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The Bird of Good & Evil (Web Novel)

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Zi Xinyu, 紫芯玉


“If I gave you the chance to become a human, would you want to?”

Back then, I simply smiled and said, “I don’t want to become a human. I want to continue being a bird, soaring freely in the skies. That’s perfect for me.”

As things changed with the passage of time, all of a sudden, I really wanted to become a human just once. Thus, I asked the god, “Can I still have another chance to become a human?”

However, the god shook his head, “You’ve already missed your opportunity. Furthermore, even if I gave you a chance now, you wouldn’t live past a single day.”

“That’s fine, even half a day is fine. I just want to be a human for once.”

With shining eyes, I pleaded earnestly…

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