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«Don’t Heal the Others (Web Novel) - Chapter 345 Highness

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Chapter 345 Highness

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No. 9191 Village, Ling appeared in the crowd in white light. The congestion and noise around her made her feel uncomfortable. Then she walked aside and sent a message to Si Yejing through an external telephone. With that, she hung out in Novice Village with excitement and anticipation.

“Ding! Player Night Cooer sends you a friend application, accept or not?”

“Accept!” Ling immediately agreed.

“Ling! Which Novice Village are you in?”

Si Yejing called Ling immediately after the friend application was approved.

“Wait, I have to look at it, it seems to be No. 9191 Novice Village.” Ling’s game name was Highness. She answered after looking at it.

“What? No. 9191! So coincident! I’ll be right there!” Si Yejing’s tone was full of surprises, and she hung up the call immediately.

Because there were tens of thousands of Novice Village in Huaxia District, but Ling was born in the same Novice Village with Si Yejing and Xiao Feng. It must be said that it was a great coincidence. Originally, Si Yejing was going to ask Ling which Novice Village she was in, then sent someone of the guild to take Ling to gain levels and so that she could go out of Novice Village. After all, with the scale of Midsummer Guild today, it could be said that every Novice Village had their men.

Moreover, the distribution of Novice Village was according to the city where the player was located. Ling entered the game in Chenghai City, so her birth location wouldn’t have much difference with the members of Midsummer Guild.

But unexpectedly, Ling would appear in No. 9191 Novice Village, so Si Yejing naturally came in person.

“Hum, dare to hang up me, Highness Ling’s phone? But it seems that she is in a hurry to meet Highness Ling, okay, forgive you!”

Ling hummed in a good mood, and then looked around the environment of Novice Village, with her eyes full of curiousness and expectations.

At this moment, Novice Village was buzzing and full of enthusiasm, just like the grandeur when the game opened service. There were boys and girls wearing novice cloth gown everywhere, who were young and all of them were minors. Just like Ling, they looked around the world with their eyes full of curiousness and excitement.

At the same time, there were a lot of well-equipped old players in the crowd who came to take these newbies. In addition to the brothers and sisters and other family members they already knew, most of them were game masters who just met because there were many old players everywhere here shouting to accept disciple.

Therefore, these young newbies were not as eager as Xiao Feng those old players to rush out to kill creep or do tasks, but waited around with anxiety and expectations. They were too young. Even in this wonderful game world, they also needed someone to lead.

At this moment, when Ling came near the portal, she found that there were already several girls around the age of 14 or 15 waiting here. These girls who were a little older than Ling were astonished after seeing Ling.

“Wow! What a beautiful girl! Just like a doll!”

“She is blond-haired! Is she a foreigner?”

“Her eyes are so pretty! It’s like sapphire!”

Although Ling was wearing a common novice cloth gown at this moment, her delicate appearance was still outstanding. Players who saw Ling along the way were all surprised. These girls were no exception and whispered.

“Hi! Hello! You just entered the game, right?”

A girl couldn’t help running over and talking to Ling.

“Um.” Ling nodded, and seemed she didn’t want to talk to that girl, only looking at the direction of the portal and thinking about why Si Yejing was so slow.

“Are you also waiting for your master?” The little girl asked again without realizing Ling’s indifference, but said happily to Ling.

“What? Waiting for master?” Ling asked casually.

“We are all waiting for the masters we met in the game! If you don’t have master, how about I introduce my master to you?” The girl said happily.

“I’m not interested in that.” But Ling was cold.

“My master is outstanding! He is not only handsome, but also good at playing games! The key is that he is also an anchor! He has great popularity! It took me a lot of work to get him to apprentice me!” The girl boasted her master all the time to arouse Ling’s interest.

“I said I’m not…” When Ling was about to shake her off impatiently, the portal lighted up at this moment, and then a handsome young man in his early 20s came out.

“Wow! My master is here! Master, master! I am here!” The girl immediately jumped up and waved with joy.

“Xiao Juan? I’m not late, right! Well, is this your friend?”

This handsome young man came over and waved at the girl, and then looked at Ling next to her, showing his amazing eyes. What a beautiful mixed-race Loli!

“This is a friend I just met in the game! Her game name is Highness!” The girl happily introduced to the handsome young man, and then turned to Ling, “Look! Am I right! My master is handsome! He is also a big anchor! His game name is Autumn Leaf Evening Wind! His popularity is high! “

Ling just ignored them because of who appeared in the portal was not Si Yejing, which crushed her expectations and made her unhappy.

“Haha, I’m not worthy of being the big anchor, but a game anchor with a few tens of thousands of popularities. I’m far worse than those big masters. But if it comes to the big anchor, I am afraid that only one person in Huaxia District can be called that.”

Autumn Leaf Evening Wind smiled humbly, but still had a conceited sense in his tone.

“Eh? Master, is there such a powerful anchor in Huaxia District?” The girl couldn’t help wondering.

“Accurately speaking, he is not a professional anchor, but the achievements he has achieved in our live broadcast industry haven’t been surpassed by others, and he has always been my idol.” Autumn Leaf Evening Wind flaunted.

“Is there really such a powerful person? Who is he, master?” The girl was more curious.

“He is the first person in our Huaxia District! Master Healer!” Autumn Leaf Evening Wind said. At this moment, he felt that delicate and beautiful mixed-race Loli like a doll looked over, which made him more proud to introduce.

“Master Healer is a myth to our Huaxia District players! The first in level list, equipment list, pet list, mount ranking, reputation list, Celebrity List! He has made countless big events! Every One is a sensation in the Huaxia District! And his fighting power is almost invincible! Once he fought against a super guild alone, and won it when he fought against tens of thousands of players! This one opened a live broadcast room and also set a record myth in our broadcast industry, no one can surpass it! His live broadcast room has been a month, but the total live broadcast time does not exceed one hour. However, the number of fans is the largest of all live broadcast rooms! And it ranks first so far. He only spent an hour to get hundreds of millions of fans. He is far more than our small anchors can compete with!” Autumn Leaf Evening Wind said modestly, but the corner of his eyes was watching Ling who was looking at him.

Ling did look over, because after learning that she could play this game, Ling spent a whole afternoon catching up a lot of hot news about the game world, and also learned a lot of surprising news.

For example, Xiao Feng was the most powerful player in Huaxia District, Master Healer. For example, Qian Duoduo who always complimented her was the founder of Treasure Pavilion, the largest chamber of commerce in Huaxia District. For example, the beautiful woman, Liu Qiangwei who made her feel the most threat was the president of Midsummer Guild, the largest guild in the South!

In contrast, the master Si Yejing who had been entangled by her seemed to be the most miserable.Access v ip novel

At this moment, when she heard that this person was talking about Xiao Feng’s deeds, it attracted Ling’s attention. She pressed her lips slightly, and listened quietly, because she couldn’t find these messages online. It was said that Master Healer was invincible, but there was no message how powerful he was. At this moment, after hearing some achievements of Xiao Feng, Ling lost in thought.

“Master, you are too modest and handsome! How can you boast others! By the way, Highness, you have no master anyway, how about being my master’s apprentice with me?” The girl was not attracted by Xiao Feng’s deeds, but she looked at Autumn Leaf Evening Wind in worship and said to Ling.

“Since you are Xiao Juan’s friend, I can accept you as well. Anyway, no matter how many players, it will be easy for me to take you to gain levels.”

After hearing, Autumn Leaf Evening Wind also smiled at Ling, but he was excited inside. Such a beautiful apprentice, it would be more respectful to take her out! And if he could deal their relationship well, after this mixed-race Loli grew up! Hey, hey, hey!

“I don’t need that.”

However, Ling regained an impatient tone, and said very coldly.

“You batch of newbies are all young. If no one take you, you will be difficult to even attack monsters and do quests. I said it just for your sake. Do you think I really want to accept you?”

As soon as Autumn Leaf Evening Wind heard that, he immediately said unhappily.

“No need.” Ling was still impatient.

“Huh! I will watch you how to survive in this game world!”

Agitated by Ling’s tone, Autumn Leaf Evening Wind snorted coldly.

“How she survives in this game world is not up to you, and it has nothing to do with you.”

At this moment, an indifferent voice sounded behind Autumn Leaf Evening Wind, and then a figure covered with black clothes appeared.

“Who is… Master Night Cooer!”

Autumn Leaf Evening Wind, who was in a bad mood, turned his head in a bad tone and then was surprised.

Because the player who suddenly appeared behind him was wearing a conspicuous night outfit with a name on her head that was enough to make all the players in Huaxia District feel shocked.

Midsummer Guild, Night Cooer!

Among the hundreds of millions of players in Huaxia District, she was the super master who ranked the top 5 in level list!

At this moment, she was watching Autumn Leaf Evening Wind coldly, making Autumn Leaf Evening Wind shiver.

“You’re so slow!” Ling said with dissatisfaction.

“Sorry, I’m sorry, there was a delay on the road. I will take you to attack monsters to gain levels!”

In the eyes of Autumn Leaf Evening Wind, the arrogant master Night Cooer instantly collapsed, and said to the mixed-race Loli with a flattering tone.

Then the two went straight away from Autumn Leaf Evening Wind, completely regarding Autumn Leaf Evening Wind as air.

At this time, Autumn Leaf Evening Wind let out a sigh of relief, wiped the cold sweat on the head, and felt that the back was cold.

He never expected that the beautiful mixed-race Loli, who was as beautiful as a doll, knew master Night Cooer. He almost offended master Night Cooer!

It was okay to offend master Night Cooer, at the worst, he was killed a few times and he could keep a long distance with Night Cooer. However, if he offended Midsummer Guild, who was behind master Night Cooer, he would be over in this game world! Completely over!

“Master, what’s the matter?” The girl shouted Autumn Leaf Evening Wind several times. Seeing Autumn Leaf Evening Wind doesn’t react, she asked.

“It’s okay, let’s do the quest.”

Autumn Leaf Evening Wind hurriedly said, and was also going to bypass master Night Cooer. Since they went to attack monsters, they could do the quest.


But as soon as he took a half-step, Autumn Leaf Evening Wind stopped, because he found an abnormal place that was almost ignored.

Master Night Cooer… said with a female voice?

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