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«Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 586: Yu Mo

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Chapter 586: Yu Mo

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It was dark, cold, and silent.

It was a hot summer day with scorching sun above the ground but the world underneath it was totally different.

Jing Yichen woke up, and felt a bit dizzy when he saw where he was.

It was a large cellar without any sunlight. He could hardly make out the surroundings in the faint light which was there in the room. There were bodies lying around him, and all of them were missing a limb. Scattered fingers, ears, eyeballs, arms and legs were everywhere.

He was also covered in blood, and his white shirt had turned deep red. It carried a strong scent of blood.

He seemed to be in a living hell, where instead of death, endless torment awaited him.

Jing Yichen could not help but start puking.

It took him back to eleven years earlier, except that beside him was not Tang Yun, but a seriously injured Tiger.

“Master!” Tiger was next to Jing Yichen. He had wanted to reach out to him but did not dare because one touch would make him vomit even further.

Compared to eleven years ago, Jing Yichen was much more psychologically strong than before, and smarter too.

He tried hard to stop himself from removing the blood soaked shirt and pants and stood up despite the discomfort. Then he shouted in a lethal voice, “Come out now!”

Jing Yichen’s voice echoed across the spacious cellar.


A wild laughter arose from the darkened corner of the cellar. The laugh was proud, and lethal.

The laughter lasted for a long time, but the man did not show up.

“Jing Yichen, you have lived eleven years more than you should have. Today is the time for you to leave earth.” A polite voice reached him in the darkness.

“No, it will be you who departs today, Tang Shunian!” Jing Yichen said coldly. His face had turned pale against the faint light.

“Oh how nice that you know my real name. Even I seem to have almost forgotten it. It looks like you figured out what happened eleven years ago.”

From the darkness came out an averagely built man, dressed in a Chinese tunic suit.

His leather shoes were a brand new handmade pair. The shoes stomped upon the bloody limbs on the floor, emitting a scary, cracking sound. All this while, he looked as if he was simply taking a walk in his backyard.

As the faint light shone upon him, his handsome face came into focus.

“But, I do not like the name, Tang Shunian.”

Seeing Jing Yichen covered with blood and looking pale, Tang Shunian seemed to be in a good mood. He said calmly, “I like Yu Mo. Oh, and your cousin has given me a nickname - squib. She is a bit different from you, slightly stupid, but a lot of fun.”

Tang Shunian took a step forward as he crushed an eyeball, and revealed a cruel smile. “You, on the other hand, are indeed heartless. You knew that there was something wrong with me, but you still made her test me. I had thought that Zheng Jing was there for your cousin, but you were the one who arranged for him to come. Otherwise, I could have caught her as well to see both of you have some fun here. It would have been delightful.”

If Zhao Anan had known that her date was such a scary and shameless man, she would not have agreed to go for it.

“What a pity that I can’t see you have fun with women. I can only watch you die with these men. What we did not finish eleven years ago can be resumed today. How much longer will you be able to withstand this time?”

Jing Yichen grew calm gradually, as he saw Tang Shunian babbling. It seemed as if he had not talked with anyone for years.

He tried hard to suppress the dark memories of the past and stared at Tang Shunian coldly. “I suspected you ages ago, but was never sure, since I didn’t have any old grudges with you, and you had no motivation to come after me with so many resources and power. Later, I got to know that the people of the Tang Family did not die because of the Jing Family, but because of you!”

Tang Shunian clapped approvingly and said, “Yes, everyone in the Tang Family died because of me. Only Tang Yun, the brainless woman, was killed by you. I had not expected that an annoying woman like her could live for so long. It was only because you had a lot of compassion towards her.”

“But there is a grudge between us.” Tang Shunian stopped ten meters away from Jing Yichen.

The smile on his face gradually turned sinister, making him look crazy.

“Tang Family used to be a noble family, then it became poor overnight. I used to be a rich master, but later, I lived as if I was in hell.” Tang Shunian’s face was full of hatred.

“I was trapped, and was forced to serve those old women and men. What a disgusting experience!”

Tang Shunian recalled what he had been through, making his eyes turn red. He looked furious and in enormous pain.

The Tang Family had not been one of the top families back then, but it was wealthy. Tang Shunian used to enjoy a luxurious life, making use of his power to live in a carefree manner.

But the Tang Family betrayed Family Jing, and because of the pressure of the Jing Family, they fell from heaven to hell at a fast speed.

Tang Shunian naturally became a rat on the street, hated by everyone. He was no longer a wealthy master.

Because of his good looks, he soon became the toy of some wealthy women.

Tang Shunian was affected psychologically because of the huge change in his circumstances.

Whenever he thought of his cruel life in the past, he went crazy and lost his senses.

But right now, he calmed himself down, and even showed a slight smile.

“Luckily, my nice face and sweet voice helped me serve people who paid me a great deal. I did not need to look for food from the dumpster any longer!”

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