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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1195 Kate's Mighty Too!

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Chapter 1195 Kate's Mighty Too!

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Benladra's small dragon claws suddenly grew three times their original size, almost disproportionated to her own body size, as she smacked Eustace, the shark-headed Knight Commander with them angrily, tearing down all his armor and covering his body with deadly wounds.



The Knight Commander kept being thrown around like a ragdoll, as he hastily retreated while unleashing several slashing attacks with his Divine Sword, waves of oceanic water emerged one after the other, attempting to slash and pierce through Benladra's defenses, all meaningless.



Benladra swung her dragon claws angrily, three flashes of light emerged at once, all of Eustace's attacks were immediately stopped as they froze into white, light-imbued ice and exploded, unleashing even brighter light, blinding his eyes momentarily.


"Uuaggh! Y-You damn little bitch! You're just a damn kid why are you so powerful?! This doesn't make any sense, even if you're supossedly a dragon…!"

The shark-headed Knight Commander felt completely frustrated by Benladra's amazing strength, his entire body covered on deadly wounds and blood, as the sword continued unleashing its divine essence, boosting his power, and making him go mad.

"I've trained my entire life! How can I be weaker than you!? HOW?! RAAAAAGGGH!"

The Shark-headed swordsman flew towards Benladra furiously, water emerging from all around him as they shaped into dozens of shark jaws trying to bite through Benladra's entire body, but her scales were so powerful the shark's teeth were simply being shattered as they attempted to damage her!

"[Dragon Tail Spear]!"

Benladra loaded a bit of power into her dragon tail, which suddenly grew several meters long, covered on hard, metallic silver-colored scales and with a sharp, spear-like tip, it swung rapidly and aggressively, intercepting each of the shark's attacks and then parrying them back, piercing through his body with countless thrusting blows!



Meanwhile, as Benladra beat the sh*t out of this arrogant merman, Kate protected Coral and Rose with her powerful magic from the other six knights, who concentrated their all into retrieving back Rose with them, even if it would cost their lives.

Unlike Eustace, they had different weapons and accessories. A woman held a bracelet, a tall man had a large axe, a young and sleek one had a spear, and more.

"Give us the girl and your death will be swift!" The spear-wielding eel-headed merman roared, his sleek body unleashing electricity from within as he pointed his powerful spear, which both channeled this naturel ability of his race and also the divine power it came imbued with already.

"How about no?!" Rose angrily said, suddenly unleashing a massive cloud made of illusion magic, which was pink colored, quickly covering the eel merman's body.

"Uuagh! W-What the heck is this?!"


Kate roared bravely, reaching the eel merman in an instant, who was much weaker than their knight commander as she kicked his head with her tiny clawed foot, crushing his skull and making him vomit blood!



Kate quickly grabbed his spear and then began biting it with her jaws, eating it completely.

"Nom, nom…" Kate looked back at the other five knights, frightened by the ridiculous sight they were spectating!

Much like their father, Benladra and Kate had the innate ability to devour anything, and even more, absorb a part of the power of the things they devoured. One of the factors they've grown so strong in so little time was because he had been carefully feeding them with the best ingredients possible.

"Ohh… Stromg." Kate realized her strength had grown a tiny bit, as she gained some divine power and even a divinity fragment out of eating that powerful weapon like nothing! The eel merman she hit fell from the sky and splattered over the floor, clearly more than dead.

"S-She killed him in one shot and ate his weapon?!"


"She's a dragon too!"

"What can we do?!"

"No… Don't let her intimidation get to you! As long as we can take care of that pink haired brat, she won't be able to easily get to us!"

Two of the five lasting knights flew towards Coral and Rose using their artifact's divine powers, which easily allowed them to fly. Meanwhile, as Kate was about to kick them out of her sight, the other three knights rushed towards her, unleashing their strongest blows in the process.

They came from left, right, and front. They knew that she could just easily brush them out, so they decided to make it so they come from all sides, forcing her to divide her attention and let one of them manage to connect a hit!

"[Ocean Splitting Axe]!"

"[Spiraling Ocean Snake]!"

"[One Hundred Sea Knives]!"

An enormous axe made of concentrated highly-pressurized ocean water reached Kate's left, a massive snake made out of the magic within a ring completely created out of divine ocean water reached her right, and then a mirage of a hundred knives made of water reached her front!


The three knights thought the same thing as they attacked Kate.


In fact, all attacks reached her, somehow, she was unable to intercept any of the three, and ended taking all the damage at once! Water splattered everywhere, alongside vapor generated from the enormous impact which boiled the water that composed the very attacks of these knights.

However… there was no smell of blood, in fact, as they opened their eyes, they realized Kate wasn't even there, she had suddenly emerged right on top of their heads!


"Eh?! How?!"

"Huh?! Does she has teleportation magic?!"

"What?! How?!"

However, it was none of that. Kate had merely utilized the power of her Spirit Body, which allowed her to simply become non-corporeal at will. In this state, she was also able to move incredibly quickly, easily evading all three of their blows and reemerging on top of their heads.


Kate's body suddenly exuded a bright gray aura, as three swords materialized out of her technomancy magic, reaching the knights at once!



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