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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1196 A Devastating Finishing Move!

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Chapter 1196 A Devastating Finishing Move!

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All three swords made out of technomancy emerged out of thin air. The knights incapable of seeing how Kate summoned tiny nanobots which quickly built the powerful divinity-imbued weapons, which were in fact way stronger than theirs!

The moment they reached their targets, the knights were not even capable of parrying nor intercepting the blows, the attacks were incredibly fast, almost instantaneous! This was thanks to Kate's [Matter Manipulation] which allowed her to manipulate the matter in front of her, such as the empty air, and cut it down so her attacks could reach their targets even faster.

Of course, this powerful ability cost a large amount of mana and divine power, and her father had sealed its true powers due to its lethality… however, he still allowed her to use it in certain ways, such as this one.







Their chests were quickly pierced by Kate's Technoblades, as their artifacts desperately tried to heal them or help them survive… but it was far too late.

"Boom." Kate said, commanding the tiny nanobots making the Technoblades to explode.

The three knights realized what she meant by "boom" a bit too late, as their eyes glanced back at her in utter despair!





Blood splattered everywhere, alongside guts and cracked pieces of armor, burnt clothes, and other things. Kate looked at the scene almost without changing her expression, although she slightly raised her eyebrows, looking back at her hands.

"Strong…!" She said to herself, before realizing she had left Coral and Rose unprotected for way too long. "Ah!"

She quickly saw Rose being dragged away by the two other knights, while Coral was fighting a swarm of summoned sea beasts, his body covered in blood.



In the other side, Benladra was overwhelming the Knight Commander, who was several dozens of times stronger than the Knights Kate has been fighting. It was rather clear as she noticed his level of divine power assimilation was way higher than the knights.

The divine sword he held with his hands contained a powerful divine essence coming from the country's treasure, which Benladra's father was already speculating to be one of the Blue Orb's Shards. It seemed that there were levels of "assimilation" of this essence.

Those with higher levels of assimilation were naturally more capable of utilizing these items, and it was perhaps the reason why only six other knights could use them, while the other fourteen simply had normal magic weapons and armor.

Amongst this entire squadron, the Knight Commander held the highest level of Divine Essence Assimilation from the Blue Orb Shards, and it showed by how he was capable of tanking Benladra's hits and constantly heal by absorbing the power of his weapon, which seemed almost endless.


Benladra attacked Eustace with more intensity, her tail, claws, and even her hair began unleashing several consecutive blows, merging with her powerful divine aura as flashing beams of light came from each of her attacks, piercing through the shark merman's body, which was growing larger and more muscular each time.

"The more you damage my body, the faster I regenerate and the stronger I grow!" The angered shark merman said. His blood continued to pour from his deadly wounds, which were then covered by divine essence.

However, this blood wasn't being lost, the weapon slowly absorbed it, channeling a powerful, black and red colored energy which continued to grow larger and stronger.


The furious shark reached Benladra, now with even faster speed and an even more enhanced physique, his sword unleashing a deadly black and red colored slash of pure destruction against her!

"Take this, my ultimate technique! [Blood Vengeance]!!!"


The enormous attack impacted Benladra as she shielded herself using her wings, which she made to grow big enough to cover her entire body.

However… it seemed like she was struggling?!

"This is it! You're having a hard time, aren't you?! This is my special Skill, Blood Vengeance! It deals equal damage based on how much I've received! Plus all my blood lost makes it so the damage is multiplied even more! Take a hundred times all the damage you've inflicted upon my body and perish, you failure of a dragon!!! GAHAHAHA!"


Benladra was consumed in darkness and blood, as she felt a few of her scales itching a bit… However, once the explosion dissipated, she looked back at the shark like nothing has happened.

"Huh? Is that it? You had me excited for nothing…!" Benladra pouted adorably.

She looked completely unfazed, pristine even! The slightly damaged scales of her wings were quickly molted away as new and stronger ones grew from where the others were located.

"W-Wha… WHAAAT?!"

Eustace was so perplexed he couldn't believe his eyes! He had used this technique to slay powerful Rank 7 Sea Beasts before… yet it didn't worked against a tiny little girl?!

Well, tiny little girl or not, she was a dragon… and also, a titan.

Titans were known for having incredible defenses and vitality, combined with dragons amazing elemental resistance and magic reflection… it was a deadly and tanky combination.

"Now I'm angy…" Benladra angrily glanced back at Eustace, as she opened her tiny jaws, revealing her sharp teeth as a flash of divine, heavenly light emerged from within. "[Divine Heaven Dragon Breath]!"


Benladra's deadly divine dragon breath imbued with her unique element of Heaven reached Eustace, completely blasting him down into the ground. The entire suburbs shook as the people panicked, running away from the commotion, the wooden floor of the suburbs, which led to the sea as this area was a port town, easily shattered!



And Eustace screamed in agony as he was thrown down below into the sea, his entire body burning and evaporating into the water, boiling alive!


A loud explosion finished him off, as an arc of light emerged from the oceans. All the people in the surroundings watched in horror as a tiny flash of light, the culprit behind this explosion that was on top of the orphanage building quickly disappeared within the dark night sky.


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