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«Divine Emperor Of Death (Web Novel) - Chapter 3434 Bribing The Opposition

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Chapter 3434 Bribing The Opposition

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"You… you can't have me no matter how you try."

Faerie reclined on the sofa in a defensive position as she hid her bosoms from Davis.


Davis's expression didn't change a single bit.

For some reason, most of the women he met reacted the same way. Perhaps it was because they were too full of themselves, thinking of themselves as peerless beauties, or because he was famous as a womanizer. Some even couldn't wait to have him despite their protests because he was an evil legend, and an affair with such a person may appear steamy and fiery.

In an all-female sect like the Jade Lotus Valley, such forbidden emotions would be more pronounced.

Looking at Faerie's ears redden and her emphasizing her bosoms despite trying to hide them, he saw that she was quite similar, but he didn't bother.

"Unfortunately, I'm not here for you. I'm here to clear top disciple Jade Aurora's path to the status of Matriarch."


Faerie's brows narrowed, her lips curling with a mocking smile, "I thought so. That woman doesn't deserve to be a Matriarch if she resorted to having the aid of an ev- man like you."

"Well, whether she sent me or not doesn't matter. If you know what's good for you-"

Davis stopped halfway, thinking he was sounding like a classic villain.


Just as he was about to continue, the door to Faerie's chamber was forcefully opened, and a woman entered with a confused expression.

Once she looked around and her gaze fell on Davis, her eyes turned wide.

"Why… are you here?" She asked in disbelief.

She was none other than Jade Aurora.

"Heh~ You're seriously asking that after selling your soul to a dem- I mean, a man and have him bribe or threaten your way into being a Matriarch? Although you were my enemy, I somewhat respected you, but now, I fully despise you."

Faerie cast a mocking gaze at Jade Aurora, her voice full of derision.


Jade Aurora's expression fell. She trembled heavily as though she couldn't bear the insult.

"Why? I didn't tell you to do this…"

Jade Aurora still gazed at Davis, her fists clenching.

She had heard rumors in the past few hours of how the Emperor of Death was going around bribing the Jade Lotus Valley's disciples and elders, causing them all to express support for her. No, it was more than a rumor; she felt it in her gut. If one or two expressed support, she would've been happy, but when multiple people appeared and talked about how she gained the goodwill of the Emperor of Death and the Matriarch position was as good as hers, she investigated and learned that they had been bribed.

She didn't believe it at first, but if even Faerie was saying so while the Emperor of Death was caught right in front of her while at the negotiating table, then she had no choice but to believe.

Her eyes teared up.

Why? He didn't believe that she could gain the position of the Matriarch by her own skills?

"Faerie, I'm talking to you. You dare look away?"


Faerie's heart chilled as she suddenly felt the air around her turn cold. She could tell she was locked onto by the Emperor of Death's killing intent, causing her to shudder.

Indeed, Davis looked at her coldly.

"I'm only here for the sake of offering you a price so that Jade Aurora's path would be smooth and faster. I trust that she would eventually send you flying like trash in a week's competition."

"…!" Faerie wanted to retort, but the killing intent left her too scared to speak.

But suddenly, the killing intent disappeared, causing her to take a deep breath and realize that she was instantly covered in sweat.

"I'm not worried, but I don't want Jade Aurora spending too much time away from my sight."


Jade Aurora looked at him with wide eyes, but Davis stood up and placed a disposable spatial ring on top of the table.

"There's a billion High-Level Immortal Crystals here. You can participate in the competition and struggle to win, but if you fail, don't even try to bother Jade Aurora anymore. Otherwise, I'd really become the Emperor of Death for you."


Faerie didn't know what to say as her mind switched off over the threat and the wealth.

Having said his piece, Davis turned around and headed towards the exit but stopped by Jade Aurora's side.

"I don't want you wasting time as time is extremely precious to you, Jade. And don't let Ivy be alone. She needs you, so act faster."

Jade Aurora shuddered.

Just as she turned to look around, she saw him disappear.

Her eyes searched for him, desperately wanting to ask what he meant by not wanting her away from his sight. But she couldn't find him even after she went around and looked around, knowing he had retreated into the shadows just like the time he sneaked around and bribed people.

He made it look like he was never even here in the first place, causing her to clench her first.

'What am I doing? Why am I so mad that he didn't believe in my abilities when I should be thankful that I can get Ivy out as soon as possible…?'

At this moment, Jade Aurora blamed herself.

Was the Matriarch status important to her that she forgot about her favored disciple…?

'No… I wanted to prove… that I was worthy of him by becoming the Matriarch through my own strength…?'

The urge to become the Matriarch was boosted when he appeared here all because she wanted to let him know that she could be worthy of him too, having him look her way.

In the end, she realized she got her own feelings in the way when her utmost priority should've been to help Ivy get out, while Davis did exactly that. In her eyes, he wasn't swayed by emotions and moved perfectly in every way, not leaving a stone unturned if it could be moved.

Clenching her teeth, she turned to glance at Faerie, who was startled but then left without saying anything.

Faerie could only blink, wondering what kind of steamy story was occurring between them for them to be so close yet so apart. She remained confounded but then later flared, realizing that she had been humiliated as the Emperor of Death looked down on her and Jade Aurora didn't even consider her as an opponent.

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