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«Complete Martial Arts Attributes (Web Novel) - Chapter 1854 You Guys Are Really Too Weak! (2)

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Chapter 1854 You Guys Are Really Too Weak! (2)

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“Wang Teng is quite bold!”

“He’s still too young and impulsive.” Xia Xin shook his head. “I’m afraid he’s going to lose, and it will be an embarrassing defeat.”

“Maybe not,” Ji Feiyun said.

“President, do you think he has a chance of winning?” Xia Xin asked in surprise.

“I can only say that it’s possible. Wang Teng doesn’t look like a brainless person,” Ji Feiyun said.

On the Qingyan Society’s spacecraft, Feng Qingyan furrowed his brows and then burst into a chuckle. “Interesting. He was even more arrogant than me when I was young.”

On the Witch Tower Alliance’s spacecraft, the leader of the alliance, Wu Ming, reclined on the sofa with his legs crossed. He twirled the wine glass in his hand as he observed the situation below. A smile appeared at the edge of his lips.

Wang Teng walked up the arena and stood opposite the Feng Yun Alliance.

Tension hung in the air!

Shen Yanfeng stared at him intently. His eyes filled with fierceness and a murderous intent.

Shi Tianyun, on the other hand, remained expressionless. But, his eyes were locked on Wang Teng. There was a hint of anger in it.

The members of the Feng Yun Alliance stood around him and surrounded Wang Teng.

Moments ago, they felt insulted but now. they were showing their menacing fangs.

It was as if a pack of hyenas had found their prey, snarling and baring their teeth!

Wang Teng stood among the crowd, calm and composed with his hands behind his back. He swept his gaze around with a look of disdain.

At this moment, several members of the student arbitration association suddenly appeared at the edge of the arena. One of them was Wu De, who had previously crossed paths with Wang Teng.

“Quite the commotion, isn’t it?” He looked around at the scene and then directed his gaze to the arena.

“Why is he here?” On the Feiyun Alliance’s spacecraft, Ji Feiyun frowned.

“This is getting more and more interesting!” On the Qingyan Society’s spacecraft, Feng Qingyan smiled calmly.

“Wu De! A councilor!” Wu Ming’s gaze slightly narrowed, muttering under his breath.

At the same time, many old students around the arena recognized Wu De and started discussing.

“Is that a councilor of the academy’s arbitration association?!”

“Councilor Wu De! It’s him. Why is he here?”

“Conflicts among new student factions shouldn’t be enough to summon a councilor, right?”

“Councillor?!” Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun were stunned when they heard the discussions around them.

He didn’t expect their conflict with the Constellation Society to attract a councilor!

Did the academy place such high importance on Wang Teng?

The two of them exchanged glances and saw worry in each other’s eyes.

“Senior Wu De!” Wang Teng was stunned when he spotted the person from the academy’s arbitration association at the base of the arena.

“Hello, Junior Brother Wang Teng, we meet again!” Wu De waved at Wang Teng enthusiastically.

Wang Teng was bemused by Wu De’s attitude. He asked in confusion, Senior, why…”

Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun’s expressions changed when they saw this scene.

Others, too, were taken aback when they saw the familiar interaction between Wang Teng and Wu De. They were surprised.

“They know each other!”

“No wonder! No wonder a councilor appeared here!”

“Oh my god, Wang Teng knows a councilor. The Feng Yun Alliance is in deep trouble now.”

“Wang Teng isn’t a simple person. Since the Feng Yun Alliance has the guts to fight with him, they must have some confidence.”

“But with a councilor suddenly appearing, it looks like we’re in for some interesting drama.”

The discussions made Shen Yanfeng and Feng Yun Alliance’s expressions turn uglier. The expressions of the members of the Feng Yun Alliance also changed slightly.

Wu De didn’t pay much attention to the discussions around him. He simply smiled and said, “Arena competitions are usually overseen by the arbitration association. I happened to have some free time so I came to take a look.”

Everyone was speechless.

Did you happen to have some free time?

Who would believe such a statement?

Everyone rolled their eyes secretly, not buying his explanation.

The councilors of the academy arbitration association had significant positions and responsibilities, and it was highly unlikely for them to casually show up to arbitrate a dispute between two new student factions unless there was a personal connection or interest involved.

Did he have nothing better to do?

“Thank you!” Wang Teng was surprised. He didn’t reject the offer and nodded to express his gratitude.

“Do you have any objections?” Wu De nodded at Wang Teng. Then, he looked at Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun and asked.

“Of course not!” Shi Tianyun and Shen Yanfeng’s expressions were somewhat stiff, but they eventually nodded in agreement.

“Very good. Since you have no objections, let’s start.” Wu De paused for a moment before continuing, “However, I will say this first. This match isn’t a matter of life and death. Neither side is allowed to take the other’s life. Do you understand?”

“I have no objections!” Wang Teng nodded.

A strange look appeared in Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun’s eyes. However, they agreed and didn’t say anything.

“Open the barrier around the arena!” Wu De said.

The members of the academy’s arbitration association who came with him flashed into action, appearing at the four corners of the arena. They waved their hands.


A burst of light flashed, and suddenly, a barrier rose over the arena.

“Let’s begin!” A chair had appeared behind Wu De. He sat down and spoke calmly.

The people in the arena turned serious.

The atmosphere tensed up instantly.



Two powerful auras surged. It was Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun.

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