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«Dragon-Marked War God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2944: Earthly Fire Hell

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Chapter 2944: Earthly Fire Hell

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Six months had passed by quietly. Gu Maolu was worried that Jiang Chen could not resist the Heavenly Fire of the Heavenly Dragon Tower at first, but he eventually realized that he was wrong as Jiang Chen utterly ignored the Heavenly Fire. Disciples who were slightly stronger could only stay in the Heavenly Dragon Tower for around one month while those old disciples who had been cultivating for ten thousands years would be able to stay there for four to five months. Cultivating while refining Heavenly Flame Crystals was considered as multitasking. Besides, the Heavenly Fire would bring a kind of unimaginable pressure to the practitioners. There were countless geniuses who were burnt to death in the Heavenly Dragon Tower while cultivating. Those who were eager for quick success were destined to come to no good end.

Hence, a great deal of new disciples and old disciples were impressed by Jiang Chen’s prowess. Jiang Chen managed to cultivate in the tower for six months. Bai Ying had visited Jiang Chen twice during this period but Jiang Chen was not awake. While Gu Maolu had been staying by the side of Jiang Chen most of the time during these six months.

At first, Jiang Chen could refine more than fifty Heavenly Flame Crystals within ten days, and as time went on he became capable of refining fifty pieces in one day. He had successfully refined twenty thousand pieces of Heavenly Flame Crystals within six months, and even he himself was shocked with the amount. Refining Heavenly Flame Crystal was like a piece of cake for Jiang Chen when he became skillful with it. But he was curious about its uses after refining such a great amount of it. What was the purpose of the Heavenly Flame Crystal in the Profound Connection Divine Palace?

But Jiang Chen knew well that he should not be concerned about this at the moment.

“You’re finally awake, you just scared me. You have been staying still for six months, I am afraid that you will be burned to ashes someday. Haha.”

Gu Maolu was greatly relieved after Jiang Chen’s awakening. He said smilingly.

“So what is the outcome? How many Heavenly Flame Crystals have you refined?”

Gu Maolu was looking at Jiang Chen curiously.

“Around twenty thousands pieces.”

Jiang Chen scratched his head and stretched. Gu Maolu was stunned instantly, the corner of his lips slightly quivered. He could hardly believe Jiang Chen’s words.

“How……how many?”

Gu Maolu gulped and intended to reconfirm with Jiang Chen.

“I think it’s around twenty thousands pieces, which was sufficient for me to stay in the Heavenly Dragon Prison for years. You just made me curious about the Heavenly Dragon Prison now.”

“Damn! Are you kidding me? Come on, you could have fooled me. I’ll probably need fifty years to refine twenty thousand pieces, and I have to work day and night. You’re kidding around, aren’t you?”

He already knew that Jiang Chen could refine fifty pieces of Heavenly Flame Crystals within ten days. But it sounded impossible to refine twenty thousand Heavenly Flame Crystals in just six months. He guessed even the Outer House Three Dragon Head was not capable of doing so.

“I can’t believe it!”

Gu Maolu was in a flurry of thought instantly.

“It’s fine if you don’t believe me. Just lead the way to the Heavenly Dragon Prison. It is true that I am much benefited during this cultivation, it is better than practising the cultivation outside.”

Jiang Chen said and shrugged his shoulders. He had spent some time to find out the purposes of the Heavenly Flame Crystal but he did not plan to tell Gu Maolu. Jiang Chen was afraid that he would scare Gu Maolu to death.

“Great, let’s put the matter aside until we get to the Heavenly Dragon Prison. I think I can pick a good seat for you.”

Gu Maolu remained dubious. After all, he did not have twenty thousand of Heavenly Flame Crystals in his pocket, not to mention Jiang Chen.

“It is said that the Heavenly Dragon Prison is located under the Heavenly Dragon Tower, eighteen floors of Heavenly Fire Hell. And the Heavenly Flame Essence is buried under the Dragon Range. That is how the Heavenly Dragon Prison and Heavenly Dragon Tower formed. But all of this is just a legend. The Heavenly Dragon Prison and Heavenly Dragon Tower were actually formed thousands of years ago. No one knows what is hiding under that place so let’s just focus on cultivation and boost our strength. There are eighteen floors of Heavenly Fire Heavens, and each floor is more expensive and scarier than the previous one. I can hardly resist the flame of the fifth floor so I only entered the fourth floor before. But it’s said that only the stronger disciples of the Outer House can enter the ninth floor. Brother Yu Chenglong is one of them. I think I can hardly do that in ten thousand years.”

Gu Maolu was explaining to Jiang Chen about the Heavenly Dragon Prison seriously. Jiang Chen felt relieved by having a knowledgeable expert by his side.

There were eighteen floors of Heavenly Fire Heavens!

“It seems like the Heavenly Dragon Prison is an extraordinary place.”

Jiang Chen said. When he entered the gate of the Heavenly Dragon Prison, he could feel that the flame was completely different from the Heavenly Dragon Tower’s. Jiang Chen needed to deal with this carefully even though he was protected by the Five Elemental True Fire.

“In our Profound Connection Divine Palace, Heavenly Dragon Tower is only the lowest level place of cultivation. Heavenly Dragon Prison, Thunder Cloud Zone, Spectre Valley and Broken Edge Cliff are all mysterious and unpredictable places. This is also one of the reasons that our Profound Connection Divine Palace can stand firmly in the Northern Cold Divine Region, overlooking the world arrogantly. Countless strong experts from different sects were constantly terminated through the ages in the Divine World. But our Profound Connection Divine Palace is said to have existed a long time ago, I don’t even know how long.”

Gu Maolu said with a serious face. In just the twinkling of an eye, they had arrived at the Heavenly Dragon Prison.

The Heavenly Dragon Prison was located under the Heavenly Dragon Tower. There was a white-haired old man, who was wearing white, resting in front of the huge gate of the place. The old man looked lazy and relaxed, his days seemed numbered. But when he awakened from his sleep and opened his eyes, Jiang Chen could feel a kind of tremendous pressure.

“Elder Yang, we are going to enter the Heavenly Dragon Prison.”

Gu Maolu said smilingly with great respect.

“This was the one of the elders guarding the Heavenly Dragon Prison, he is a Hierarch expert so you should never underestimate his strength, even our female instructor dared not offend him.”

Gu Maolu whispered to Jiang Chen.

“Oh, it’s a new face. I think this batch of new disciples is so-so. Haha.”

Elder Yang yawned and shook his head.

“You have to pay fifty pieces of Heavenly Flame Crystals as a deposit. Kid, this is not the place that the new disciples should come.”

“Twenty thousand here.”

The moment Jiang Chen took out the Heavenly Flame Crystals, both Gu Maolu and the elder were slightly startled.

“Did you give him those? This is such a great amount of Heavenly Flame Crystals, kid you’re just kind.”

Elder Yang shook his head with a smile.

“I did not give anything to him, he is the one who refined it.”

Gu Maolu said as they entered the place. He did not know whether to laugh or cry at the moment.

After hearing that, Elder Yang was filled with astonishment and shock.

“Only six months have passed since the new disciples’ orientation day. How could he refine twenty thousand pieces of Heavenly Flame Crystals within a short period of time?”

Elder Yang murmured, and narrowed his eyes. He etched Jiang Chen’s face in his mind.

“If it is real, he will be the most formidable and remarkable phenomenon among the new disciples. I wonder who will gain the upper hand if Jiang Chen fights with that madman.”

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