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The Extra's Odyssey (Web Novel)

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"When will people understand.... I'm only half insane?"


I died.

But unlike the death I was expecting, I received a piece of good news and bad news.

Good News: I reincarnated!

Bad News: I reincarnated inside my favorite novel!!!

You are asking me why this is bad news?

That is because...

In this world, even the main cast was going to die halfway through the story!

The only character who won't die no matter what was the protagonist.

And of course, I wasn't the protagonist.

Nor was I the character who had a special background to make you think of him as a hidden protagonist.

Give me a break alrea-

Am I smiling?

Rating 3.8/5 (11 votes)

01 days 09h 40m 30s. (33 hours) • 6177 • 2023-02-15 19:27:21

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