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«Complete Martial Arts Attributes (Web Novel) - Chapter 1242 The Loser Begs For Mercy. Wang Teng Came Up With An Amazing Scheme... (3)

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Chapter 1242 The Loser Begs For Mercy. Wang Teng Came Up With An Amazing Scheme… (3)

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Wendell was in this state. He wasn't in danger, but he didn't feel good. Strings of water were seeping in and out of his nose, mouth, ears, and even his eyes.

This feeling…

It was like tiny centipedes roaming around his five sensory organs. Just thinking about it was enough to make people tremble.

Wang Teng waved his hand. The water bubble disappeared, along with the domain. Wendell fell to the ground.

He clutched his throat and coughed continuously. Panting like a dog, he looked miserable.

Wang Teng squatted down and patted his back. He asked in concern, "Are you alright?"

"You, what do you want?" Wendell jumped in fright. He plonked on the ground and crawled backward with his arms and legs.

He saw what happened a moment ago. To him, Wang Teng was a murderer who killed without batting an eyelid.

Getting stuck in the water bubble was torture. He didn't understand how Wang Teng came up with such evil methods.

This person didn't have any good thoughts.

Wang Teng: …

Di Qi and others: …

This fellow seemed a little crazy. Did he become stupid because of the scare?

"Am I so scary?" Wang Teng turned to ask his team.

"Hmph, don't you know it yourself?" Di Qi snorted.

"Coward!" Wang Teng kicked Wendell.

Wendell: …

He wanted to retort. Who could withstand such suffering?

"Alright, bring him back. I want to see what the Parkers will do this time." Wang Teng scoffed.

Wendell was in despair. His eyes turned lifeless. He knew that he was finished.

His future was destroyed, and his family would abandon him. The hard work he put in on No. 29 Defense Planet came to nothing.

He shuddered at the thought.

Wendell was filled with regret. He shouldn't have ambushed Wang Teng. He shouldn't have used this method to take revenge on him. He shouldn't have made Wang Teng his enemy.

Everything he did, everything he was proud of, was nothing in front of Wang Teng. He had no right to be his enemy.

He knew that he was weaker than Wang Teng, but he wasn't convinced. That was why he paid a huge price!

He lost everything because of it.

Unfortunately, his regret came a little late…


He wasn't convinced!

He didn't want to end his future like this!

"Wang Teng, Wang Teng, let me go. I won't dare to give you trouble anymore." Wendell gave up his dignity and hugged Wang Teng's thigh as he begged for mercy.

Everyone was appalled. Was this the unruly and arrogant Raging Wolf they knew?

He was begging for mercy at Wang Teng's feet like a loser.

Contempt flashed in Peggy's eyes. She was right. Wendell wasn't a reliable superior.

A real warrior would never lose their dignity. They wouldn't beg for mercy like Wendell.

"Go away! Aren't you disgusting? Why are you hugging my leg?" Wang Teng kicked Wendell away in disdain.

He didn't expect this fellow to plead using this method. Didn't he find it embarrassing?

"Wang Teng, let me go. I'll do anything if you let me go." Wendell didn't care how others looked at him. He didn't care if Wang Teng found him disgusting either. He just wanted to survive.

Wang Teng dodged hurriedly, afraid that he would hug his leg again. He wouldn't let a man hug his thigh.

"Huh? Wait, you can do anything?" Wang Teng's eyes lit up. He touched his chin.

"Yes, yes. I can do anything. I can do anything as long as you forgive me this time." Wendell hurriedly nodded when he saw Wang Teng's attitude softening. He didn't care what his motive was.

"Cough, get up first," Wang Teng said to him. He thought of something.

"Wang Teng, are you really going to let him go?" Di Qi frowned.

Wendell had no dignity since he hugged his leg and begged for mercy. If Wang Teng let him go, he might take revenge when he had the ability to.

"Don't worry. I know what I'm doing." Wang Teng smiled.

Di Qi didn't know that he had enchantment skill. It could finally be put to use.

Wendell was his first experiment subject.

The Parkers, hmph… Wang Teng had an amazing scheme—scratch that, plan!

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