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«Complete Martial Arts Attributes (Web Novel) - Chapter 1852 Since We're Fighting, I Will Fight All Of You! (4)

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Chapter 1852 Since We're Fighting, I Will Fight All Of You! (4)

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“I just came to inform you.” Feng Qingyan hung up after he finished speaking.

Ji Feiyun stared at the space where the communication screen vanished. His face turned green in anger.

“President, isn’t the Qingyan Society a little too arrogant?” Xia Xin asked.

“That’s right. Feng Qingyan is too arrogant. Who does he think he is?”

“If he wants to rope Wang Teng in, he has to rely on his abilities. Does he really think that he will win?”

“He’s too arrogant. He doesn’t even consider our Feiyun Alliance a threat.”

The Feiyun Alliance members were furious. A few of the universe-stage martial warriors also spoke up.

“Enough!” Ji Feiyun said coldly.

Everyone turned silent.

“No need for further words. We just have to snatch Wang Teng over,” Ji Feiyun said.

“The president is right!”

“Yes, yes. Let’s see if Feng Qingyan will still be so arrogant when we snatch him over.”

Everyone from the Feiyun Alliance immediately agreed.

The arrival of the Witch Tower Alliance and the Qingyan Society caused a significant commotion.

Many people found it unbelievable that the clash between two new student factions could attract the attention of so many senior student factions.

However, any smart individual could see that these factions all came for Wang Teng.

If it wasn’t for Wang Teng, the clash wouldn’t be enough to mobilize so many powerful senior student factions at the same time.

After the spacecraft of the Witch Tower Alliance and the Qingyan Society arrived, other senior student factions arrived as well.

Wang Teng raised his head and a strange glint flashed across his eyes.

“Haha, looks like our Constellation Society’s reputation will be much greater after this incident,” Yue Qiqiao sneered.

“Do you think that the mastermind behind the Feng Yun Alliance is among these factions?” Wang Teng asked with interest.

“It’s very likely!” Yue Qiqiao nodded and asked, “If it’s them, what do you plan to do?”

“Reach out as many claws as they want, and I’ll chop off as many as they extend,” Wang Teng said with a cheerful smile.

His face was full of smiles, but his words made people shudder.

Wade couldn’t help but shiver. He was well aware of Wang Teng’s capabilities. Many people had been tortured by his boss during the League Of Talents.

The Parkers Family suffered the most and became the biggest loser in the League Of Talents.

Although these senior students were powerful, he believed that Wang Teng could deliver his words. He wasn’t exaggerating.

The other members of the Constellation Society didn’t have any doubts either. These people came from the Great Qian Empire’s League Of Talents. They knew Wang Teng’s way of doing things very well.

To put it bluntly, Wang Teng was a person who would seek vengeance for the smallest grievance. Moreover, he didn’t stick to conventional ways.

If those organizations wanted to swallow a hedgehog like Wang Teng, They might find themselves with mouths full of blood from the quills on his body.

While Wang Teng and the others were whispering, Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun had reached the arena.

“Wang Teng, what are you waiting for? Are you scared?” Shen Yanfeng shouted.

Wang Teng raised his head and looked at the arena. A playful expression appeared on his face. “Two of you?”

“That’s right. The two of us are the presidents of the Feng Yun Alliance, so we will fight at the same time. Since you’re so confident, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?” Shen Yanfeng said.



“It’s two against one, and you still have the cheek to say it out loud!”

“President, let’s ignore them. They’re a shameless bunch.”

“That’s right. We can refuse such unfair conditions.”

The members of the Constellation Society were infuriated and started cursing at them.

Many senior students also felt that Shen Yanfeng and his companion were shameless for trying to team up against one person. Who gave them the audacity?

“Everyone, quiet!” Wang Teng raised his hand and said calmly.

The members of the Constellation Society quietened down and looked at Wang Teng.

“I won’t agree to such a battle. It’s too boring.” Wang Teng nodded.

“Are you afraid?” Shen Yanfeng mocked.

The reason why they wanted to fight two against one was to pressure Wang Teng into compliance in front of a large audience, making it difficult for him to refuse.

Wasn’t he very strong?

Wasn’t he a prodigy on the Star Rankings?

It was just the two of them. What was there to be afraid of?

Shen Yanfeng could guarantee that if Wang Teng rejected him now, his reputation would plummet regardless of the outcome.

“Afraid? You’ve misunderstood!” Wang Teng chuckled. “I want to say that the two of you aren’t enough. Since we are fighting, I will fight all of you!”

“Yes, everyone from the Feng Yun Alliance!” As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and pointed at the people from the Feng Yun Alliance.

Everyone: ???

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