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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 454 An Indecent Couple

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Chapter 454 An Indecent Couple

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However, Li Yong doesn’t ask more and merely tells Tian Qiushuang to work dutifully. In his opinion, there must be nothing wrong in the company, and even if there is something insignificant, it can toughen Han Fei.

When it comes to work, Han Fei is much inferior to Han Lu.

But Han Lu is intelligent and capable, and Han Fei is lovely and attractive.

Sometimes, Li Yong thinks that his woman doesn’t have to be intelligent and capable but just needs to be lovely and attractive.

As his wealth and strength increase, his vision and mind, as well as his temperament and hobbies are changing, and even his character and working style are changing.

Thinking of when he was poor in the past, he finds that the changes are obvious.

At the thought of the time when he lived with his lame uncle earlier, he thinks that the changes are more evident.

After sending Han Fei away, Li Yong follows Du Duoduo into her room. Seeing that her strength has been promoted, he laughs, “Don’t practice too hard. Sometimes you need to go out for a walk and watch the scenery.”

Du Duoduo feels warm and nods seriously.

Li Yong then asks, “Do you have any news about that matter?”

“Yes, the person behind the scenes has contacted me and asked to see us. Because you were in Japan and couldn’t come back, I put off the date to see them.”


“Are you available today?”


“Then we can make it tonight.” Du Duoduo smiles, “I can get in touch with them and discuss where we will meet.”

“Okay. You decide the time and place. I will come to you tonight.”

After confirming the time with Du Duoduo, Li Yong walks out of her room. Then he asks Li Yujie for a fruit platter and walks to the presidential suite where Elder Li stays, serving him in person.

Elder Li is named Li Tong, and is certainly the elder brother of Li Yong’s father. Li Yong is sure that this old man knows his parents’ information.

Feeling excited as he can see his parents, Li Yong walks over slowly. At the same time, he looks at the room with his clairvoyant vision.

He sees that Li Tong sits on the sofa with a younger and beautiful maid and eats fruit while talking and laughing. Judging from his happy face and body language, Li Yong knows that the old man is conscious now, like the normal people.

Focusing his eyes on Li Tong’s brain, Li Yong checks carefully and finds that the black energy and spiritual power have gone, so he confirms that Li Tong has fully recovered.

Li Yong hesitates when he comes to the door of the presidential suite because he sees that Li Tong suddenly grabs the maid’s fair-skinned arm and tries to pull the beautiful woman into his arms. The maid blushes and twists, pretending to push him away.

This old indecent man is already seventy or eighty years old. Does he still have an interest?

Even if he wants to, does he have the energy?

Li Yong thinks of the prescription he wrote to Wu Yuting last time. After it’s produced, he will give some to Li Tong for a trial.

At this thought, Li Yong laughs.

Because he wants to ask Li Tong for a favor, to inquire about his father Li Yue’s whereabouts, he stops and decides to enter later. He’d better not disturb Li Tong. Who knows if this old man has a weird temper?

While waiting, Li Yong cranes his neck to listen and hears Li Tong say sweetly, “Honey, you know that this hotel’s boss is my nephew. I stay here and eat and use everything for free. And your monthly salary of ten thousand is paid by him. He treats me so well. If you are with me, you will enjoy limitless wealth and glory. I swear I will be nice to you till death.”

Fuck. This is an expert on pursuing girls.

Hearing Li Tong’s words, Li Yong can’t help but sigh with emotion.

Look, he coaxes the maid and makes her rush into his arms, unable to steady herself.

Even Li Yong has to admire Li Tong for his eloquence and cheating method. No wonder when Li Yong found Li Tong for the first time, the old man shouted and even said Li Yong wanted to sexually harass him.

At that time, Li Yong was astonished, and now he has found the reason.

Seeing that Li Tong hugs the maid more tightly and gets more excited, about to take off clothes and have sex, Li Yong suddenly realizes that it’s impolite to stand outside and watch.

So he goes back to the next door room and waits patiently.

However, it’s boring to wait. When Li Yong feels bored, he wants to watch them.

It’s innocent to watch in secret. Anyway they don’t know. After convincing himself secretly, Li Yong starts his clairvoyant vision again and watches the presidential suite.

He didn’t know what was happening and gets scared as soon as he sees them. The two are naked, and the maid is lying on the bed with her ass up twisting. At the same time, she urges with anxiety, “Be quick. You make me anxious.”

Li Tong is quite anxious, too. His penis is soft and he stimulates it hard with both hands, but no matter how he does that, it doesn’t work, and it’s still soft.

Even Li Yong gets worried about his uncle while seeing Li Tong’s sweat on his head.

“Old man, come on!” Li Yong can’t help but whisper. If he were beside them, he would kick Li Tong, “Old jerk, you are incapable. Why did you flirt with her?”

“Can you make it?” The maid gets impatient.

Li Tong has no choice but to stretch out two fingers, trying another way.

“You can’t use your hand.” The maid instantly stands up and finds that Li Tong’s penis is still lowering, not hard at all, so she howls involuntarily, “You are incapable. Why did you take off my clothes?”

Li Tong is embarrassed and blushes, explaining, “I could just now. Why can’t I after taking off clothes? It’s so weird. Make some poses and let me get prepared. Then maybe I can do it.”

“You are impotent. And you even find an excuse. Pah.” The maid feels uncomfortable and jeers at him.

Li Tong doesn’t get mad and laughs, “I’m sorry this time. Next time. Next time I can make it.”

“You want the next time? You are not allowed to touch me again in the future. You put me in a difficult position and make me uncomfortable.”

While speaking, the maid gets dressed and tidies up her dress and hair. Then she sits aside in rage.

She doesn’t serve tea or pour water but looks arrogant, like an angry mistress in a wealthy family.

While Li Tong hurriedly pours a cup of tea and cautiously gives it to her. Then he brings a wet towel to wipe her hands gently. He is expiating his guilt, like a sinner merely because his thing is powerless.

The maid is less than forty years old and quite desirous of sex. Li Yong guesses even if Li Tong’s penis can get hard, he can’t satisfy her desire without the help of pharmaceutical.

After Wu Yuting produces the pharmaceutical, it will be good news for Li Tong and his peers.

After waiting for a while, Li Tong and the maid talk and laugh happily again, and Li Yong gets up and walks over.

He knocks on the door softly and then walks in slowly once the maid opens the door.

“Uncle, I came to see you,” Li Yong says with a smile while putting the fruit platter in front of Li Tong.

Li Tong glances at Li Yong and soon pretends to be silly, with his blank eyes, staying silent.

At the moment, the maid is sensible and pours tea for Li Yong in a hurry. Then she stands behind him, gazing at him with her expectant eyes, like a female tiger wanting to pounce on him.

Li Yong is clear about the maid’s desire. Although she imagines having sex with him, he doesn’t care. Even if he does, he can’t stop her illusion. He doesn’t have the ability to control anybody else’s mind.

Li Yong came with a simple purpose, that is to ask Li Tong about his parents’ whereabouts. So he starts repeating what he said in the past, “Uncle, I am Li Yong, and my father is Li Yue. Please tell me where my parents are. I want to find them.”

Li Tong plays dumb and has no reaction.

Li Yong knows that Li Tong is pretending, but he has no other choice. He can’t cruelly force Li Tong, with the same way as he treats those killers.

Seeing that Li Tong doesn’t want to tell him, Li Yong turns to the maid, asking, “How is my uncle now?”

The maid is letting her mind run wild and suddenly meets Li Yong’s eyes. Then she instantly lowers her head, replying in panic, “He is much better now. He can eat, drink and sleep and sometimes talks with me.”

“Oh, did he say anything?” Li Yong asks more.

“No, he said nothing but chitchats.” The maid calms down and talks fluently.

Li Yong believes that he can’t get any useful information, so he tells the maid to take good care of Li Tong and then walks out of the room.

He doesn’t go away but enters another room to watch the presidential suite with his clairvoyant vision again.

As he expected, Li Tong and the maid are talking.

“Your nephew asked you, but why did you play dumb?” The maid is surprised and glares at Li Tong, asking, “Look at you, so silly. Didn’t you say that you will ask him for much money and buy me gifts?”

Li Tong sighs, “It’s not that I played dumb, but I couldn’t answer his question. I am afraid if I tell him, I will ruin him. I can’t watch him court death.”

His words struck Li Yong’s heart, who feels sad as he hasn’t expected Li Tong to consider for him.

“What? Do you know the whereabouts of your nephew’s family?” the maid inquiries.

“I knew something in the past. So many years have passed, and I don’t know now, either.” Li Tong sighs.

“Then why did you play dumb? It’s fine if you say that you don’t know.” The maid disdains him.

“I don’t know well about my nephew. If he kicks me out after learning that I don’t know, what should I do? I live here in comfort and eat well, and you keep me company. I don’t want to be kicked out.”

“Old asshole, didn’t you say that your nephew will give you a lot of money? Did you lie to me?” The maid gets mad.

“If I ask him for money, he will give me, but I don’t have the face to say that.” Li Tong shakes the maid’s shoulders and behaves intimately to her.

Li Yong gets furious as he looks at this indecent couple.

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