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«Complete Martial Arts Attributes (Web Novel) - Chapter 1243 A Fire And Ice Combo Doesn't Seem Bad!

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Chapter 1243 A Fire And Ice Combo Doesn't Seem Bad!

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Seeing that Wang Teng had his own ideas, Di Qi didn't say anything.

Besides, based on his understanding of Wang Teng, he believed that he wasn't a brainless person that would simply release a tiger back into the forest. He was probably up to something evil again.

Di Qi looked at Wang Teng suspiciously and felt that the smile on Wang Teng's face was a little… weird.

Wendell didn't notice Wang Teng's expression. But he was ecstatic to learn that he was going to let him go. "Thank you, thank you. I will never go against you again. I will ask my family to transfer me away from the No. 29 Defense Planet. I will never show up in front of you again."

"Hmm, very good. You're smart." Wang Teng nodded in satisfaction.

"Then… Can I go?" Wendell asked cautiously.

"Hmm?" Wang Teng looked at him blankly with a straight face.

Wendell was startled. He didn't know what Wang Teng had in his mind and asked nervously, "What else do you have for me?"

"I said I was going to let you go, but I didn't say that I was going to let you go just like that."

"Yes, yes." Wendell's heart thumped, but he didn't dare to refute him and nodded repeatedly.

"Go wait at the side. When it's time to let you go, I will do so." After Wang Teng finished speaking, he looked at his team. "Keep an eye on him. If he's disobedient, break his three legs."

Three… three legs!

"Yes!" Peggy nodded in response with a strange expression.

Arwen and the others rubbed their hands in excitement as they looked at Wendell's lower body.

Wendell clamped his legs subconsciously and shook his head in horror, expressing that he would never run away.

He didn't dare to run. After being tortured by Wang Teng several times, he felt that he might live longer if he didn't try to escape. As a result, he stood aside obediently.

Di Qi looked at Wendell and felt complicated.

Wendell's strength was about the same as his and he had always fought against him. But now, Wendell became a prisoner who gave up his dignity in order to survive.

The world was indeed unpredictable. No one knew what would happen in the future.

Di Qi couldn't help but think about himself. Was the gap between him and Wang Teng starting to widen?

Back when Wang Teng first came to No. 4 Defense Planet, he still needed his help to repel his pursuers from Olant Federation. Yet now, he had already been overtaken, and the gap wasn't small either.

However, he didn't know that Wendell was sneaked upon because he was careless. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been caught so easily.

In terms of strength, the gap between them wasn't that wide. The only difference was that Wang Teng had too many skills and trump cards, unlike anyone else.

Besides, many of these trump cards were very powerful and could pose a threat to even heaven-stage martial warriors. It made the upper limit of Wang Teng's combat power much higher.

Wang Teng didn't say much when he saw that Wendell had become obedient. He glanced around and began to pick up the attribute bubbles.

Constellation Force (Fire)*1300

Constellation Force (Fire)*1000

Celestial Realm Spirit*500

Roaring Flame Lion Spear*800

Fire Ultima*1200

Cosmos Realm Enlightenment*600

Constellation Force (Fire)*1200

Constellation Force (Earth)*1400

Celestial Realm Spirit*200

Constellation Force (Wood)*1100

A large wave of attribute bubbles swarmed over and merged into Wang Teng's body. He realized that besides the Dragons, the other martial warriors had different elements as well.

Wang Teng collected a variety of constellation force attributes, but they were mostly of the five elements. They weren't that many either.

Attribute bubbles dropped by dozens of celestial-stage martial warriors were not enough to help Wang Teng currently.

The only special thing was the constellation wind Force, which was dropped when Di Qi was fighting.

It wasn't a lot. There were just over three thousand points, not enough for Wang Teng to advance.

There were also more than five thousand points of the spirit attribute that merged into Wang Teng's spirit and became part of it.

He then glanced at the attributes panel and stopped paying attention. The spirit attribute stayed the same as before, only becoming purer.

Wang Teng felt that he was in dire need of a scripture to refine his spirit. But he understood that a scripture like that was rare and tightly regulated. It was only in the hands of those above the universe stage.

That was because only martial warriors who had reached that stage would need to refine their spirit.

Wang Teng got this information from the Devouring Nihility Beast's memory.

Basically, starting from the universe stage, one would pay attention to the improvement of one's spirit. This was because in the later stages, it wasn't as simple as transforming one's body. The spirit and soul needed to transform as well.

The body and soul had to fit together well. Otherwise, if the body was too powerful, the soul wouldn't be able to control it. Consequently, some powerful secret techniques wouldn't be able to be executed.

And if the soul was too powerful, the body might not be able to hold the soul and collapse.

The latter was relatively rare. After all, it was extremely difficult to increase the power of one's spirit and soul. No one could improve the power of their spirit and soul recklessly to such an extent.

Even for Wang Teng, improving his spirit and soul had to be within a certain parameter and not to be exceeded.

He was being held back by the Celestial Realm Spirit.

There were many disciples of powerful martial warriors who would refine their spirit under their elder's arrangements when they were just celestial-stage martial warriors.

They had the opportunity to experience spirit refinement in advance. However, these people were rarely seen as well. They were either well-protected or just didn't appear in the eyes of ordinary people.

In conclusion, Wang Teng had no chance to farm from them. At least he hadn't encountered one yet.

Maybe Di Qi had a scripture. After all, he was a descendant of the Cavendish family. However, Wang Teng couldn't ask him for it.

Even if he had, it was the family's secret and had nothing to do with him.

"I wonder if there's any spirit refinement technique in the Devouring Nihility Beast's memory." Wang Teng's eyes flashed.

The Devouring Nihility Beast's memory was huge, and he didn't have the time to digest it completely. There might be something unexpected in it.

If it didn't work, he could just find a few descendants of the Parkers and try. For example, Andrais was a good target for attributes.

If his plan worked, he could plant a nail in the Parkers family, and it would be much more convenient to do things.

Wang Teng stopped thinking about it and looked at the other attribute bubbles.

What followed was enlightenment and talent attributes. It was a pity that these people were not very talented and had no meaning to Wang Teng.

The final two attributes were Fire Ultima and Roaring Flame Lion Spear.

The two attribute bubbles were from Dragon Fourteen and the other two.

There were a total of 4,350 points of Fire Ultima attributes. Wang Teng's mastery of Fire Ultima had already reached the eighth level. With this addition, although the level remained the same, he gained a deeper understanding of it.

The other attribute bubble surprised Wang Teng.

Roaring Flame Lion Spear!

That was Dragon Fourteen and the other two's Ultima battle technique!

Wang Teng was quite envious of this Ultima battle technique. After all, it was enough for them to compete with the power of his domain, showcasing its power.

A memory emerged in Wang Teng's mind.

After a long while, he opened his eyes, and a trace of crimson light flashed in his eyes. He had a basic understanding of this battle technique.

"It fuses with Ultima to attack. I see." Wang Teng's gaze flickered.

He then looked at his attributes panel.

Roaring Flame Lion Spear: 1/1000 (specialized)

800 points of Roaring Flame Lion Spear were enough for Wang Teng to advance it to the specialized stage directly.

He was satisfied with this Ultima battle technique. Although it was a spear technique, he could still use it.

Wang Teng's spear talent was at the imperial level. It wasn't weak. Furthermore, he had already mastered several spear techniques and wasn't unfamiliar with spears.

However, he had always used swords and rarely used spears. Now that he had a powerful spear battle technique, he didn't mind using it once in a while.

He remembered that he had obtained the universe-level Ice Devil Spear battle technique from the ice fairy. It was a powerful battle technique as well.

He had a fire element spear technique and an ice element spear technique… A fire and ice combo didn't seem not bad!

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