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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1202 Ruby VS The Deep One

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Chapter 1202 Ruby VS The Deep One

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The moment Ruby tried to see through what rested in the underground of the city of Aquaias, she was shocked. An enormous eldritch and ancient darkness which she had never seen before emerged. For some reason, even more terrifying and ancient than her own ancestor.

The moment she glanced into this monster's existence, she only saw darkness, and in mere seconds, her very consciousness was caught within this abyss. The entity spoke with an old and intimidating tone of voice, as if it only saw Ruby as a small ant in front of its glorious existence.

As Ruby was completely paralyzed by its presence, the entity immediately attempted to devour her. Her soul and mind were rich and strong in divine power, just what it needed to make its awakening come quicker!

Endless maws made of abyssal darkness, devoured Ruby before she could even react!


"Ahhh…! This power! It is… so refreshing, young, and strong- Ungh?!"

However, before it could even begin to actually assimilate the power, Ruby quickly broke out of his endless dark maws!



The entity glanced in fury, as thousands of red eyes peered at Ruby's Astral Projection, which had been captured within the Entity's Mental Domain.

"I've gone through this several times already. If I fell for the same trick again, I don't know if I could even face my family again." Ruby said, her red eyes glowing brighter. Darkness and Blood Divinity erupted from within her body. Expanding and growing wider as they formed their own powerful domain.


Ruby remembered facing her ancestor, the abyssal soul of the Vampire Venerable had her soul and mind captured for a long while. In such time, she learned how to get accustomed to it, and how to also reflect mental encroaching powers… even more now, as she quickly began to employ her newly acquired Rank 9 Divinity.

"Hmph… You're not getting away! I shall not let my dinner escape from my maws!"

The furious entity persecuted Ruby as millions of black tentacles and eyes surrounded, she began flying around, trying to find a weaker spot where she could go back to her body, quickly finding a series of cracks in the "ceiling" of this mental image.


The furious eldritch entity continued persecuting, almost catching her at times, but Ruby easily conjured enormous blades of blood and darkness, easily slicing apart the eldritch monster's tentacles and destroying his eyeballs!



She pierced the cracks she found with her hands, giving a last glance at the aberration persecuting her, narrowing her eyes. Darkness and Blood Divinity gathered to their peak power in her palms, pointing at the entity.

"I'll leave you a little parting gift. [Primordial Vampiric Curse Magic]: [Essence Drain Curse]!"


A beam of red energy impacted the core of the eldritch entity's soul, damaging it!


"UNGH?! WHAT…?! Thou dare…! Curse me?!"



Ruby disappeared from the domain, as the Abyssal Being glanced at his own soul, a small, red-colored mark remained in there. It was so weak compared to his powers that it was like a tiny little thing. However, although it was small, it wasn't weak at all. He easily noticed it contained within a power that would slowly grow stronger the more time passed.

"This is… How is this possible? I am supposed to be immune to curses…! Agh! And that damn Dragon devoured my vessel! These foreigners… daring to come to my island and do as they please… Just when the preparations for my resurrection are so close. I won't let them get away with it!"

"Huh?! Ah…! I am awake…"

As Ruby finally woke up, she found herself resting on top of a bed, inside an Inn in the city. Her mother and Rakasha had brought her here once she fell unconscious.

"You're finally awake!"


Rakasha and Ruby's mother greeted her happily, especially her mother, who felt relieved she seemed to be fine, hugging her tightly and lovingly.

"I was so worried!" She cried.

"Don't worry, I am fine now…" Sighed Ruby.

"Are you sure?! Just what happened to you?!" Rakasha asked.

"I… glanced at the thing that is living down this island's underground." Ruby muttered, her eyes narrowing as she began to explain her mother and Rakasha about this entity.

"Such a being exist in here?! That must have been what Drake sensed when we got in here…" Rakasha said. "If that monster had the power to go against you like it did, it is truly a danger to this entire place… and all the innocent people unaware of its existence."

"You said it felt like the power the Vampire Venerable held? The ability to attempt to capture your mind and soul?!" Asked her mother. "That… It can't be…"

"You know something?" Asked Ruby.

Her mother remained silent for a bit, sighing. She closed her eyes in thought, as if preparing herself to tell her daughter something important, and then she opened them again.

"A bit… The power the Venerable held was named Abyssal Eyes. And it was a power he was not born with. He stole it from something else." Ruby's mother said. "It is said that in ancient times. The Vampire Venerable encountered a powerful entity, something they called a "Deep One"… I don't know what exactly it was, but the ancestor had said it was "somehow related with the old, ancient gods". I think… this thing might be one of those."

"A being whose powers is the origin of some of the strongest abilities that man held?!" Rakasha freaked out.

"These are really bad news… We must tell Drake right away…" Sighed Ruby.

Suddenly, the door opened, as Yuki and a small green slime on top her head entered.

"Hey you're awake!" Yuki said happily, she was snacking on a big roasted fish sandwich she grabbed on the street food stalls.

"I heard everything as we made our way here." The slime transmitted Drake's voice like a telephone. "Interestingly enough, I already fought him myself. Or well, one of his vessels… And indeed, he named himself the Deep One."


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