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«Divine Emperor Of Death (Web Novel) - Chapter 3435 An Angry Tree?

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Chapter 3435 An Angry Tree?

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Davis said goodbye to Natalya and left the Jadedrite Sword Mini Realm as he had nothing else to do there.

He appeared outside, looking at the barricade formed by the Northern Sphere Bandits and the Poison Haven. However, he didn't bother doing anything to them, considering he had already changed fate by much by intruding into the mini realm.

He could only imagine how Tia was panicking right now as he had moved against her wishes and tramped upon the fate of many but, most importantly, hastened the growth of Jade and Ivy when it was supposed to be two years from now if it went by according to his estimates, considering the Voidslime Realm Eater's arrival to their mini realm.

"Bastard, how did you exit-"


Davis thought one thing, but he couldn't resist when a bandit tried to stop him and raised his sword to attack, followed by a few others.

With a wave of his hand, innumerable arcs of annihilative heavenly lightning shot out and destroyed thick walls, and the cultivators gathered around. They were instantly fried, some even dispersing into the air as they were instantly vaporized.

"I, the Emperor of Death, own this mini realm. Let's see what happens from now to those who enter without my permission."

Davis didn't even threaten and left the survivors with a few words, scaring them sh*tless.

It didn't matter if they believed him or not, but at least he imagined the frequency of their attacks would decrease by a considerable margin. He planned to not interfere much if they knew what was better.

Soon, Davis came back to his new home.


He froze after stepping into the mansion as he could sense the aura of Wix Voidfield and Stella Voidfield. He had dispersed his soul body since he didn't need it anymore after giving the Divine Jade Cicada Fruit to Evelynn for safekeeping while the babies were sleeping.

Since the babies were popular and Evelynn was now more welcoming to everyone as they showered her with praises, he didn't feel the need to be there and disturb their sisterhood.

Still, he was speechless. Stella couldn't even guard the secret for a day?

He imagined her cheekily extending her tongue out at him, causing him to shake his head.

"Ah, welcome Void Dust Empress to my humble abode. To what do I owe the pleasure? Have I made you wait?"

Davis appeared in the hall and saw Mingzhi seated before them. He cupped his hands before he sat before them.

"No, I sensed you around the horizon, so I took my daughter and appeared here, so it hasn't been more than a few minutes."

Mingzhi was about to explain, but looking at the Void Dust Empress speak, she shrugged and patted Davis's shoulder after she stood up, leaving the hall as she allowed them to talk without interruption.

"Then, thanks for waiting. This visit is about…?"

Davis probed first, causing Void Dust Empress to blink her eyes.

"I'll get straight to the point. I'm here to buy the Divine Jade Cicada Fruit from you."


Davis inwardly screamed while still holding a smile, although it was forced, and as he imagined, Stella stuck out her tongue, appearing innocent and cheeky.


He started with some hesitation, "I truly need this resource as it marks a steep increase in my power because it has to do something with my physique, so much so that even if one of my lovely beauties wanted this, I wouldn't share with them."

"Your physique…?"

The Void Dust Empress blinked, looking a bit surprised, before she sighed.

"Then it is fated that I cannot obtain this heavenly resource for my master. I apologize for intruding on your abode."

"Oh, no."

Davis was surprised that the Void Dust Empress quickly gave up, "You can visit here anytime you want. Just don't take it out on Stella, as she is only trying to secure her future. I promise you that I wouldn't abandon her no matter what, and if anything else fancies your taste, I most likely wouldn't say no to finding it and presenting it to your understanding self."

"You praise me too much. This treasure is also important for my master, but I wouldn't dare think of offending an allied Anarchic Divergent for it, especially my daughter's human."

Void Dust Empress smiled, giving a slight pause, "By human standards, I take it that you agree to wed her after receiving such an expensive betrothal gift, right?"



Stella cried out while Davis chuckled forcefully, "Stella still has some growing up to do."

"A different answer than before. So it isn't completely out of the options."


Stella turned shocked while the Void Dust Empress nodded with a light smile behind her veil.

"In any case," She continued, "With the Voidslime Realm Eater's carcass, Stella has started to grow rapidly while the backlash she encountered after using some risky sacrificial techniques has mostly been cured. At this rate, she would enter the third cycle within a year and continue to grow, with her cycle time reducing a lot. It is all thanks to you since you allowed it to grow to the High-Level Immortal Emperor Grade and convinced Stella that she could barely defeat it at that level. Otherwise, we trees find it hard to even motivate ourselves to procure something important to us."

"I see…"

Davis could only reply awkwardly while he saw Stella panic as though her thoughts had been exposed. He saw the tea brewed in front of him and brought it to his face, sipping on it to relieve some awkwardness.

Was it really exposed when he already knew she held such feelings for him? If he had to guess, Stella intended to confess when she reached the third cycle. From what he heard from the Void Dust Empress, it was like the 'coming of age' for a Void Dust Tree as they would be able to produce offspring although they were already considered mature before entering that stage.

"What? You couldn't make it any obvious by gifting him such a resource."

Even the Void Dust Empress chided her daughter with a cold gaze, causing Stella to lower her head and look incredibly shy.

"You should've used the opportunity to push him down once and for all to seal the deal."


Davis spat out tea to the side.

What was this mother saying to her daughter? Even if she was inwardly mad at her daughter for giving away the Divine Jade Cicada Fruit, she shouldn't be exposing her like this, leaving Stella embarrassed for life.

"Ahh!~ Shut up! I would eventually make him mine! Mother doesn't need to interfere!"

Stella screamed out before she jumped and summoned a spatial vortex.

She pounced into it and left the scene in an instant, leaving the Void Dust Empress and Davis blinking at the spatial vortex that eventually closed.

Sometime later, the Void Dust Empress finally reacted.

"Mhm. I may have embarrassed myself with such an attitude, but losing the Divine Jade Cicada Fruit when it was right in my hands is truly foolish but mostly regretful. Now that I have vented my anger, I think I can leave with a peaceful mind."

Davis's brows twitched, "Void Dust Empress sure is… playful…"

"You mean vengeful." The Void Dust Empress's gaze flashed, "We Void Dust Trees are peaceful, but when our chosen or close ones betray us, we become vengeful. Although this wouldn't be a betrayal, she had done such a thing without consulting me, her mother. Perhaps it is the pain of knowing that my daughter is no longer mine that made me do this. She doesn't listen to me anymore, vexing me…"


"In any case, you make sure you don't offend my daughter, or she will engulf you in her vast expanse."

'That doesn't sound quite… threatening…'

Davis pursed his lips, "Understood, but my offer is still there. Please let me know if you need anything."

"Do you have another High-Level Immortal Emperor Grade Space Essence Orb?"

The Void Dust Empress smiled and turned to look away as she constructed a spatial vortex, intending to leave.

"Yes, here it is."

However, Davis presented a jade container and sent it right to her, causing her to turn shocked as her lips parted.

"I didn't-"

"Then I insist."

Davis raised his brows.

Last time, he gave her a High-Level Immortal Emperor Grade Space Essence Orb as a gift, but she used it up on Stella. This time, though, he felt too indebted- no, he felt like he was taking advantage of her kindness with an additional shelter named Stella, so he decisively gave the High-Level Immortal Emperor Grade Space Essence Orb he had been keeping for himself.

This should help the Void Dust Empress produce at least six fruits if he wasn't wrong.

"No- I… don't want it."

The Void Dust Empress felt like she couldn't accept it as she made such a scene here after learning that Stella found such a resource yet didn't think of gifting her mother but her human she had just chosen. It made her feel insulted since she had yet to receive a single gift from her child when she had poured in much love and sacrificed many centuries of cultivation for her.

It also made her feel like she was abandoned, which she had never felt because her master always took care of her well.

She shook her head and stepped into the spatial vortex, disappearing from the scene as she left Davis standing there with a jade container in his hands.


Davis blinked.

He didn't feel much pain as he had one more High-Level Immortal Emperor Grade Space Essence Orb left, even if this one was given away, so not accepting it and leaving made him feel bad.

However, he was stubborn. He appeared before the spatial vortex and threw the jade container into it.

Just as the spatial vortex was about to close, it stopped and widened.

The jade container came back right at his face.

'What the fuck…?' Davis caught it.

Before he could throw it back, the spatial vortex closed too quickly, causing him to turn speechless.

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