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«Divine Emperor Of Death (Web Novel) - Chapter 3436 Mother Tree's Boundless Love

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Chapter 3436 Mother Tree's Boundless Love

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The spatial vortex closed when the Void Dust Empress squeezed her hand tightly. She made sure to close the other end first so that if Davis tried to throw the gift again, it wouldn't get lost within the spatial tunnel.

Behind her veil, her cheeks were red. She was still unable to believe she had lost composure like that and acted childishly.

Now, she felt she was stupid to disturb the future of the young ones, even greedy, although she intended to gift the Divine Jade Cicada Fruit to Saintess Lunaria since that would boost her chances of survival a lot. After all, they were also going to ascend after the Candidacy.

Looking around, she saw she was back in her mini-realm and turned to look towards the little tree in front of hers— little comparatively.

She flew towards it and looked at the purple-robed woman who sat on a branch, her arms clasped around her knees and her head buried in her thighs. Her figure trembled, causing the Void Dust Empress to believe she was most likely crying.

She appeared before her and stood on the branch, heaving a sigh before she sat down and pulled her towards her embrace.

"Mother is sorry. I didn't mean to say a few things that would rile you up or embarrass you. It's just-"

"I'm sorry… for not asking you beforehand."

Stella raised her head and turned to look with a teary face, her bottom lip extended out. "Sorry for saying shut up… mother~"

She sobbed in her mother's embrace, causing the Void Dust Empress to blink before she lightly smiled.

"It's fine. We Void Dust Trees make decisions that are important to the person we choose. I also ended up prioritizing master over you or your emotions. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten mad when the Voidslime Realm Eater was yours to begin with."

She caressed Stella's head gently, causing her to rub her eyes and smile brightly.

"Does this mean mother is not angry anymore?"

"I was never angry at you. Just a bit disappointed and angered at myself for not seeing such a resource in the Voidslime Realm Eater's stomach…"


Looking at Stella's eyes tear up again, Wix Voidfield shook her head, "I wasn't sure of your thoughts until now. Since you made your thoughts clear, how much do you love him…?"

She was interested in knowing since this love was different than the love she felt for Saintess Lunaria.

"Love…?" Stella's ears reddened a bit, "I don't know, but he is special to me. I feel like… if he leaves me… I will be very sad…"

"He cultivates too fast… and we Void Dust Trees are extremely slow even if I'm faster than mother… I don't want him to leave me, so I gifted him this heavenly resource, hoping that we would remain together… and…"

Stella's cheeks reddened as she tapped the tip of her index fingers shyly, "Asking him to impregnate me during the third cycle would also be a way. He likes children too, so if I get pregnant with his child, I know he wouldn't leave me… but-!"

"We Void Dust Trees use our fruits as gifts to please our chosen ones. The gifting way seems to be the most promising since he doesn't seem to have that complicated thing called love for me…" she pouted, appearing sad.

The Void Dust Empress smiled the whole time while listening, finally opening her mouth, "Humans are complex. They have different ways of how they would spend their life and choose their mates, while we have few options and emotions. I was told I was rather dense by my master, although I'm still not sure what she meant by that, as I think I understand a lot more than when I was little. Besides, I didn't have someone to teach me what these emotions were like I did for you, so your mental growth is rather fast."

"Hehe~" Stella giggled, "Mother doesn't have a mother, right?"

"Yes, I was born from heaven and earth and not a mother like you."

"Is Saintess Lunaria that important to mother? If so, can you have a child with her like I can with big brother? You rarely talked to me about her while I was growing up in the Void Dust Secret Realm."

"Silly girl." Wix Voidfield couldn't help but giggle, "We can be fertilized by other races, but it is only through yang that a new Void Dust Tree could be nurtured. When I reached my third cycle, master advised me to search for a suitable companion, but I told her that she was all I needed. We were content, and when I finally reached the ninth cycle and went through arduous pain to give birth to you by sacrificing nine fruits and my cultivation, I felt fulfilled. At that moment, I attained a state of nirvana where I had no regrets even if I were to die."

"I thought nothing could unnerve me other than your death and master's death, but it seems like I still hold a lot of worldly desires, wanting to gift master and see her become happy. It had been a long while since I had done something for her, so the Divine Jade Cicada Fruit as an ascension gift would've been perfect."

Wix Voidfield ruffled Stella's shimmering purple hair, "You don't need to worry about what you did. It made me understand your determination instead. As your mother, I will make sure you are in good hands before you leave my side and walk your own path. Therefore, if you feel the need to leave or want me to talk and convince him, just let me know."


Stella embraced her mother, appearing to be no longer sad. She didn't decline her mother's help this time. Instead, she kissed her cheek, giggling like a little child, causing Wix Voidfield to feel all the frustrated emotions seep away from her, making her realize nothing was more important than her master and her child once again.


Suddenly, the Void Dust Empress raised her brows, sensing a person intruding into her mini realm. She looked towards the entrance and saw the Emperor of Death walking towards her with a solemn expression on her face.

"Big brother…?"

Stella's jaws dropped. Why was he here? Her cheeks reddened, wondering if he came to confront her. However, she saw that he was somewhat pissed.

"Void Dust Empress, without telling me or letting me know, you looked after me and protected me from certain dangers… so don't make me feel more indebted to you than I am…"

Davis took out the High-Level Immortal Emperor Grade Space Essence Orb, "… since you asked for it and I already said yes, it is yours just the way you deemed the Divine Jade Cicada Fruit is Stella's and didn't bother to overturn her decision to give it to me. Take it or throw it away. I don't care since I'm going to assume I gave it to you since I placed it in your front door."

Uttering in a cold voice, he placed the jade container on the void dust soil and turned around, leaving the mini realm.


Wix Voidfield watched him leave. She wanted to speak out but was unable to as she watched his stubbornness. If she declined again, it was possible that he would be angered and not take her daughter seriously, causing her to not know what to do.

Stella's gaze alternated between the entrance and her mother, making her wonder if something was going on between them as she had never seen her mother make a troubled expression.

Nonetheless, she steeled her expression and stood up, flying towards the jade container.

Picking it up, she brought it back with a sneaky expression and brought it towards her tree.

"Hehe~ If mother doesn't want it… I will take it…"

"Go ahead~"

Wix Voidfield smilingly shook her head, not appearing to be bothered.

It made Stella's brows furrow. She went to her tree but sneaked around and placed it underneath the giant tree behind her, burying it in the void dust soil with a playful expression.



Wix Voidfield appeared behind her, causing Stella to jump. It didn't amuse Wix Voidfield as she knew Stella wouldn't be unaware that she could sense everything happening here. It made her know this little child was definitely acting and had a skill for theatrics.

'His influence or… did she watch and learn from the youths who visited the Void Dust Secret Realm for her fruit?'

Stella appeared caught but clueless as she whistled. Thinking her acting wasn't too great as she received her mother's stare, she clenched her teeth and protested.

"Mother, since he gave it to you, it's yours. You should not waste it; accept it! I love you, so please stay alive and strong for me!"

She ran away after giving her mother a quick hug.


Wix Voidfield's brows twitched. She felt a burst of warm emotions but still felt hesitant to accept the gift as she had her own pride. These two children were certainly giving her a headache as it was a long time since she experienced upheaval in her emotions.

Outside, Davis stepped out and heaved a sigh.

Fortunately, his link with Everlight reverberated because she was undergoing her Immortal Emperor Tribulation, so he used that as a reason to enter the Aurora Cloud Gate and repay his debt to the Void Dust Empress.

Although he was stubborn, he wasn't angered. If the Void Dust Empress didn't accept his gift, he was worried Stella would be troubled that she had wronged her mother.

They were a lovely mother-daughter tree pair he looked fondly upon since they helped him so many times. He didn't want to separate them and wanted to offset any misgivings they might have. For that, he thought giving up High-Level Immortal Emperor Grade Space Essence Orb was a small price to pay.

"Alright, it's time to go pick up Everlight…"

Davis licked his lips and headed towards the Divergent Peak through the teleportation formation placed here.

He couldn't wait to receive her and bask in her lovely yet serene presence that soothed his heart, and he was sure everyone else would feel the same.

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