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By The River of Forgetfulness for Seven Lifetimes (Web Novel)

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Zi Xinyu, 紫芯玉


Between the two sides of that other shore, upon the Bridge of Helplessness.

“Little miss, drink a mouthful of soup. Forget everything. Your next life is a new beginning, without any earthly desires or pain.”

Looking at the soup in Old Lady Meng’s hands, depression rose within me, “But what about that person in my heart?”

Old Lady Meng smiled faintly and said, “Do you see the waters below this bridge?”

“I see them.”

“Do you see the stones in the water?”

I was stunned for a moment, “Stones?”

Old Lady Meng nodded, “Go down there and become a stone. Watch the great changes in the world for seven lifetimes. After seven hundred years, you’ll be able to bring your longing with you as you reincarnate into a new life to look for him…”

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