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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1200 Overwhelming The Enemy

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Chapter 1200 Overwhelming The Enemy

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This guy was seriously looking down on me by thinking it was impossible to be unharmed by his lame attacks. And that's without me even moving. However, that was going to change quickly.


In mere seconds I stopped fooling around, reaching his body and stepping over his shark-like head with my foot.


My claws slashed through the flesh, easily shredding it. Fountains of blood and black ooze splattered everywhere in a matter of seconds, his eyes were naturally sent flying into the air.



His massive body hit the waters in a second, splashing the entire surrounding oceans and causing quite the little catastrophe. But it wasn't going to end so easily. His body resurfaced, half-regenerating as it quickly commanded a legion of beasts made of Darkness and Water.

"[Army of the Deep Abyss]! Devour him all alive!"

Sharks, octopus, fishes, starfish, all sorts of deep sea critters emerged one after the other, attacking me all at once with superb coordination. Some attempted to bite my legs, others tried to catch my arms, some went for my wings, and a few conjured powerful long-ranged magic attacks.

Of course, it was all more than useless.

"[Divine Aura]"


An enormous red and black shockwave emerged from within my body, I unleashed my powerful Divine Aura to its truest power. The combination of several Divinities together managing to generate an utterly monstrous presence, the entire surroundings trembled.


The summoned Sea Beasts started exploding one after the other once they were embraced by my powerful Divine Aura, disappearing in mere seconds. The monstrous aberration was surprised, as expected.

"Such overwhelming power… It can't be…! Are you a God?!"

"It took you long enough to realize that, little fish."

I imbued mana into my dragon claws and quickly unleashed several slashing attacks against him before he could react. The attacks generated shockwaves above the seas that quickly generated thunderous waves, his flesh and tentacles being torn apart in seconds.


"NGRAAAAAHH…! The only true god is our own!!!"

The furious beast attempted to catch me in midair and throw me down into the oceans, a small attempt at drowning me. It failed horrendously, its dozens of tentacles tried to get into my legs but they were sliced into countless tiny pieces the seconds they reached my range of attacks.


The pieces of flesh fell into the sea, tainting it all crimson red. His eyes of the same color glanced at me furiously, but he was incapable of reacting as fast as my movements went, taking a straight fist into his half-regenerating face.

"[Dragon Fist]!"



The enormous fist generated a shockwave, blowing his entire head into pieces, blood, flesh, and brains splattered everywhere. I noticed tiny sea animals beginning to gather around to have a feast in this already. I guess only divine monsters capable enough to understand my strength escaped, normal animals that cannot simply comprehend what I am ignore me. Maybe they think I am a force of nature.


The bastard was, of course still alive.

His entire body exploded with a bright, blue light.


This is the essence of the Blue Orb Shard!

Although it wasn't as strong as the Kraken, it seemed to be merely a tiny part of this essence, without any shard whatsoever.

So these weapons these bastards were carrying have varying degrees of imbued power.

And the sword this shark headed merman had was perhaps the strongest out of all the other knights that he led.

"As long as that damn sword is incrusted into your half-dead body you'll keep coming back, don't you?"

I glanced at his body was already completely unrecognizable, resembling a mass of twisting black tentacles with countless red eyes, gills, and countless arms of varying sizes covered on smaller tentacles and black scales.

It was a truly aberrant and eldritch appearance, kind of reminding me of the monsters that the Vampires with the fragments of the Vampire Venerable's soul could create.

A massive red eye opened from where the shark head was located, glaring at me furiously. The bastard finally fell silent as something else awakened within him, something that wasn't the real owner of this body, something that dwelled, most likely, in the underground of the island, and of course, that could somehow communicate and control these artifacts imbued with the blue shards' divine essence.

"Unsightly beast! Thou dare get in the way of the Deep One?!" He roared furiously, not with the same stupid voice the shark man had, but with a deep, menacing, and abyssal voice that cracked evilly. He spoke like an old man too.

"I knew there was some big fish behind all of this…" I sighed, looking at him. "Who exactly is the "Deep One"? I have never heard of a nobody like you before, pal."

"Heheheh… Hehahah… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Ignorant beast! I could had not expected much from a descendant of the nasty beast we once took down!"

Wait, what? Nasty beast? Is he talking about dragons in general? Who the heck is this dude? A Chaos Spirit? It clearly has some chaotic power within, but it doesn't feel like them.

In fact, it feels even stronger.

I wanted to blast him into pieces but I couldn't help to ask more questions.

"You know more about dragons?"

"I do… But what can I even gain from talking with my enemy?! Even if I cannot defeat you now, I will make sure to utilize this vessel to inflict you with a deadly wound you cannot regenerate from!"

Sadly for him I can regenerate from any wound, but do your worst buddy.


His entire body exploded with countless tentacles, hundreds of them if not almost a thousand. The one-hundred-meter-tall body had grown twice as big due to the sheer amount of tentacles it generated. They moved precisely and rapidly, unlike the sluggish attacks it had unleashed before.

I see, now that the monster is completely taking over that vessel, it can fight way better than the shark-headed bastard.


"[Divine Winter Magic]: [Eternal Ice Prison]"



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