop yet.

Aside from that I need an Alchemist Expert, Rakasha is okay at it but not at the level of teaching me. The closest to a Divine-level Alchemist was Pekora, but she also said she mostly relied in her Unique Spirits aid for it. I will need to either find someone through our journey or find books about it.

The Frost Queen nor the Dream Fox Venerable were good at Alchemy either, both were brutes like me in terms of powers, divine techniques, and the like, so they cannot teach me anything. Well, for now that we are done with the meeting, I should open the restaurant.

I moved downstairs and quickly opened the doors of the restaurant, Cooking Spirits and some of my Slimes and personnel I brought from the Divine Realm already were cooking today's dishes.

Today's sun was shining brightly on top of the sky, and there was already a big line of people waiting outside to get in!

"Is the shop open now?!"

"I want some curry please!"

"Ahh, do you have any of those doughnuts?!"

"My daughter really liked your churros so I came to buy some for her! …And me!"

"Oh, it's the chef!"

Yep, our place was already quite famous.


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