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«Divine Emperor Of Death (Web Novel) - Chapter 3433 Numerous Obstacles?

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Chapter 3433 Numerous Obstacles?

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After tearing apart the core from the Voidslime Realm Eater, Davis felt the spatial core energy tremor with thick spatial energy that made him feel like he could be buried underneath it.

Its appearance was that of a black-purple jelly, appearing to be eatable. This could be considered a heavenly resource as well, if he was not wrong, like the Elemental Bloodsucking Vine Emperor's nectar.

Shattering, it would not be much of a problem if he used his full force, but if he refined this, he doubted if he would be fine with his current Body Tempering Cultivation as it felt like it could devour him instead, making him incredibly weaker.

The devouring force it radiated was abnormal to him.

Unless he calmed the devouring force using a catalyst or a counteracting resource, then it would prove to be difficult for him to digest it.

However, he considered that Ivy Aries would be safe as long as her World Devouring Water Body Physique entered Immortal Emperor Grade or her prowess became as strong enough to defend against the devouring force. He guessed that she would only be able to absorb the core in the future due to the Jade Pearl Ravenous Lotus's sacrifice, the two devouring forces counteracting each other while she was able to absorb it.

Nonetheless, he stored it in a jade container and carried it away.

Since the core was like a jelly, he wondered if it could be divided. If that was the case, he could certainly help himself and his women have a minute portion to increase their comprehension of Space Laws. However, he also considered that everyone learning the devouring force of Space Laws wouldn't be good.

That would lead to attainment, forcing them to stick with one path unless they could overcome it with sheer comprehension, talent, or heavenly resources.

Stella was actually tired after the battle and an up-down trip twice, so he carried her in a flying boat until she could recover.

On the way, he did encounter a lot of bandits every few hundred thousand kilometers. However, Davis couldn't be bothered to fight them or give them a taste of their own medicine since he was overjoyed, so he chose the skip button in front of him.

"Skip, skip, skip…"

Every time he chose the imaginary skip button, the flying boat rocked and shot away at an incredible speed as it expended more Immortal Crystals. Without a problem, he managed to make it out of their encirclement. They were unable to catch him, and after a certain distance, they always chose to stop.

Davis understood that because they would be invading other bandit territories.

Even among bandits, there were rules, after all.

Eventually, he seemed to have come across a well-established faction.

He soared across their skies, causing a Level Four Immortal Emperor to rise into the skies and block his path. It was a white-robed man. He appeared quite young and had a spectacular prowess that made Davis imagine that he was under a hundred thousand years old.

"Heh~ To think a mere Immortal King would traverse our skies with a beauty on his lap. Nowadays, there are too many bold youngsters who are eager to cour- ugh! Emperor of Death!"

He screamed out, his scalp turning numb before he adopted an incredibly defensive posture.

However, Davis merely placed a finger on his lips, telling the other party to be silent.

The Immortal Emperor froze in place, watching the flying boat hover towards him. He held his breath, not knowing what kind of intentions the Emperor of Death had for him or his faction.

But the flying boat merely dashed across him and sped away from him without making a stop anywhere nearby, causing him to heave a heavy breath.

Fortunately, the Emperor of Death just seemed to be passing by. He was almost worried that a calamity had befallen them.

In the distance, Davis caressed Stella's head.

He didn't think a tree like her could fall asleep. It just went to show how much she exhausted herself but still went to look back for him in order to gift him, probably even knowing that if she went back with the Divine Jade Cicada Fruit, her mother would surely take it.

Even if her mother didn't want it, her mother would definitely gift it to Saintess Lunaria and boost her defense. It would be incredibly useful to those who can use life energy and can't defend themselves properly, although he felt Saintess Lunaria may be an exception.

Nonetheless, Stella hid it from her mother so she could gift him, and considering her mother had sacrificed a lot of cultivation for her yet—she chose him, a feat that directly translated that he was very important to her. That was why he was so moved. He was willing to accept even if she made some ridiculous request, such as wanting to leave her spatial nest today and create a mini realm in his mansion.

After all, her actions told him that they were inextricable from now on and probably her own determination to leave the nest, making him wonder if her mother, Wix Voidfield, would be mad if she ever came to know about Stella's decision as Stella wasn't necessarily good at keeping secrets.

'Well, considering how much Wix Voidfield loves Stella, she wouldn't go as far as to harm her if she found out. Perhaps Stella would be disciplined. But I won't allow it. She's my Void Dust Tree…'

Davis caressed Stella's head with fondness as his hand brushed over her shimmering purple hair again. It caused Stella to move her head lightly and make some sweet noises as she seemed to have woken up but still wanted to sleep.

Half a day later, they returned to their home as Stella woke up after a good rest, recovering some energy. Stella returned to her home in order to drop the Voidslime Realm Eater's carcass on the void dust soil her main body was in. On the other hand, Davis learned that Panqa and Lanqua were still with their first sister, Zanqua, and there was nothing to worry about as they seemed to be fine.

Still, he spied on them and learned that Zanqua didn't speak much, but Panqa and Lanqua were talking endlessly, telling her all kinds of stories of how they grew up while Zanqua keenly listened, her eyes somewhat occasionally tearing up.

He didn't notice anything strange, so he left, wanting to go see Myria.

However, he learned that she was still cooped up in the alchemy chamber along with Tina and Dalila.

It seemed that it was going to take much longer to make that pill, she theorized, but Davis didn't find it surprising, considering it would take anywhere between two months to half a year to refine the Divine Jade Cicada Fruit even with an Empyrean Grade flame. The only way to decrease that time was for Calypsea to become a Level Nine Immortal Emperor, but he didn't see that happening anytime soon. In the Jadedrite Sword Mini Realm, Davis opened his eyes.

He had been seated before a lot of women, bribing them, and finally managed to reach the final boss, Faeri, who was unguarded.

"W-What do you want?" Faeri was shaken, not understanding how he could weave through into her chamber with no one noticing, but Davis understood why because the disciples and even the female authorities were scared of him, pushed into a corner by the world, had no straws to grasp, and had no choice but to give in to their greed because he took out a million High-Level Immortal Crystals for them each.

Without causing a single ounce of trouble in the Jade Lotus Valley, he sat like a wealthy businessman in front of her trembling figure.

"Everyone has a threshold that they could handle before they're willing to give up. What's yours?" His lips curled, displaying his untamed demeanor.

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