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«Don’t Heal the Others (Web Novel) - Chapter 347 Wake Up

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Chapter 347 Wake Up

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In the white awareness space, Xiao Feng looked at the place where Ghost disappeared, lost in thought.

Paradise was ruined like so? What destroyed it on earth? Even Paradise had no chance to send a rescue message to the Hell when it arrived! Hell was the minion of Paradise with great fighting power, especially the existence of the two “matrix” level of the artificial gods. Even if they were not the opponents of the invader, but they could delay it, at least they could make time for the senior researchers to leave.

However, the Hell didn’t receive the rescue message at all, or it was too late. Because from the death of the researchers from the second floor, he could know that they had no chance to escape, but died in panic and haste.

Moreover, Paradise’s biggest secret was not the genetic research, but biological intellectual brain! However, why did they create biological intellectual brain? And take human, which was the absolute taboo as the carrier!

If it was just to create an independent mastermind under the situation that Noah controlled the global virtual data, then why did it become the biggest and most hidden secret in Paradise! In contrast, such anti-human experiments like genetic research seem to be just a hobby!

Another thing was that behind Paradise, there was an unknown country’s support. However, it was normal after thinking about it. Without the financial and resource support of a big country, the base of Paradise couldn’t be established.

Finally, the point mentioned by Ghost before disappearing, be careful of Noah! What did it mean?

Noah was the artificial growth intelligence that controlled the global virtual data, and it could be said that it had controlled the lifeblood of the world. Because in this intelligent era, almost all electronic devices were intelligent, from appliances to artificial satellites, they were all operated and controlled by Noah’s system.

Although there had been many threat theorists had proposed theories that in case that Noah betrayed human, it was the same as the end of the world.

However, all countries expressed their views in time. Although Noah’s biological intelligence had the characteristic of growth, it would never violate the most core directives. After a few years, Noah had indeed performed very well in various fields, and humans were also used to it.

But at this moment, the reminder from Ghost, who was also biological intelligence, made Xiao Feng be more careful.

Xiao Feng’s return to the base this time could be said to be extremely smooth and it could even be said to be too easy. Because basically he picked up an awful mess. But accordingly, apart from a bunch of questions, no answer was found.

After thinking about it for a long time and making sure that he didn’t miss anything, Xiao Feng was ready to wake up from the Psychonauts. But at this moment, as if there was some induction, Xiao Feng turned back fiercely and looked behind him!

Not far there, a figure of a little girl in a simple and shabby dress stood there, not knowing when she appeared, looking curiously at Xiao Feng’s conscious world.

At this moment, Xiao Feng only felt that the whole Psychonauts was full of coldness!

Because Xiao Feng was not strange to this girl, he had met this weird little girl twice in the world of Myth! Neither player nor NPC, she was a very special weird existence.

And at this moment, this weird little girl actually appeared in Xiao Feng’s Psychonauts! This was equivalent to invading Xiao Feng’s mind!

“Brother, do you think that humans are good or bad?”

After looking around for a while, the little girl suddenly looked at Xiao Feng and asked curiously.

“Who the hell are you? Human or ghost?” However, Xiao Feng had no intention of talking with her, because Psychonauts was the most important place for a person, and it was impossible to tolerate the appearance of intruders!

Therefore, Xiao Feng directly mobilized his own mental strength. Instantly, the originally peaceful Psychonauts had a huge change!

The white sky suddenly rolled up, as if the wind was surging, and then condensed into a character “Dao”, and pressed down against the little girl.

“Noah is neither a human nor a ghost, but since big brother doesn’t welcome Noah, then Noah is gone.”

The weird little girl waved at Xiao Feng, then dissipated into light smoke and disappeared in Xiao Feng’s Psychonauts.

Xiao Feng was left alone, feeling dull and stunned still. What did she say? Her name was Noah?

Was she that the world’s intellectual brain Noah? Although Noah was a biological intellectual brain, it could never be a human brain! Xiao Feng knew about this. It was said that it was the mastermind of some kind of insects, but why was the intelligence the image of a little girl?

The secret room in the deepest part of the base, Xiao Feng, who was still lying on the ground and unconscious, opened his eyes fiercely, took a few breaths, and tore off the hairs that stuck into his scalp. The tentacles that looked like silky hair were too scary! They could actually invade his Psychonauts!

Looking at Ghost’s withered body in front of him, Xiao Feng was silent for a while, but there was no way to take her out for burial. She could only be left here and sink with this base.Updates by vi p novel

Getting up to leave this secret room and returning to the control room, Xiao Feng was going to find the self-destruct device of the base. Although all the computers and systems had been destroyed, the self-destruct device should be manually controlled and only made the base completely disappear, could Xiao Feng rest assured, otherwise he would always have a sense of uneasiness that Paradise would be rebuilt.

Facts proved that Xiao Feng’s guess was correct. Sure enough, the startup procedure of the self-destruct device was found in the safety door of the control room, and it was manual.

Without hesitation, after starting the self-destruct procedure, Xiao Feng quickly left without looking back while the base began to shake.


But as he passed the central laboratory, Xiao Feng heard a faint scream. He looked sideways, and found that it was a black bird, lying weakly and watching him helplessly.

Xiao Feng was familiar with the state of the black bird, because he often had it when he was an experimental subject. This was a state of extreme weakness.

Xiao Feng didn’t know how long he had been in the Psychonauts, maybe a few days, maybe half a month. But the black bird still lay in the place where Xiao Feng stunned it, not knowing if it just woke up or was too weak to act.

Because it was originally a fledgling bird that had just left the gene compartment without replenishing its strength through eating. Moreover, it fought against Xiao Feng and was stunned by Xiao Feng, which definitely exhausted its small amount of physical energy. So it couldn’t move at all and could only lie there weakly, waiting to sink into the sea with the base.

But at this moment, Xiao Feng felt pity for it. Because when he saw this black bird, he seemed to see himself when he was a test subject. So Xiao Feng bit his teeth and ran a few steps to carry the black bird, which was bigger than him on his back, and then continued to flee the base that was about to self-destruct.

King Kong was holding the bark of a coconut tree on a deserted beach. He had been waiting for Xiao Feng for half a month. The scorching environment didn’t seem to have affected him because he was originally extremely dark.

But hunger was his biggest challenge. He originally had a car of food, but now only left the last can. He cast his eyes on the last can countless times, and turned away countless times.

The master had said that he couldn’t wait for him after running out of the food, so this canned food must not be eaten!

King Kong’s weakness was water. He couldn’t go to the sea to get food. This beach was a dead beach without any living things like sea crabs and clams. He only found a coconut tree nearby.

After eating even the coconut shell and leaves, hunger made him eat even the bark. Fortunately, his body was strong enough to allow him to digest these things, but its taste and its flavor were not very good.Access v ip novel

After eating up the bark, King Kong looked at the trunk in his hand, and then hid under the shadow of the car to avoid being dried by the sun. He had decided that if Xiao Feng did not get back the next time when he was hungry, he would start eating tree trunks.

His not too flexible mind never made him decide to give up waiting for Xiao Feng to return.

“Ling, is the quest complete?”

In the transfer hall of Tianlong City Plaza, Si Yejing asked Ling, who had handed in the quest at the NPC mentor.

“I have already been transferred. Highness Ling is really not an ordinary person. I have a hidden profession once I enter the game!” Ling proudly said. For the game at night, she was excited throughout the day and even couldn’t focus on her homework. She watched the game video for a whole day and at night, she was so urgent to log in that she was reluctant to delay even a minute.

“Then I will take you to find Duoduo, she needs your help.” Si Yejing said.

“Hurry up! Wordy!” Ling was too anxious because 12 hours of game time a day was not enough for her.

Si Yejing was helpless. Looking at the impatient Ling, she had to speed up her pace.

After bringing Ling to the business district, Qian Duoduo immediately sent a message and asked Si Yejing and Ling to wait for a while. Because Qian Duoduo wanted to take Ling to the City of Gloom, she was not in the main building of Treasure Pavilion.

“What’s wrong, cousin? Now? Yes, I’m free. I’ll come over right away.”

However, Si Yejing received a call from Liu Qiangwei at this time, and she had an urgent quest to do. Si Yejing nodded after looking at Ling, because Qian Duoduo would come, then she could take time to leave.

“Ling, I have to do something right away. Duoduo should be here soon. Wait here for her and don’t leave, lest she can’t find you later. Do you see the street? You absolutely can’t go in. Understand? “Si Yejing enjoined Ling. It mainly because it was very close to the street where Xiaobai was, Ling couldn’t approach. Ling was just level 10, and if Xiaobai killed her, she would return to Novice Village.

“I know, I know, you are so long-winded. Highness Ling is not a child.” Ling was dissatisfied.

“All right, then I’m leaving.” Si Yejing left quickly. After seeing the figure of Si Yejing disappeared, Ling suddenly turned and walked to the street that Si Yejing said.

Her curious look showed that she never wanted to follow Si Yejing’s words.

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