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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1201 Eating Away My Problems

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Chapter 1201 Eating Away My Problems

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The vessel of the "Deep One" attacked. From within his constantly shapeshifting body, hundreds of black tentacles emerged one after the other, rushing to my surroundings. It knew I could easily shred them with my claws, so it actively evaded them, aiming at my head and chest, where my divine core was!


"[Divine Winter Magic]: [Eternal Ice Prison]"

I activated one of the first ever Divine Spells I created when I ascended into a God through my Unique Skill back then, in the time I fought against the Scaled God. However, this time it has become a hundred times stronger than back then due to my enhanced Rank, stats, and the divinities backing it up.


A wave of incredibly powerful frozen aura encompassed all my surroundings.


All the tentacles that were about to hit me were stopped in midair. Their entire structure frozen solid. Cracks covered their surfaces and in mere seconds, they shattered into pieces.

Crack… crack…!



The giant tentacle monster roared in agony, as he glanced back at me with his big red eye.

"T-This is… such powerful Ice Element… You're a descendant of Nifl, I imagine…! Yet… Why are your scales black and your eyes red?! Shouldn't your kin be silver and blue scaled?!"

"Well… I am certainly an Ice Dragon…"

I swung my claws, cutting into tiny pieces all the frozen tentacles in front of the aberrant beast's eyes. Its massive red eye glanced at me with spite, as if it had a very big hate against Dragons.

"Strange… You're certainly a strange one!"


His massive red eye suddenly began charging Mana and Divine Power in mere seconds, unleashing a massive beam against me without previous warning.


The massive red beam contained the element of darkness, water, and chaos combined together through divine power. It was all so marvelously merged that it made me feel overwhelmed…

Or not.

"You've got some marvelous powers there… Care to give them to me?"

"Huh? Wha-"


[Divinity] has been detected!]

[Absorb [Divinity]?]

[Yes] [No]



I pointed my open palm to the monstrous beast, who was already attempting to regenerate back while launching a beam against me. In a single second, an enormous stream of power flowed out of its body, reaching mine instead.


It was incredibly powerful for sure, and as the power swirled and gathered within the palm of my hand, it flowed back into my body, reaching deep into every cell of my body, my soul, and my divine core.

One of the best powers that the Unique Skill [God] possessed was, of course, the ability to absorb Divinity from a foe in front of me every 24 hours!

"M-My power…! It is being drained?! Impossible! You're no ordinary Dragon… not at all!!! STOP!"

The furious beast quickly tried to escape from my range, but the absorption was already done. I cannot easily steal every single fragment of power of a target, but a sizable piece each time I activate this ability. Certainly good enough to grow stronger.


[You have absorbed a large quantity of [Divinity]!]

[You gained +35000000 Divinity!]

[You acquired the [Deep One's Gaze (A)] Divinity Ability!]

[You acquired [Divinity Fragment of Abyssal Seas] x5!]

"Don't worry, I didn't took away all of your power. That would had been really awful coming from me, right?" I asked with a laugh. The monstrous tentacle beast roared furiously.

"You're dangerous…! I cannot let you get away with this!!!" He quickly jumped off the sea, reaching me. His entire body grew dozens of new tentacles, attempting to grab me with all of them!

"I'll take you away, or at least weaken you as much as I can!!!" He roared, he was overflowing with his last fragments of power, most likely trying to blow himself up in front of me!


His body unleashed a bright wave of red light, immediately about to explode! However, I couldn't help but smirk as I grabbed his entire body with my dragon claws and then froze it all up, not only just freezing, but merging it with Blood and Darkness Magic to generate a Cursed Blood Ice!

"How about no?"



His entire body froze in mere seconds, as I tightened my grasp. His tentacles and the rest of his body quickly gaining cracks and beginning to shatter, but from beneath, I could clearly see him still alive. A persistent bastard, but too weakened to bring me any amusement through battle.

"Unnnggh?! I cannot… explode! Uggh…! I won't fall easily…! I…!"

"I've already gotten what I wanted from you…"


"Next time we meet, hopefully you'll show me your real face, Deep One."

My body quickly shapeshifted, growing eight more dragon heads as their opened their jaws, devouring the entire beast piece by piece, bite by bite. It was completely incapable of fighting back.








Amidst his screams of frustration, his entire body disappeared. I ate him whole. He was an alright middle night snack.


[You gained +15000000 Divine Power]

[The [Deep One's Gaze (A)] Divinity Ability Rank has increased to S Rank!]

"Hm? Ah I got something on my teeth…" I quickly took out a small, cracked sword of blue color, any power it held was completely gone now, and was nothing but junk. "Oh so this was the catalyst… I had originally planned to just destroy it but it was more fun to fight him head-on."

I decided to save the sword inside my Inventory to investigate its properties later, as I glanced back at the island where I had come from. The presence of the Deep One was most likely the monstrous presence I felt residing in the depths of the island's underground.

This monster… whoever he was, must be ancient. If he knows about dragons and even about my mother, he's no ordinary random god. He's probably someone really, really old.

Well, it is nice to finally have a better clue as to who is my enemy here.

A pity I was unable to use my more complex Divine Abilities, but he wasn't even capable of taking too many hits, not even worth being a punching bag.

I hope the real one doesn't disappoint me.


[Your Demon King Seed has developed due to your merciless actions…]

[Current Development Growth: 42%]

[Once your Development Growth reaches 50%, you will naturally develop one of the [Seven Primordial Sins]…]



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