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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 452 Act in Collusion

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Chapter 452 Act in Collusion

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Tian Hua is overjoyed, “That’s it. Sure enough.”

“As long as you use your brain and think it over, you can feel it.”

Tian Hua scratches his hair and says in embarrassment, “Yong, you are right. Next time I will use my brain. I tell you, last time when I competed with the team leader, I lost with this move. Now, I have repaired the weakness of this move. I will fight against the team leader once more after I go back. Huh, I will knock him down and win glory for you.”

“Why do you win glory for me? You can’t get me implicated if you make trouble outside.” Li Yong hurriedly disassociates himself from the matter. Tian Hua has his father to protect him and can be lawless, but Li Yong has no backup and can’t be like him.

Song Xiaojie also disdains him, “What’s the good of seeking to one-up others? Your martial arts should be used to cope with enemies, not to defeat your team leader. You need to think about how to be promoted and become the team leader as soon as possible.”

Tian Hua instantly shook Song Xiaojie’s arm, “Honey, don’t embarrass me in front of outsiders.”

“Is Yong an outsider?” Song Xiaojie questions and secretly blames Tian Hua who can’t speak properly.

“Right. How can you take me as an outsider? Don’t come to me next time,” Li Yong states seriously, too.

Tian Hua immediately realizes that he has said something wrong and feels regretful. Then he smiles bitterly and apologizes in a hurry, “Yong, I was wrong. Honey, I am sorry. After I go back, I will apply for the position as a team leader. With my contributions and actual strength, I am sure there is no problem.”

After chatting with Tian Hua for a while, Li Yong finds an excuse and then leaves.

Li Yong doesn’t like the other three, and he can avoid seeing them as he likes.

Li Yong checks the time, to see that it is too early to have lunch. So he goes to the luxurious hall which is exclusive for the VIP members of the hotel to rest and finds a quiet place to have a seat. He drinks half a cup of tea and then tells Li Yujie what he wants.

Li Yujie makes a phone call to ask Li Tao to come.

Li Tao runs over quickly with a worried face from not far away, but his head is full of sweat.

Seeing Li Yong in the distance, he looks excited. Then he runs in haste to Li Yong, with deep love in his eyes, trying to grab his arm like a woman.

Li Yong dodges and doesn’t let him succeed because he hates to touch other men.

Noticing Li Tao’s feminine behavior, Li Yong gets angry and then asks, “What do you want me to do?”

“Yong, you need to speak for me.” Li Tao changes his tone and becomes more feminine. He stands in front of Li Yong restlessly and doesn’t dare to sit as Li Yong hasn’t asked him to.

“Tell me. Which woman harassed you? I will teach her a lesson,” Li Yong says casually while drinking tea. His words make Li Yujie unable to hold back her laughter.

Li Yujie is about to pour Li Tao a cup of tea when Li Yong waves his hand, showing that she doesn’t need to pour tea as this man is not qualified to drink.

Li Tao answers seriously, “She didn’t harass me but bullied me. Since you told me to work in the Yong Kang Clinic, I have always been bullied. Yong, you are the boss of the clinic, but they don’t take you seriously. I am your brother and disciple. With our relationship, they dare bully me. Do you think they take you seriously?”

“Who bullied you?” Li Yong asks. Looking at Li Tao’s false appearance, he knows that this guy exaggerated on purpose. Such a way works only when a child complains in front of the parents, but it is not effective to Li Yong.

“Liu Lingyin.” Li Tao clenches his teeth, “She told me to work on the night shift as a nurse. Yong, look, I have become thinner these days. What’s more, I have medical skills and I’m highly skilled, but she doesn’t allow me to be a doctor, even if I don’t want to get paid. It’s so annoying.”

Li Tao takes deep breaths and shows that he is furious, continuing, “Now the Yong Kang Clinic has moved, and the new place is spacious with thirteen floors. Its name has been changed to Yong Kang Hospital, and it recruits many doctors now. Even the students who have just graduated can be doctors. Why can’t I?”

“Are you highly skilled?” Li Yong sneers.

Li Tao holds his head high and pats his chest, saying in a loud voice, “Of course I am. Although I can’t use the internal strength or cure some serious diseases, you have taught me one acupuncture therapy. You said I can cure the common diseases.”

“But you can’t even cure a dog. If I allow you to be a doctor but you kill a patient during the treatment to cause a conflict with the patient’s family, can you take the responsibility? It’s not that Lingyin doesn’t allow you to be a doctor. I told her to make you a nurse. If you can’t be a good nurse, I will fire you. After you leave my hospital, your life and death will have nothing to do with me.”

“Yong, you are…so cruel.” Li Tao wipes his tears, “Don’t kick me out, please?”

Seeing that Li Tao is sad like an abandoned woman, Li Yong gets soft-hearted. He just frightened Li Tao, but this man is so scared, and his tears are not fake.

So Li Yong softens his tone and says seriously, “Once you do a good job as a nurse, I will teach you a new acupuncture therapy and make you a doctor.”

Li Yong thinks for a while and believes that he and Li Tao are destined to meet, so he doesn’t want to kick Li Tao out randomly. Giving Li Tao some hope, Li Yong believes that he will be a dutiful nurse.

“Really? OK. OK. Thanks, Yong.” Li Tao changes his expression faster than a woman.

He sheds tears quickly and laughs at once, as moody as a baby.

In fact, Li Yong really scared him because the other day he saw some family members of several patients who had been disabled or dead when he treated them come to make trouble in the Yong Kang Hospital and ask him to pay for their losses.

It was Sun Qiang who led the guards to drive those people away, and after the policemen came, they didn’t capture him.

Because of this issue, he believes that Li Yong has the ability to protect him. If he works somewhere else, the crazy family members of the patients might have beaten him to be disabled and even sent him to the police station.

He is really afraid that Li Yong will kick him out.

“Anything else? If no, hurry up and go back to work. If Lingyin fires you because you don’t work hard, I can’t help you. Try your best.” Li Yong waves Li Tao away.

Li Tao is a quack doctor in his thirties, but he behaves like a stupid younger brother in front of Li Yong who is only twenty years old.

After Li Tao leaves, Li Yong decides to have a look at the Yong Kang Hospital after lunch, as he doesn’t know what it looks like after Qian Lingling and Liu Lingyin decorated it. Especially he has no idea if the bed is large in the deluxe bedroom on the thirteenth floor and how many people can lie on it. He has many women, and he hopes that it can hold ten people.

At this thought, even Li Yong himself doesn’t realize that he has shown an obscene expression.

“Yong, why are you smiling?” Li Yujie notices that and asks gently.

Li Yong comes back to earth and conceals his excited expression, ordering indifferently, “Tell Zhou Honghui to come here.”

Li Yujie immediately talks on the internal telephone. After hanging up, she gently sits down next to Li Yong and gracefully pours a cup of tea for him. The tea culture of Huaxia was introduced to Japan long ago, and she does everything skillfully.

In no time, Zhou Honghui walks over in a showy manner with two bodyguards. As soon as he sees Li Yong, he waves complacently and laughs, “Yong, I miss you so much.”

Li Yong still lies on the sofa, with his right leg on the tea table. Hearing Zhou Honghui’s words to look for trouble, he tells Li Yujie impassively, “He comes to disgust me. Kick this guy out.”

Li Yujie waves her hand, and soon several security men run over, who were once special soldiers, as five-stage warriors. They are all as strong as bulls and tigers with great strength. After they stop Zhou Honghui, he shows a furious face, and his bodyguards rush over aggressively.

But the special soldiers stop them and both sides start fighting. Soon the bodyguards are beaten down by the security men.

Zhou Honghui turns pale with fear. Although he feels embarrassed, in front of Li Yong, he is used to losing face, so he shouts again, “Yong, don’t push me away. I have something important to tell you.”

Li Yong raises his hand, and Li Yujie understands at once, telling the security men to make way. Zhou Honghui ignores the two bodyguards who are half dead and hurriedly runs to Li Yong, in low spirits, like a pricked balloon.

“Say it,” Li Yong reminds him casually while drinking tea.

Zhou Honghui cautiously sits down beside Li Yong, but the latter glances at him coldly, so he instantly gets up. Facing Li Yong, he is like Li Tao and doesn’t dare to sit but just stands in front of him respectfully.

“Yong, Gu Shangwu’s wife can’t find him and has called the police. Such a famous entrepreneur is missing, which is the first time in Zhonghai City. The policemen have put on record and start investigating. A few days ago, some policemen came to ask me about Gu Shangwu’s information. They asked when and where I saw him last time.”

“What did you say?” Li Yong asks with no emotion.

“I didn’t say anything. It’s a long time, and I can’t remember. I said I last saw Gu Shangwu at a dancing party and drank with him. I didn’t dare to tell them that we met him on the sea.”

“Then why did you come to see me?” Li Yong thinks it has nothing to do with him.

“I am afraid that the policemen will come to you, too. Then if your words are different from mine, wouldn’t they suspect me?” Zhou Honghui looks helpless, “Let’s make our confessions identical. I do it for your good.”

“Oh, you came to tell me to act in collusion with you.” Li Yong is suddenly enlightened.

“It’s not to act in collusion. We didn’t break the law. How can you say that? Anyway, Gu Shangwu’s death has no connection with us. It’s fine as long as we don’t make the policemen suspect us,” Zhou Honghui explains in an instant.

Li Yong feels happy in secret and frightens him on purpose, “But I have told the policemen that we met Gu Shangwu on the sea, and he gave you a bag of lobsters and a bag of crabs.”

“Yong, how can you say that…” Zhou Honghui is terrified and almost kneels down.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I didn’t know that you would lie to the policemen.” Li Yong smiles evilly.

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