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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1199 The Dragon King's Great Power

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Chapter 1199 The Dragon King's Great Power

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(Drake's POV)

After I thought Benladra and Kate had dealt with our foes, something slightly unexpected happened. The Knight Commander that had been sent here to kidnap children was possessed by nothing else than his own Magic Sword! What a plot twist, honestly.

I've had my fun seeing my little daughters fight and develop their strength while practicing in real life combat, but this is enough for now. This guy's not something so easy to deal with anymore. Without a doubt, my two daughters are very strong, but their strength is mostly untapped, they need to develop it to make it shine.


In an instant, I flew outside the Orphanage and glanced at the scene. Benladra had healed her friends just fine, and only a single knight remained, trapped within a bubble made of Illusions created by Rose's mysterious powers, which seem to be connected to an even more mysterious mark in her hand, a "Stigma", the very reason they wanted to kidnap her so badly as well.

Honestly even after digging a lot of info, I've been left with more questions than answers… This enormous archipelago is way more mysterious than I could had imagined, and it seems that most of its mysteries are all related to the Blue Orb Shards and whatever this "Sea God" is.


However, I cannot concentrate with this bastard in front of me. The former Knight Commander had now transitioned into his true form, an aberrant chimeric monster as tall as a hundred meters. Seriously, this is an insane glow up dude.

His entire body was made up of several fins, limbs, and tentacles with eyes, covered on blue and black scales. Meanwhile his head remained as that of a shark, but even more deformed and aberrant. His jaws opened all the way down to his chest, and dozens of red eyes lined up at each side.


And he remained slightly conscious, although going even more insane than before. I appeared right atop the skies to stop him from making any more disasters, this was more than enough.

"Big baddie!" Kate said.

"Papa, we fight too!" Benladra said.

"No, you two had done enough, protect your friends and restrain the knight that's still alive." I ordered my daughters.

"Muuuh!" Kate pouted.

"But papa!" Benladra complained.

"No buts little lady, this is not something you two can easily handle." I sighed, as I saw the monstrous shark with tentacles raising his countless limbs, about to devastate his surroundings mercilessly.


Directing his divine rage against the commoners living in the suburbs, the monstrous former knight commander didn't spared any time, immediately attacking with growing rage.


His tentacles hit the ground, unleashing a massive shockwave everywhere…



However, he quickly realized things weren't going to be easy when I am around. In seconds he was restrained within a large array generated through the combination of Primordial Ice and Primordial Blood Magic, it had the beautiful shape of a temple made of frozen blood.

I named this… [Primordial Frozen Blood Cathedral].

"NNNGGH…?! W-What is this?!" He roared furiously, smacking the array trapping him within the space. However, with a snap of my fingers, I directed him into the skies and then launched him into the far oceans.




He fell into the waters far away from the island, in this safe place where nobody would get caught in the fight, it was ideal to beat the sh*t out of him once and for all.


Naturally, I had already flew towards him, confronting him amidst the night sky and calm seas. The only light illuminating my black scales was the moonlight, as my red eyes glared through his soul. Scanning his body easily told me the origin of his powers, the small sword piercing his chest.

"Well hello there mister child kidnapper. Care to give me a little bit of your time?" I asked with a cynical tone of voice. "Who's the silly little god controlling your body? I am deadly curious."

"Ngh?! A Dragon?!" He roared angrily, suddenly stopping to talk as he seemed to be receiving whispers from whatever was controlling him. "I see… You must be the protector of that puny little dragon girl! Good! I'll make sure to show you that you shouldn't go around messing with my god almighty!"

"Oh yeah?" I asked with a smirk. "Try your worst."


The monstrous shark leaped towards me in mere seconds, the surrounding ocean suddenly beginning to obey his command, forming several spiraling currents that enhanced his speed, allowing him to reach me from the water into the skies. Impressive… if not for a little error in his calculations.


His tentacles suddenly grew sharp blades made of bone, attempting to slice through my body as Divine Power flowed through his entire body.


Each blow was rather powerful to say the least, generating enormous shockwaves that even made the seas below tremble. I was fairly sure everyone could see such a bright light generated by his blows from all the way back in the island.



His fifth blow connected wonderfully into my right arm, but not even a scale showed signs of being chipped or damaged. The monster's eyes grew redder, incapable of being able to accept the truth in our difference in power.

"Rank 7 Peak Stage, isn't it? This is your form's current power."


His jaws opened wide, generating a massive amount of divine essence and unleashing an incredible beam of blue-colored divine power, impacting me at point blank.


The explosion was so loud the clouds atop the sky were quickly cleared by the enormous arc of light generated by the impact…


Yet, as the smoke dissipated, my figure emerged like nothing.


"T-This is impossible…!"

"You couldn't hurt my daughter and you think you can actually hurt her father? Fool."


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