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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1198 Drake Steps In

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Chapter 1198 Drake Steps In

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While Kate fought the three knights and killed them rather mercilessly, Rose and Coral struggled against two other knights, who almost got them. Coral was bleeding all over, fighting against dozens of sea beasts summoned by water magic, while Rose was once more captured, they desired the girl's Stigma more than anything in the world, for whatever reasons.


Kate flew towards the two knights and quickly decided to end this quickly. The two-knight retaliated as they could. The long-haired mermaid lady utilized her special ring to summon countless waves of water and oceanic beasts to throw Kate away, while the other kept flying away with Rose on his hands.

"I won't let you pass, little girl! This special ring was gifted to me by the Queen herself, it contains incredible divine power bestowed upon us by the Ocean God! I will keep summoning downpours of water so you cannot pass- Eh?!"

The gorgeous mermaid knightess was suddenly surprised as all the water she summoned was frozen solid! Of course, as the daughter of Drake, she possessed an amazing level of Ice Magic, capable of freezing divine water magic with no problem.


All her water magic was frozen and shattered into pieces in an instant, as Kate made her way towards her and then attacked! Suddenly summoning several hands made of nanobots and slamming her entire body into smithereens!

"[Metal Fist]!"


"Uuaaggh…! No… Not yet!"

The mermaid screamed in agony as her entire body was impacted by Kate's merciless blows. In seconds, she grabbed her ring and unleashed all her powers, countless kraken tentacles and shark monsters emerged, all of them attacking Kate at the same time!


However, Kate roared furiously, her body suddenly unleashing a shockwave of powerful Spiritual Energy, as all the monsters were completely annihilated, exploding!



The knightess she fought was quickly consumed by the deadly explosion, completely turned to ashes as she took it in point blank! The ring fell from her disappearing corpse, as Kate caught it and then munched it.

"Munch, munch… Oh! All of you! Stop him!" Kate suddenly learned a new power, calling the sea beasts attacking Coral as they suddenly obeyed her commands!

"Eh?! Agh!"

The knight that was flying away with Rose was quickly surrounded by dozens of sea beasts, sharks, large whales, and even big octopuses. Although they were made of Water Magic, they were strong nonetheless.

"W-What the heck is this?! Y-You copied the power of the artifacts?!" The knight, holding a spear, felt surprised.

"Dada's powa…!" Kate said, knowing full well that her powers were inherited from her father. The ability to absorb and assimilate abilities from whatever she consumed, even from magical items!

"Hold on…! Don't you dare attack me or I'll kill her!" The knight desperately pointed his spear at Rose's neck. "I'll end her!!"

"Muh…" Kate squinted her eyes, she had yet to have enough experience to really know how to deal with these situations other than with brute force.

"Hehehe, that's right… You don't want your friend to die, right? So you'll let me go!" The knight said while smiling disgustingly, only making Kate angrier.

"Kate…! Don't attack him…!" Coral stopped her from doing something rash, as he showed up from behind her.

"B-But…" Kate lowered her eyebrows as she felt slightly sad, without knowing what to do.

"Now let me go or I'll kill her! I swear!!" The Knight angrily said. "Come on! Quickly!"

"Nnnggh…!" Rose struggled to get herself free from the man's tight grasp of his arm, yet her stigma continued glowing brighter and brighter, itching more and more as she struggled.


And then, an enormous amount of power momentarily erupted from Rose's Stigma, covering her surroundings into an explosion of pink smoke!


"Cough… Ugh! W-What the…?!" The knight suddenly lost Rose from his grasp as he found himself trapped in a world of countless colors spinning everywhere, all at once! It wasn't merely just illusions, but some sort of mental encroaching that hurt his very mind and mental state.

"Aggh…! T-The colors… I don't understand them! What is this?! WHAT IS THIS?!"

Meanwhile, as the knight grew insane, Rose managed to free herself from his grasp and was quickly caught by Kate, who looked at her with a smile.

"You oway?" She wondered.

"I-I am fine… Though what is that? D-Did I made that?!" Rose asked, looking at the large cloud of pink smoke, it wasn't merely illusions anymore.

"What… sort of power is the one I have?" She wondered, looking at her stigma which seemed to have calmed down.

"Big sis' back! She beat the baddie." Kate said with a smile, looking at Benladra coming back.

"Is everything alright- Ah! Coral, Rose!" Benladra quickly healed the two kids with a flash of light from her fingers. "Where is the other knight?"

"There…" Coral sighed, pointing at the sky. "Can't believe Rose has the power to deal with these guys all by herself…"

"I really don't… It just happened when I grew very desperate." Sighed Rose.

"Well it worked nicely! Maybe we should keep him so daddy can ask him question or something-" Benladra having a good idea was quickly agreed by everyone…



A gargantuan tremor happened, the suburbs shook as the people screamed, running away from the area of the tremor as the wooden floor of the streets shattered open. Enormous, black-colored tentacles covered on red eyes appeared one after the other, and so did a monstrous presence.


A terrifying roar echoed, as the beast emerged from the seas below, completely covered by darkness. Its body was covered on hundreds of red eyes, and it held a sword piercing its chest, imbuing the monster's body with an enormous quantity of power…

As the kids panicked over the giant monster emerging, an even stronger and overbearing presence emerged right behind the children, a beautiful black scaled dragon with red eyes.

"Enough playing around, Benladra, Kate."


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