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«Don’t Heal the Others (Web Novel) - Chapter 346 Full Charisma

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Chapter 346 Full Charisma

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Newbies entering the game at this stage were extremely comfortable. Because they were led by old players, no matter attacking monsters or doing quest would be very easy.

Because of the new mentoring activities, many old players were willing to take newbies. Not to mention that underage players who entered the game now generally had guardians in the game, so they didn’t need to familiarize with the game world from scratch.

Ling was like this. Her upgrade speed was scary, because at level 0, Si Yejing pulled her to the trial instance zone to gain XP, and when they went out, she was at level 6 directly.

After that, they went to level-10 Creep area to gain levels, and the upgrade speed was as fast as the rocket.

At this moment, the level 10 Creep area was already overcrowded, where was full of old players taking newbies. There was a scene that kill-steal like when it opened service.

Fortunately, after Si Yejing showed her character name, she suddenly became a dominant player in this Creep area, and the players around her in the name of her super player were all separated.

Looking at the worship of Ling, Si Yejing couldn’t help being proud and had more motives to kill creep. But unfortunately, the level 10 creeps were completely like making of paper for Si Yejing. She could seckill them and she couldn’t have a chance to show her strength and her operation.

Although Ling had put on a fashionable dress with cute rabbit mask, her dazzling blond hair and beautiful eyes like sapphire had attracted a lot of attention. Of course, because Si Yejing was next to her, there were no incidents.

In less than a night, before dawn, Ling’s level had been upgraded to level 10, which was estimated to be the fastest upgrade speed among these newbies.

“Ling, what kind of profession are you going to transfer to?” Taking Ling to the transfer hall in Tianlong City Square, Si Yejing asked curiously.

“Of course a mage!” Ling said without hesitation, apparently she had long decided. Because her initial profession was also a probationary mage.

“Well, there are also many branches of the mage’s transfer. Learning different elements will change to different mage with different element, such as fire, ice, wind and so on.” Si Yejing explained.

“Well, this is so troublesome. Is there a hybrid mage that can learn all the elements?” Ling thought for a moment, and asked with her head tilted.

“Yes, there is. Once this profession is transferred, it will be called Elemental Master. Although it can learn magic in every department, its INT is lower than the single element mage.” Si Yejing thought for a while and said.

“Then I want this! Huh! Of course Highness Ling is omniscient! How can there be magic that I can’t!” Ling was stubborn.

“Well, then I’ll take you to find a transfer mentor.” Si Yejing shook her head. But thinking that no one needed Ling’s skill to cause loss, she felt it was nothing. Then she took Ling to the transfer hall to find Elemental Master transfer mentor.

Because Ling upgraded too quickly, the transfer hall was quite empty and there was no need to line up.

“Wow! What a pretty little girl! Are you going to be transferred to Elemental Master?”

The NPC mentor was a human female with good figure. After seeing Ling, she made an amazing sound.

“Yes, quickly transfer for Highness Ling.” Ling said impatiently.

“I have a more powerful profession for you to choose. The name is Elemental Demolition Division. Do you want to transfer to this?” The NPC mentor didn’t care about Ling’s attitude at all but asked with a smile.

“Ah? A more powerful profession? Then I’ll transfer to this!” Ling wondered.

Si Yejing who was behind was stunned. What happened? Wasn’t this a hidden profession? Why can Ling choose it directly?

Because of the team relationship between Si Yejing and Ling, she also heard a sound of system prompt at this time.

“Ding! Eileen, the NPC elemental mentor has increased her satisfaction point to Highness by 30 points and is now admiring her.”

“If you want to transfer to Elemental Demolition Division, you must complete a test quest first. The quest is not easy, but you can ask your friend to help.” The NPC mentor continued.

“Wordy, it’s just a quest. Release it to Highness Ling quickly.” Ling was still impatient, and did not change her attitude at all because it was a quest of the hidden profession.

“Okay! I will convey the quest to you!” The NPC mentor still smiled.

“Let me go to the mage’s tower? Let’s go!”

Lingo should have heard the quest prompt. After looking at it, she said to Si Yejing.

“Ah? Oh! Alright! Let’s go!” Si Yejing then returned from the trance and said quickly.

Then Si Yejing looked at the NPC mentor, and Ling, who easily triggered the hidden profession quest, finally she couldn’t help asking.

“Ling, what’s your initial Charisma?”

As a game master, Si Yejing naturally was very familiar with the rules of the game. According to the rarity of the hidden profession, it was impossible to trigger the quest so easily. Otherwise, the hidden profession would be very common. The only reason was that it might relate to the NPC mentor improved the satisfaction point to Ling.

The initial satisfaction point of Terran NPC for Terran players was 60 points, which was friendly. Players could improve a little by doing quest, but even if it was raised to 65 or 70 points, it was already very high.

However, as soon as Ling had a conversation with NPC mentor, the satisfaction point was improved to a terrifying point, 90 points! It would be full with another 10 points!

This made Si Yejing surprised. Because Ling hadn’t done anything, how could the satisfaction point be improved for no reason, and so much at once?

In the rules of the game, in addition to increasing the NPC’s satisfaction point through quests, the only way was depend on the Charisma point of the player. Charisma point was one of the hidden attributes of players, its function was to improve the satisfaction point of the NPC, and so that player could trigger more hidden quests. With that, Si Yejing couldn’t help asking.

“Charisma point? Let me think about it, it looks like 10 points, what’s wrong? Is there a problem?” Ling thought about it and asked.

“No! No problem!”

Si Yejing immediately shook her head. Although her face was calm, the bottom of her heart had already caused a shocking wave!

God! Did she hear it right? 10 points initial Charisma? That was to say, the initial Charisma property was full! What a horrible concept!

As a hidden attribute, it was difficult to improve Charisma. Even if Si Yejing now had a set of artifact of Xiao Feng, the Charisma point was only the initial 4 points. However, Ling was actually full at the beginning!

No wonder the NPC mentor gave her a transfer quest of a hidden profession! Ling’s hidden attribute was really peerless!Updates by vi p novel

Turning her head to look at Ling’s delicate and perfect appearance which was like a doll in fairy tale, Si Yejing had a slight feeling that it seemed normal.

“What are you still doing? Hurry up and take Highness Ling to the mage’s tower to do the quest.”

Ling took a few steps, but turned around and found that Si Yejing was still standing stupidly and didn’t keep up, so she said disapprovingly.

“I’m coming!”

Si Yejing quickly shook her head to keep up, and at the same time sent the news that Ling had amazing Charisma point property to Liu Qiangwei and Qian Duoduo.

The mage’s tower was an intermediate map. There was basically no pressure for Si Yejing, but it was late now, so after Si Yejing brought Ling near the quest site, they found a hotel and logged off.

Although Ling was unwilling, due to system limitations, she had to log off. Because as a minor player, she could play 12 hours a day at most. She logged in at 6 o’clock last night, now it was 6 a.m., and she had to log off though she was extremely reluctant.

“Wow! Sister Ling, you are so awesome!”

As soon as Ling got out of the room, she was hugged by Qian Duoduo, who rushed out from side and said with great excitement.

“Wordy! Of course, Highness Ling is the best in the world! You needn’t to repeat it! Let go of your hands, Highness Ling can’t breathe.” Ling was very satisfied to her reaction, and then said impolitely.

“Hey, I mean Ling’s property in the game. The initial Charisma is actually full! This is so useful! Can you do me a favor tonight?” Qian Duoduo smiled while touching her head, and loosed her hands quickly.

“Highness Ling occasionally sympathizes with the servant’s difficulties. If there is any problem that cannot be solved, leave it to Highness Ling to handle it!” Ling said arrogantly.

“It is a deal! Sister Ling is so cute!” Qian Duoduo almost jumped up and couldn’t help kissing Ling’s face.

“Huh! What a rude housemaid! It would be nice if the male servant was so rude!” Ling was disgusted and wiped her delicate face, remembering something and murmuring.

“Let’s go! Sister Ling, let’s go to breakfast!” Qian Duoduo, who originally complimented Ling, now nearly held Ling up.

“Hum!” Ling proudly tossed the golden double ponytails and went downstairs first, while Qian Duoduo followed behind closely.

Liu Qiangwei and Si Yejing, who went out later, looked at the scene thoughtfully and seemed to find a solution to deal with Ling.

“Keke, sit down together when you’re done.”

Qian Duoduo greeted Ning Keke who came out of the kitchen with the toast.

“Ah, yes…Miss Duoduo.”

Ning Keke, dressed in a black and white maid outfit, shook her body, and then bowed her head, murmuring. Even though she had lived with them in the villa for so long, she could not change her rabbit-like character.

“Keke, did you play the game last night?” Qian Duoduo asked again.

“Not, not yet…” Ning Keke answered carefully.

“If you have time, you can come in and play. The game world is very interesting. Otherwise you will be bored in the villa all day.” Qian Duoduo said.

“How… It won’t be boring… Master and everyone in the villa are very nice to me… I am grateful to you… And every day there are cleaning, laundry, cooking, and many things to do… It’s not boring…” Ning Keke whispered.

“In short, if you want to play, just use the game helmet I bought for you to play. Don’t forget to add me as your friend if you enter the game.” Qian Duoduo shook her head.

“Okay, okay…” Ning Keke whispered.

“Why hasn’t Erebus got down? Is she still in the game?” Liu Qiangwei had a small appetite, half a piece of bread was enough for her. She put down the cup of hot milk and looked upstairs and asked.

“I called her before I logged off, but she said that she was busy gaining levels and we needn’t to wait for her.” Qian Duoduo answered.

“Erebus…and her men work too hard. How long has it been in the game? Their levels are all above level 20.” Liu Qiangwei shook her head.

“Those people should be unusual.” Si Yejing also put down the tableware and said in a dignified tone. When she and Liu Qiangwei went to welcome them, they were surprised by the cold aura of those people.

“They and Xiao Feng are old friends, so they should come from the same place, a terrible place.” Liu Qiangwei said in a low tone.

“Brother Xiao… I really don’t know what Brother Xiao has experienced before. How can he have something to do with that terrible place? I tested Erebus yesterday, but I got nothing.” Qian Duoduo sighed.

For a while, there was no sound on the table.

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