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«Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 587: Jing Yichen’s Past (Part One)

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Chapter 587: Jing Yichen’s Past (Part One)

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“I finally managed to move around as a rich master with the money I got from the old men and the women. If it had not been because of Family Jing, I did not have to lead a pretentious life. I used to have dozens of servants at home and didn’t lack money before your family destroyed mine.”

As Tang Shunian was speaking, he became annoyed and the veins on his forehead popped out.

Only his voice sounded full of joy.

It was the happiness of anticipating his revenge.

“I kidnapped everyone who once tormented me and tossed them into the cellar, fed them some garbage so they could survive. Before they died, I chopped their limbs so they became disabled, and could feel more pain than I felt years ago. But they died way too fast. I was bored.”

“They tormented me for so long and I still managed to live on. But these people were simply too weak. So I thought of a better game. I kidnapped their children, injected them with all kinds of drugs, no matter whether they were men or women, old or young. They all went through a painful experience. I taped the whole process, and sold it to their parents for a great deal of money.”

Tang Shunian threw a look at Jing Yichen and showed a horrifying smile, “Just as what I did to you back then. Haha! But when I sold the video to Jing Zhongxiu, he paid me nothing.”

Hearing his words, Jing Yichen started to puke again.

This was the exact same place where he had been trapped eleven years ago.

Jing Yichen’s painful memories surged up, weakening his willpower. His sight grew blurry and drowned his senses.

He was 23 years old back then.

He had been through many difficult and painful training sessions, so he was like a sword in a sheath, sharp, cold and ruthless.

He had turned numb and had no feelings towards anyone after spending so much time trying to survive on a deserted land.

Until Tang Yun appeared, who had made a difference in his life. No one was like her, who was bold enough to stalk him and follow him around.

She looked beautiful with well shaped eyebrows and a nice voice, just like a Black-nape oriole in the trees.

She was like a pretty maiden when she smiled.

He was now aware that this girl was not as innocent as she looked but someone with a cruel heart.

Once, she killed a stray dog which she used to feed, behind his back, because that dog kept following her. She did not want to waste time feeding a dog after it had done its duty of making her look like a kind person.

She used to approach Zhao Anan on purpose and when she found that Zhao Anan did not want to speak with her, she would get into a fight with her. Every time, she would hit her so hard that she had to be hospitalized.

But back then, he was way too young to see through people.

He had thought that the reason why Tang Yun approached him and pestered him was only because she liked him.

She would confess her feelings to him every single day and tell him how much she liked him. She would also do all the stupid things which a girl smitten with a boy, would do.

He had never expected that she had approached him, because she was conspiring behind his back.

She followed him every single day. She went wherever he went and it seemed that she always had a way to find him.

One day, she was captured by some hooligans and had cried out for help. He had hesitated for a few seconds before he went to rescue her.

This girl had followed him for so many days, and even if he did not know her that well, she was the only person whom he knew.

He was used to feeling powerful and conceited. He had thought that no one would dare to irritate him, yet he fell into someone else’s trap the moment he started fighting.

He and Tang Yun were drugged and brought into the dark cellar.

In the cellar, there were corpses everywhere of different genders and ages. The cellar smelled rotten, making people puke.

When Jing Yichen woke up and saw the scene, he frowned but didn’t panic.

He had seen way too many corpses and it did not shake his willpower. What made him uncomfortable was the disgusting smell in the air.

He had always lived a clean life, and filthy things would make him uncomfortable.

Next to him was Tang Yun who lay on the ground, naked and unconscious. She had a beautiful body and it was laden with a lot of wounds at that moment.

He removed his coat to shield her body. He was about to leave when four strong men stood in the way.

“Two fine goods today! Haha!”

“I have already tasted that one, so docile. This pretty man looks lethal, he must be a strong one.”

“I like strong ones. Men’s screams are much more exciting than that of women. Haha!”

“I haven’t tasted such a well-shaped and beautiful man in a long time. Why isn’t the drug working on him? I just can’t wait!”

What they did not know was that his body had been transformed by his father and normal drugs did not work on him.

But he could feel the slight change in his body. It seemed to be heating up. He wanted to find somewhere to vent the feeling. He was getting dizzy as well.

He must have been injected with hallucinogens.

However, his willpower was stronger than that of normal people, so he suppressed the unease inside his body.

He looked at the four men coldly, and spent only one minute, finishing their lives.

He was used to killing people quickly.

He was not a hitman, but was not much different in skill sets.

His short but tough 23 years of life had been filled with all kinds of knowledge. He was smart and diligent, and was able to acquire every skill, quickly.

But however skilled he was, he was alone.

In the cellar, there was a steady stream of strong men surging in. None of them was carrying a gun. They were just trying to drain his energy out rather than kill him.

The more corpses there were, the more tired he was.

Also, the drug’s sweet, cloying smell arose in the air, and he could not control the uneasiness inside his body for much longer.

The men who came towards him were really aggressive and he was starting to feel the pressure.

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