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«Complete Martial Arts Attributes (Web Novel) - Chapter 1853 You Guys Are Really Too Weak! (1)

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Chapter 1853 You Guys Are Really Too Weak! (1)

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Everyone was dumbfounded.

Everyone thought that they had misheard when they heard Wang Teng’s words. They were in disbelief.

“One person against everyone from the Feng Yun Alliance?”

“Wang Teng must be crazy!”

“That’s right. Even if the members of the Feng Yun Alliance aren’t top-notch prodigies, they’re still talented martial warriors, and their strengths are not to be underestimated. He wants to take on a group by himself. That’s a bit… insane!”

“He’s probably forced into a corner!”

“Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said such crazy words.”

“He’s too impulsive. It’s very difficult for him to fight two people alone. He’ll definitely lose if he fights the entire group.”

The onlookers in the surrounding area, upon hearing Wang Teng’s words, couldn’t help but exclaim and start discussing it among themselves. Not a single person had confidence in Wang Teng’s odds.

It was ridiculous for one person to fight against a group of people!

If they were ordinary martial warriors, it might be different as they were able to manage too. However, these were all genius martial warriors with formidable strength, far from ordinary martial warriors.

The expressions on Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun’s faces froze too. They stared at Wang Teng in astonishment.

At the same time, their faces turned red.

They felt greatly insulted!

Having two people fight him at the same time was the best method that they had decided on. Others could at most criticize them for being shameless.

But when Wang Teng said he would take on their whole group alone, it was a blatant display of looking down on them.

Human psychology was strange.

Even though they were the ones who initially proposed a two-on-one challenge, now that Wang Teng wants them to take on him alone, they couldn’t accept it.

“This is too much!”

“He’s looking down on us by challenging all of us by himself!”

“He’s too arrogant!”

“Wang Teng is too arrogant. Does he think he’s so great just because he’s on the Star Rankings?”

The members of the Feng Yun Alliance were infuriated as they pointed at Wang Teng and shouted. They looked like they were itching to rush up and fight him one-on-one.

Shen Yanfeng was furious. He wanted to say something, but Shi Tianyun stopped him. He stared at Wang Teng and said coldly,

“Is that what you said? One against all of us?”

“That’s right. I’ll fight all of you alone!” Wang Teng nodded. His expression was calm and resolute

In the eyes of Shen Yanfeng and the others, this was a sign of extreme disdain towards them.

“Good! Good! Good!” Shen Yanfeng was so angry that he laughed. He spat out the three words and said, “Since you want to lose even more miserably, we’ll fulfill your wish.”

“Lose? You think too much. You guys can’t defeat me.” Wang Teng shook his head.

“Cut the crap. Come up and let me see what gives you the confidence to say such things,” Shen Yanfeng shouted coldly.


“The Feng Yun Alliance agreed!”

“If it were me, I’d have no face to agree. A group fighting against one, regardless of the outcome, is embarrassing.”

“That’s right. This Feng Yun Alliance is shameless.”

The surrounding onlookers shook their heads and looked down on the Feng Yun Alliance’s actions.

Wang Teng!

“Don’t act rashly!”

Yue Qiqiao and the others were shocked too. They didn’t expect Wang Teng to do this.

This was too crazy!

It was one person against the whole group. No matter how one looked at it, there was no chance of winning.

They didn’t understand why Wang Teng chose to do this.

“Shall I go with you?” Yu Yunxian asked with a strange look in his eyes.

“That’s right. We’re going with you. We’re all members of the Constellation Society. There’s no reason for us to stand by and do nothing,” Boret said.

“Don’t worry. Don’t you believe in my ability?” Wang Teng waved his hand and walked towards the arena.

“Erm…” Yue Qiqiao and the others looked at his back speechlessly.

They knew that they couldn’t change Wang Teng’s decision.

Wade and the other members of the Constellation Society were very worried.

“Let it be. This guy isn’t reckless. There’s a reason behind his decision. We’ll just watch and see. After all, we can’t stop him,” Yue Qiqiao said with a wry smile.

“But there are too many people,” Wade said hesitantly.

“Have you forgotten the clone technique he used in the League Of Talents?” Yu Yunxian’s gaze turned sharp.

“That’s right!” Wade, Yue Qiqiao, and the others’ eyes lit up.

Wang Teng’s clone technique was very powerful. He had never been defeated, even when facing those exceptional martial warriors.

Those who did not know would probably treat it as his main body.

With this in mind, Wade, Yue Qiqiao, and the others weren’t so worried anymore. They all looked toward the arena with a sense of anticipation.

They wanted to see if Wang Teng could create another miracle.

In their eyes, this act of taking on a group by himself was nothing short of a miracle.

“The clone technique shouldn’t be that powerful, right?” Boret couldn’t help but ask curiously when he saw them like this.

He wasn’t a martial warrior from the Great Qian Empire and had never seen Wang Teng use his clone technique before. Naturally, he didn’t know that there was a huge difference between Wang Teng’s clone technique and ordinary clone techniques.

“You’ll know once you see it.” Yue Qiqiao smiled mysteriously.

Boret was left hanging and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But, judging by the expressions of the others, he, too, began to feel a sense of anticipation.

He had always wanted to fight with Wang Teng. The stronger Wang Teng was, the stronger his desire to fight with him became.

On the Feiyun Alliance spacecraft, Ji Feiyun was stunned and frowned when he saw Wang Teng going up to the arena alone.

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