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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1205 The Four Stigmas

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Chapter 1205 The Four Stigmas

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"Before moving on though, taking into consideration what we just discussed… Doesn't this means that Rose holds a fragment of the Deep One within her, in that Stigma?" I asked, quickly remembering she had one, which was the same sharp-toothed fish from the murals within the ruins.

"Indeed, I speculate the powers she holds, that amazing Illusion Magic might be from this Stigma…" Miranda said.

"Probably each Stigma could hold a power, or a magic." I said. "A part of the abilities of the Deep One which he had been stripped from… This means the other three Stigma users, which the Queen and her subjects are looking for, might be in danger."

"We've got Rose safe, but there are three other Stigma people out there?!" Yuki asked in annoyance. "Ugh, don't tell me we-"

"I would appreciate if you guys went and sought any rumors about them, or anything." I said.

Just as Yuki had feared, I had decided to give them a new task for the day. She was very lazy since I've met her. As if it wasn't obvious already when she stuck to me just because I could protect her from predators while the only thing she did to pay me back was giving me fruits from trees I couldn't reach when I was unable to fly yet.

"Uuuggh… More work?! Are we your friends or slaves?!" Yuki complained.

"Stop being so lazy Yuki, Drake has spoiled you a bit too much." Sighed Pekora. "It won't be a problem Drake." She said back to me with a nod.

"Yeah we were planning on going investigating already." Hector said. "I do recall hearing people talk sometimes about the cursed child with a Stigma, they were probably talking about Rose."

"And Coral too, the boy with the Coral Magic, right?" Tisha said. "I do remember they said he was also cursed, but we've all confirmed he has no Stigma, he has just a very special magic…"

"It is somehow tied with Rose. I did made some research, through the week I helped them train their magic and enhanced their Mana Cores to Rank 5 just in case they get into trouble again. This greatly made their magic's powers flourish a lot, developing into new powers they didn't knew they had…" I said. "Kate and Benladra had been a huge help at teaching them magic as well. But yeah, there's certainly a connection."

"How were you able to tell?" Miranda wondered.

"I felt it. The powers of Coral's magic are tied with the Stigma held by Rose… It feels like she's some sort of… Guardian designated to her. It must have been part of [Fate] that they meet. He had been protecting her since they meet too." I said, analyzing everything I've learned.

"Aww isn't it a bit cute though?" Benladann said. "Like… like they're destined to be together!"

"I-I guess… but when that destiny is tied to some eldritch horror-level monster I don't really know what to think…" I sighed. "Nonetheless, I fear that some of the Stigma users might had already fallen into the Queen's clutches before we even arrived here. In the worst case, it is totally possible that Rose might be the last free Stigma. We have to protect her well."

"Well, with Benladra and Kate sticking with her and Coral and the rest of the children of the orphanage. It seems like she's well protected at least." Benladann said.

"Though we should keep her close to us. And it would be good if we brought her to the ruins, even if they're dangerous, as a Stigma, she might be connected to the Ruins somehow." Miranda said.

"Yeah, I agree. Alright, let's get moving with our activities today everyone."

Like that, a group led by Pekora including Yuki, Tisha, Hector, Larzak, Miminga, and Kraxka went into the city to find clues about the Stigma users. My Slimes cannot really directly ask questions to people or they'll get freaked out. I could try making them shape into my ice giant form, but that would only make a ruckus, and I am not that good at asking stuff to random people, so I left this to my more sociable friends.

Well, I've been rather busy through the week, but I haven't simply lazed around. I also utilized this time to sometimes go back to my Divine Realm stationed outside the island and expand and absorb the power in there. The Divine Realm had been growing bigger thanks to the latest expansion including the Dream Versions of the Ancient Treasure Realms, alongside the fake Dream Yggdrasil.

Absorbing the energy there helps me do "manual cultivation" which helps me absorb the divine power flowing through my divine realm into my Divine Core, slowly making it grow stronger and reinforcing it. It doesn't show in stats or something, but my Divinities and Divine Abilities had been reinforced in power as I gather more Divine Power of these various elements.

I've also been thinking about developing more Alchemy and Smithing Skills, but with the normal Skills I have within my System, it won't do. I want some Divine Abilities, which are by far better than Skills. Although I am pretty good at creating stuff with my Divine Ice and make amazing equipment, golems, and other things, I cannot just create something out of the blue as good as Skadi and Uller.

It was thanks to Rakasha's Blacksmithing Divinity and Divine Ability that they were able to elevate to such a level of power. In fact, I've realized that aside from the mortal-level equipment and my ice, I am quite untalented at making Divine-Level Items or Equipment. Even with the many Divine Materials I have, I cannot seem to make something as amazing as Rakasha, nor half as good either.

Therefore, I want to also dedicate a bit of my time at learning these techniques and skills more in-depth, so I can create or even combine my current items to make even stronger ones. After all, if it wasn't for Skadi and Uller, my fights wouldn't had ended as they did, even for a dragon, equipment is important!


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