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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1194 A Mighty Little Dragon!

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Chapter 1194 A Mighty Little Dragon!

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Within the interior of the orphanage, it could already be heard that there was some commotion going on outside. Benladann, Drake, and Miranda had already noticed the presence of some people holding a hint of divine power. Although it wasn't theirs, but contained within their equipment, "Fake Gods" as some gods often called mortals carrying divine artifacts to gain god-like powers.

"What's going on outside?!" Elise felt nervous, attempting to go outside to see what was happening. However, she was stopped by Drake.

"Stop, if you go outside you might be caught in the battle." Drake said.

"Eh?! But aren't your daughters out there Sir Drake?!" Aylen asked in surprise, right behind Elise.

"Yeah?! I never took you for such a terrible father!" Elise angrily said.

"Hahaha, please give me a break. I am only letting my girls have some exercise." Said Drake. "They've been growing well and all but… I can tell, if I shelter them all their life, it'll only be detrimental. My daughters want to fight and help those they care for. If things get too dangerous, I'll end them, but until then, I want to leave this to Benladra and Kate."

"Yeah, I think they'll be alright." Benladann said. "We've seen enough of their power already… In fact, the two of them have saved our skins more than once."

"I agree… And we've got first seat view of it happening right here." Miranda pointed out at a small pink-colored slime sitting over the table, which quickly generated a projection of what the red slime was watching from the outside.

"T-That's Knight Commander Eustace?!" Elise asked. "And that paper he's holding…"

"If I heard right, he said the orphanage was disbanded from the church's protection." Drake's eyes squinted.

"Wait what?! Why would they do that?!" Aylen desperately asked.

"Tch… Bastards. So the Queen has already decided to drop her fa?ade, she doesn't give a damn anymore about any of us either! I knew it… They're kidnaping kids so they obviously want ours too!" Elise said with frustration.

"Wait, kidnaping kids?" Asked Benladann in confusion.

"Yeah… It all started some years ago." Elise sighed. "For whatever motive, young people and kids had begun to disappear, especially those that are homeless. Some friends have told me they saw guards and even knights working together with bandits and thugs to kidnap people… especially children, whom they seem especially inclined to kidnap."

"This is fucked up…" Miranda said. "But why? Do they enslave them?"

"I hope… it is just that." Elise muttered. "I don't know much myself, but I've heard rumors of "Cult of the Deep Abyss", some even say even the Queen is involved with them."

Drake analyzed everything he heard, connecting the dots with the energy he sensed down below… It slowly seemed to be arranging itself, but there were still many missing pieces in this entire puzzle.

"Do you know anything more? Anything will do." Drake said.


Meanwhile, outside of the orphanage, Eustace's undying pride allowed him to overcome his fear for death, mostly due to his own self-centered ego and the power of the weapon he held, which slowly encroached his mind.

"Dragon… That is a Dragon! Kill it! Kill it!!"

The Sword spoke to his mind, telling him to kill the girl in front of him. Dragons, for some reason, were hated by these treasures, and must be eliminated at all costs…

"A Dragon in the form of a little girl…"

"It is immature, not yet matured into a true dragon!"

"Kill it while it still weak!"

"Kill! KILL!"

The other artifacts whispered to the minds of the knights, their eyes slowly glowing redder as they were being encroached and brainwashed, any fear they had before was quickly gone from their minds.

"Don't falter, as long as the power of the Sea God is within our hearts… We are invincible!" Eustace laughed, charging forward as he jumped off into the skies. Mana and Divine Power flowing across his entire body and enhancing his speed and strength to completely new levels. His body size slowly growing larger as his muscles and bones became bigger and stronger.

"RAAAAAH! [Divine Sea Blade Arts]: [Tsunami]!"

S L A A A A A A S H!

The shark-faced man swung his powerful Divine Sword against Benladra with all his might, an enormous mass of Mana and Divine Power erupted from within the weapon, shaping into a gigantic, absolutely terrifying tsunami coming towards her!

Benladra didn't even move from her position, as the enormous attack, which was also a slashing attack that could cut through and demolish anything it caught within its waves, impacted her small body!

C L A A A A A S S S S H H H!!!

F L A S H!

However, from within the water, several arcs of light emerged one after the other, piercing through everything and then freezing it, shattering the ice and the entire technique!

Crack… crack…!

C R A A A S H!


Benladra was completely unfazed, even her dress was completely fine, and her shiny silver scales shone brighter as they activated their amazing power, the ability to reflect elemental magic damage, a trait any divine dragon held.

It was so weak that even with the divine power charged into it, it didn't even left a scratch!

"T-That's…! No matter!" Eustace felt shocked that his strong attack had no results, but quickly moved swiftly.

"[Endless Oceanic Sword Dance]!"

Water emerged around his body and helped him swim in midair, reaching Benladra and then swinging his sword consecutively, generating enormous torrential waves one after the other, erupting into shockwaves around the skies atop the city!


However, Benladra intercepted each blow with her tiny claws, as rays of divine light emerged with each of her parries, piercing through Eustace's armor and body, leaving holes everywhere across his torso, legs, and arms, making him bleed all over!


The power of the sword he held emerged, patching his wounds, and forcing him to continue attacking.


"You don't learn your lesson, don't you?"



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