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«Dragon-Marked War God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2945: The Top 500 Experts on the Heaven Ascension List

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Chapter 2945: The Top 500 Experts on the Heaven Ascension List

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“What do you think? The aura in the Heavenly Dragon Prison is way stronger than the Heavenly Dragon Tower. But it isn’t the strongest part of the Heavenly Dragon Prison, the oppression of the Heavenly Fire on the Divine Origin Qi is the most formidable advantage of the Profound Connection Divine Palace. An ordinary cultivator will never be able to find out the difference. The Heavenly Dragon Prison is spectacular and awe-inspiring with more than hundred seats for cultivation on each floor. I will find you a great seat.”

Gu Maolu explained, and headed to the edge of the second floor of the Earthly Fire Hell with Jiang Chen. They found a great seat here. The Heavenly Fire here was surging ferociously and raging violently which was effective in boosting the Divine Origin Qi.

“It doesn’t belong to you.”

When Gu Maolu and Jiang Chen were ready to cultivate, a cold voice was heard. It made Gu Maolu and Jiang Chen gather their brows into a frown at the same time.

“Liu Zhe! What do you mean?”

Gu Maolu said in a low voice. This guy is Liu Yingfeng’s elder brother, who was also ranked on the Heaven Ascension List.

“I think you guys should know it better than me.”

Liu Zhe said lightly. His figure was small and little but his eyes were filled with coldness and oppressiveness.

He was not aiming for the seat but intended to stir up troubles.

“Humph. I just told you, Jiang Chen. It isn’t over yet.”

Liu Yingfeng showed up instantly and stood by Liu Zhe’s side. He was glaring at Jiang Chen with a gloomy face.

“According to the rules of the Profound Connection Divine Palace, the disciples from the same sect are not allowed to sneak up on each other. Or else, you should have died a hundred times.”

Liu Yingfeng said with disdain.

“Oh, the elder brother is finally here to avenge the younger brother. Undeniably, you’re quite strong. But I guess the old disciples will make fun of you if you are challenging a new disciple.”

Gu Maolu said in a deep voice.

“As his elder brother, I am supposed to give justice to my younger brother. Otherwise, my younger brother will look like an easy target to everyone in the future and end up being bullied.”

Liu Zhe said coldly. Meanwhile, Liu Yingfeng looked arrogant and held his head up high. Jiang Chen could not help but face the situation with a smile. The despicable guy with sharp tongues and bad temper was bound to be defeated and they would never succeed.

“Then you have to go through me first. Humph.”

Gu Maolu stood in front of Jiang Chen with his weapons. Even though Jiang Chen could defeat Liu Yingfeng, he was not yet capable of fighting Liu Zhe. Among the old disciples, he was the toughest opponent.

“You’re no match for me, though. Why are you asking for trouble? Gu Maolu, I won’t go easy on you if you go on like this.”

Liu Zhe’s eyes looked extremely cold and terrible.

“I ranked 492th place and you’re in 468th place on the Heavenly Ascension List. Only twenty places, there is not a great difference between us. You will find out later whether I am your opponent in the battle.”

Gu Maolu looked extremely arrogant and overbearing. He was Jiang Chen’s friend after all. Even though Jiang Chen was outstanding and talented among the new disciples, he would definitely lose ground in front of the older ones. It was impossible to stand firmly in the Profound Connection Divine Palace if he did not cultivate for at least ten or twenty thousand years.

Although the disciples in the Profound Connection Divine Palace were all Late Divine King experts, they were totally different from ordinary experts of the same realm. When cultivating in the Heavenly Dragon Prison, they were forced to oppress the Divine Origin Qi in order to boost their own strength constantly. Hence, even if they failed to break through the Hierarch realm, they were still considered as the elites.

“Let me do it. I wonder if an expert who ranked on the Heavenly Ascension List is a real genius.”

A faint smile flickered across Jiang Chen’s lips. He knew that Gu Maolu was kind enough to fight for him, but Liu Zhe was a tough opponent. Jiang Chen could feel that this guy was slightly stronger than Gu Maolu.

“Jiang Chen, you’re digging your own grave now. You are no match for him. A life-and-death battle is allowed in our Profound Connection Divine Palace. You’re a new disciple, he will not stop you if you want to avoid the fight.”

Gu Maolu whispered to Jiang Chen.

“He is placed at the bottom of the Heavenly Ascension List. I have never treated him as my opponent.”

Jiang Chen said to Gu Maolu with a serious face.

Liu Zhe broke out in a rage instantly. How dare this guy look down upon him? This kid Jiang Chen is merely a new disciple, how could he act so arrogant? He thought that he could act recklessly and uncontrollably after defeating two old disciples.

Gu Maolu realized that things were screwed up. Did Jiang Chen think that it is easy to be ranked on the Heavenly Ascension List? All of them were strong experts, ranging from Mid Divine King Realm to the Hierarch Realm. There were five hundred of them which also indicated that the Heavenly Ascension List was full of terrifyingly strong experts. Among the disciples in the Profound Connection Divine Palace, only few people could be ranked on the Heavenly Ascension List. None of the rankers were ordinary people. They were all talented and formidable geniuses.

“Haha, great. Since you’re confident with yourself, then there is nothing I should worry about. So, please don’t say that I am bullying a new disciple, I can’t bear such insults. Kid, today will be your death.”

“My elder brother is only just planning to teach you a lesson. But since you’re a stubborn foolish guy, he will send you to heaven.”

Liu Yingfeng’s heart was filled with delight. His elder brother did not intend to kill anyone since he was an old disciple and someone who ranked on the Heavenly Ascension List. Everyone would mock him if he killed a new disciple. However, this guy was riding for a fall, his elder brother was forced to swear not to let him off easily.

“Jiang Chen, you just did a reckless and foolish act.”

Gu Maolu smiled bitterly. At the moment, Jiang Chen had offended Liu Zhe, and thus a life-and-death battle was inevitable.

Some old disciples gathered around them. Even though Liu Zhe could not be counted among the top disciples in the Profound Connection Divine Palace, his strength should not be underestimated. Those geniuses who were placed on the Heavenly Ascension List were never a coward. This arrogant new disciple was destined to be killed by a strong expert.

Jiang Chen was talking with Gu Maolu with a faint smile.

“I have never avoided a fight as I would rather fight to the death or win a great victory.”

“Just strike out now, I am busy with my cultivation.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes met Liu Zhe’s directly. Liu Zhe smiled and shook his head instantly. It seemed like he was ready to teach Jiang Chen a lesson.

“There are always some arrogant guys who act recklessly in front of me, and you’re one of them.”

“Stop talking nonsense. I am going to lose my patience.”

Jiang Chen turned cold and gloomy instantly.

Liu Zhe smiled coldly and struck out mercilessly. He rushed at Jiang Chen in the blink of an eye, with a beam of gold light in his hand!

The experts on the Heavenly Ascension List shouldn’t be challenged!

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