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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 453 Take What They Want

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Chapter 453 Take What They Want

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“I called you, but I couldn’t get through. I called Han Fei, but she didn’t answer the phone. I have been waiting here for you for two days. Yong, what should I do? If the policemen believe you, they will suspect me. Gu Shangwu was swallowed by a shark. What does it have to do with me?” Zhou Honghui looks terrible.

“Don’t worry. If the policemen believe you, they will suspect me. I am not afraid. What are you afraid of?”

Zhou Honghui thinks it is right, but on second thought, he is still nervous. As a wealthy and respected young master of the Zhou Family, he doesn’t want the policemen to catch his tripping. If the policemen frequently come to him, it would affect his fame.

More importantly, what Li Yong said is the truth, and he told a lie, so he lacks confidence.

After pondering for a while, he states, “Yong, tell Fei that we have to make the confessions identical. If we say the same words, the policemen won’t suspect us. If they do, the shark won’t testify to us.”

“Fei was with me. We both told the truth.” Li Yong smiles and feels happy to see Zhou Honghui’s depressed expression. Is this the happiness after hurting others?

“Yong, I have to go.” Zhou Honghui feels restless and just wants to find somebody to figure out a solution about how to cope with the policemen’s next investigation. He has to try every means to make his lie reasonable.

There is one person left, who Li Yong doesn’t see. The man is Luo Sihao, from Shikang City, and Li Yong doesn’t want to see him.

But Luo Sihao has waited for him in the Xiangong Hotel for three days, so Li Yong tells Li Yujie to summon him.

Li Yujie makes another call on the internal telephone. Soon the fatty Luo Sihao walks over quickly.

Luo Sihao is sensible. Although he brings four bodyguards, when he walks in, he waves and the four bodyguards with powerful backs and shoulders wait outside, without following him in.

Li Yong is happy to see that, so he forgets about their last conflict and shows a faint smile. Then he gestures for Li Yujie to pour a cup of tea and laughs, “Mr. Luo, welcome to my small hotel.”

Luo Sihao laughs loud and sits across from Li Yong, saying, “Yong, you are kidding. If this is a small hotel, there is no real hotel in Huaxia. To be frank, I came to see you this time with the hope that we will forget about our old grudges and join hands to do business. Brother, do you like me, such a fatty?”

Luo Sihao really has good communication skills. He is so old but called Li Yong brother, which makes Li Yong feel joyful, and he mocks at himself as a fatty, which makes Li Yong happier.

Li Yong wanted to call him fatty but gives up his plan to laugh at Luo Sihao as he claimed to be a fatty.

“Mr. Luo, you are welcome. What business do you want to do with me?” Li Yong asks with a big smile.

Luo Sihao glances at Li Yujie next to Li Yong. Li Yujie is very beautiful and her fair-skinned long legs are deadly attractive to any man.

But Luo Sihao doesn’t have any disgusting or obscene expression. Instead, he asks Li Yong cautiously with his turbid eyes, “Will this woman leave us alone?”

Li Yong waves his hand, “This is my woman. Just say it.”

Li Yujie glances at Li Yong with deep love in her eyes and feels happy and excited as she hears that he takes her as his woman. Then she can’t help but move closer to him and even gently grabs his hand.

Luo Sihao laughs knowingly, “After a few old friends of mine saw the top-quality bloodstones I purchased from you last time, they bought several from me although I was unwilling to sell them. Now I have only one left, and some other friends often come to my home and want to buy the last one. I don’t want to sell it no matter what they say. But one of them stays at my home and doesn’t leave. He said he wanted to commit suicide if he couldn’t get a top-quality bloodstone.”

Li Yong is shocked. Are those bloodstones so charming?

Luo Sihao continues, “I can’t stay at home, so I came to see you. I want to buy some more from you so that I can go back home and tell my friends to leave. Otherwise, my wife will divorce me.”

“Is it so serious?” Li Yong suddenly feels pity for Luo Sihao, but he has to say, “I don’t have more.”

“No more?” Luo Sihao immediately shows a pained expression, as if his parents died. He sighs repeatedly and waves his fists while kicking. It seems that he is recalling the good days, but it makes him more sorrowful.

Li Yong is not heartless. Seeing that Luo Sihao seems to be crazy, he says, “I have several at home seemingly, and they are my collections. Since you want them so badly, I will bring them for you. Wait for me here first. I will go get them for you.”

Luo Sihao looks joyful at once with exaggerated body movements, “Great! Yong, you are really my savior.”

When Li Yong stands up and prepares to leave, Li Yujie follows him in a hurry, “Yong, shall I go with you?”

“No. Just wait here. I will be right back.”

Li Yong drives the car and leaves the hotel, but he doesn’t go home. Instead, he comes to the antique market of Zhonghai City. He remembers that last time when he wandered in the antique market, he met more than ten bloodstones. At that time, he was unable to clean the impurities in the bloodstones, but now he has greatly promoted his strength, so it must be not difficult.

He comes to the antique shops as he remembers and finds that the more than ten bloodstones are still there.

Li Yong checks them one by one and finds that with his current power, he still can’t clean all the impurities and spots in them. There are eighteen bloodstones, but he can purify only three of them now.

So Li Yong purchases only three bloodstones at the price of merely one hundred and sixty thousand yuan in total.

Then he goes to a few shops and finds another one as he is lucky enough.

It’s almost noon, and he will have lunch at the hotel, so he stops doing the shopping.

One the way back to the hotel, he consumes thirteen wisps of spiritual power to turn the four bloodstones into top-quality bloodstones. When he comes to the luxurious hall exclusive for the VIP members, Luo Sihao is waiting for him anxiously.

“Yong, you are finally back. Where are the bloodstones? Let me see.” Luo Sihao shows that he can’t wait to see them and rubs his hands excitedly, like an old virgin man seeing a young woman.

“Why are you so anxious? Sit down and check them. Take your time.” Li Yong was in a hurry all the way. If he wasn’t moved by Luo Sihao’s sincerity, he wouldn’t specially go to find four bloodstones.

Although he can make some money, it means nothing to him now.

Luo Sihao sits straight on the sofa, and his turbid eyes light up, staring at the cloth bag in Li Yong’s hand. The bag is worn out, and Li Yong asked the shopkeeper of the antique store for it. Seen from outside, it has several irregular stones inside. Luo Sihao seems to have seen the exquisite and transparent bloodstones.

Li Yong receives the teacup from Li Yujie and takes a few sips leisurely to moisten his throat. Then he slowly opens the bag and gently takes out a bloodstone with the size of a fist.

Luo Sihao gets excited and instantly receives it with both hands. Then he cautiously brings it over and carefully checks it. Li Yong knocks at the table and reminds, “I will have lunch soon. Don’t be fascinated. Offer a price now.”

“This bloodstone is top-quality and bright red, but its shape is not beautiful and it is small. If it’s bigger and the bulges are smoother…”

Li Yong interrupts Luo Sihao, “Offer a price. I will sell it if the price is acceptable.”

Luo Sihao thinks for a while and finally stretches out one palm, “Fifty million.”

“Deal.” Li Yong doesn’t bargain. Anyway he isn’t afraid, and fifty million is a big amount of money for him. After all, the bloodstones are easy to get, as if he goes out to get them for free.

Li Yong speeds up and takes out the rest three bloodstones in one breath. After putting them on the tea table randomly, he urges, “Offer a price, Mr. Luo. Be quick.”

But Luo Sihao doesn’t dare to be careless for such beautiful bloodstones and a transaction of more than one hundred million. He still carefully checks them and thinks twice. He even takes photos with his cellphone and sends them to the group chat to ask for his friends’ opinions.

After observing them repeatedly with caution for half an hour and listening to his friends’ advice, Luo Sihao finally buys the other three top-quality bloodstones at the price of thirty million, fifty million and seventy million respectively.

Li Yong gets the money and Luo Sihao gets the bloodstones.

Both of them take what they want and feel happy.

“Yong, may I have the honor? I want to treat you to lunch,” Luo Sihao says with sincerity after putting away the bloodstones.

“This is my hotel. How can I let you pay, Mr. Luo? I will stand treat,” Then Li Yong tells Li Yujie, “Arrange the best private room for Mr. Luo, and whatever he eats and drinks today will be free.”

Li Yujie answers yes with a bright smile and then waves at a manager of the hotel. Afterward, the manager takes Luo Sihao away immediately. Being seated in a deluxe private room, Luo Sihao finds that Li Yong didn’t come.

He wants to have a meal with Li Yong because he plans to improve his relationship with Li Yong and keep in touch with him. If they have a good relationship, they can continue to cooperate with each other in the future.

Seeing that Li Yong didn’t come, he has no appetite for food.

At the same time, Li Yong sits in another deluxe private room.

Han Fei, Li Yujie, Du Duoduo and Tian Qiushuang are with him. Du Duoduo was practicing but Li Yong told her to have lunch with them downstairs. Tian Qiushuang is Han Fei’s bodyguard and came with Han Fei.

“Where is my wife? Why didn’t she come?” Li Yong looks at the door, to see nobody behind.

“Lu has gone to other cities to inspect. We need to take over the pharmaceutical markets of the three cities given by the Wu Family as soon as possible. If we delay it, other pharmaceutical enterprises might compete. Then it will be not good,” Han Fei replies with a smile.

“Why didn’t she tell me? I need to go with my wife and protect her,” Li Yong blames.

“It doesn’t matter if you go or not. Tian Hailu is with Han Lu and protects her,” Tian Qiushuang responds.

After lunch, Han Fei hurriedly goes to the company. Li Yong asks if she needs any help, but she says no. However, she is in such a hurry and doesn’t even have a nap at noon. Obviously, there is something unusual.

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