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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 367 Report Work

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Chapter 367 Report Work

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“It’s all right. No one dares to rob me and no one dares to steal from me.” Li Yong says smilingly.

“Just in case! So you have to be careful.” Sui Yezhu can’t rest assured and becomes nagging.

“Okay.” Li Yong knows that Sui Yezhu has good intentions.

“We’ll fly at night. Let’s meet at the airport at 8 o’clock this evening.” Sui Yezhu says in the end, “Be sure to be punctual! The plane waits for no one. If you arrive early, I’ll introduce you to others.”

“I’ll go back to prepare.”

After Li Yong and Wei Fangxia left, Sui Yezhu puts away the piece of bloodstone. Then she pulls Hao Huihua’s white hand, points at the white jade on the table and says, “Is that piece of white jade really sent by Li Yong?”

“Yes.” Hao Huihua smiles sweetly. She brought white jade here because she wants to ask her teacher to estimate its price.

No matter how precious and how rare the jade is, she can’t have peace of mind if she doesn’t know an approximate price even if the jade has high collection value.

“I have lived so long, but I have never seen such a generous person. I don’t think there should be such a generous person in this world. I think this piece of white jade is worth at least 6 million yuan. He just gave it to you. How was it possible? There should be no such thing in this world, so I think he has other intentions.”

Seeing that Sui Yezhu is serious, Hao Huihua gets nervous and asks, “Ms. Sui, what does he want to get from me?”

“Do you think what you have is worth 6 million yuan?” Sui Yezhu asks instead of answering.

“I… I don’t have anything that is worth 6 million yuan.” Hao Huihua says without thinking.

“Think about it again.” Sui Yezhu asks with a smile.

Hao Huihua really thinks about it, but still figures out nothing. She gently shakes her head and looks a little embarrassed, as if she is awkward because she doesn’t have high value. She doesn’t have anything that’s worth so much money except for herself.

“Huihua, you shouldn’t look down upon yourself. You should know that the most valuable thing you have is yourself. It is your intelligence and wisdom. Because everyone is priceless. You are priceless, understand?”

“Ah?” Hao Huihua doesn’t fully understand.

“I guess that he may have a crush on you. He may secretly like you.” Sui Yezhu chuckles.

“Ms. Sui, this is impossible! He has a girlfriend.” Hao Huihua refers to Wei Fangxia, and Hao Huihua also knows that besides Wei Fangxia, Li Yong still has a wife named Han Lu, who is the president of a company.

She asked Zheng Xinmei about these things specifically. Zheng Xinmei did not hide from her.

“What does it matter? When love comes, no one can resist it. The ancient emperors destroyed their countries for the sake of women. He sent a piece of good jade for you. It’s not a big deal.”

“This…” Hao Huihua wants to say something but stops. She doesn’t know she should be happy or worried.

“Don’t you like him? You should know that he still has a lot of beautiful jade stones, each of which is worth several million yuan. So if he likes you in his heart and if you like him too, you have to take this chance. I think that man is not simple. He is not simple at all.” Sui Yezhu says firmly.

“But I…” Hao Huihua didn’t expect Sui Yezhu to say so. She lowers her head and blushes.

“Of course, if he doesn’t like you in his heart but just wants to play with a new woman and doesn’t want to be responsible, you should stay away from him and shouldn’t like him. This kind of man is very dangerous. It’s not okay even if he gives you more beautiful jade. You should get to know his personality. Since he is also going to Thailand, I’ll help you check him.”

In the elevator downwards, Li Yong and Wei Fangxia are quarreling.

“How could you say that I was your girlfriend?” Wei Fangxia grabs Li Yong’s shoulder and asks angrily.

“Aren’t you my female friend?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“No, you are not my friend at all. I don’t have a friend like you.” Wei Fangxia says with disdain.

“I did it for your good. If I didn’t say this, you might not go.” Li Yong explains.

“I don’t need you to do it for my good. It’s just my job to follow you, understand? I wouldn’t bother to follow you if it wasn’t for this job.” Wei Fangxia says fiercely.

“Yes, your job is to protect me. If you can’t go, how can you protect me?”

“I can go too if you don’t say I’m your girlfriend.”

“Well, let’s stop arguing.” Li Yong sighs helplessly. He doesn’t want to argue with Wei Fangxia.

“If you dare to say I’m your girlfriend again…” Wei Fangxia looks at Li Yong’s crotch and says, “I’ll castrate you.”

Li Yong immediately feels cold below and hurriedly clamps his legs. This little girl seems to be more and more violent. He vows to defend his own sex happiness. If anyone dares to harm his private part, he will fight desperately.

“Don’t you dare!” Li Yong says seriously. He warns Wei Fangxia with his attitude and hopes that Wei Fangxia can understand.

“Hum.” Wei Fangxia squints at Li Yong with a cold “hum” as her reply.

It looks like that Wei Fangxia really dares to do anything. Li Yong is secretly on guard against her, because that thing is too important for a man. He can’t risk at all.

Back to Brother Yong Jewelry Center, the display cabinets that were smashed by Luo Sihao and his people have been cleaned up and replaced with new ones. Li Yong takes a look at the first floor and doesn’t see any customers.

He walks to the back and finds that Zheng Xinmei is directing a number of decoration workers to redecorate the wholesale center.

The four gold-plated big words “Brother Yong Jewelry Center” are shining in the sun.

Li Yong is very satisfied with Zheng Xinmei because she is vigorous and resolute. Zheng Xinmei is such a beauty, but as the top manager of the jewelry center, she has to worry about the decoration personally and is covered with dust, which makes Li Yong feels pity.

“Xinmei, leave these to someone else. Come with me.”

Zheng Xinmei says yes and gives orders to her assistant. Then she keeps up with Li Yong.

They come to the luxury hall on the top floor. Li Yong sits on a comfortable sofa with his right leg folded on his left leg. He drinks tea and says, “I’m going to Thailand. Madam Wei is going with me. The work here is over for now. Do you think you should tell my wife about it or I should tell her?”

“Yong, of course you should tell her.” Zheng Xinmei stands beside Li Yong and says with a smile.

“Did you speak ill of me to my wife?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“No, no.” Zheng Xinmei is startled and hurriedly denies. After denying, she feels that her reaction was too intense, so she hurriedly says gently, “How can I do such things?”

“Don’t think that I don’t know. When I came, my wife called you and asked you to keep an eye on me.”

Li Yong is very sure, because he really heard it. He also knows that not only Zheng Xinmei , but also Wei Fangxia was specifically ordered by Han Lu and is secretly watching him.

Han Lu can’t hide her means from him at all. He looks at Wei Fangxia who is in the opposite. Wei Fangxia obviously has a guilty conscience and looks aside. She will definitely stare back at Li Yong if she doesn’t have a guilty conscience.

Zheng Xinmei is startled again. Han Lu told her secretly. How could Li Yong know it? She dares not to deny it or admit it. She is just standing there and waits for Li Yong to rebuke her.

“Is it?” Li Yong asks with a smile. He is very relaxed about this serious topic.

But Zheng Xinmei is still very nervous, because it’s not a proud thing to secretly spy on a person. She is afraid that Li Yong gets furious suddenly. As an employee, she can’t afford the boss’s anger.

Seeing that Li Yong has to know the answer, she nods and says softly, “Yes.”

“Make a phone call now and report to my wife. I’ll watch you report work to her.”

Zheng Xinmei dares not to refuse, so she has to pick up the telephone and calls Han Lu.

Under the gaze of Li Yong, she firstly says that Li Yong reformed the way of sales again, and then says that Li Yong bought the entire Tiankai Mansion and they don’t have to worry about the rent any longer. At last, she says that Li Yong bought top-class jade stones that are worth several billion yuan.

In addition, she also talks about the wonderful situation when Li Yong went to identify treasure. The two pieces of top-class bloodstone were sold for 200 million each. Besides, there are still several pieces of top-class bloodstone like those two in Li Yong’s bag.

In the reporting process, Zheng Xinmei is also shocked. After connecting the things before and after, she finds that Li Yong is really good at making money and is very lucky. It’s really amazing that Li Yong has had such a great harvest in such a short time since he came to Shikang two or three days ago.

She can’t help looking at Li Yong. She feels that Li Yong is just an ordinary man and not very special. The most special thing is that it’s pleasant to look at him. He has a strong body and is well-dressed.

Just as when she saw Li Yong for the first time, she was attracted by his good appearance. That’s why she asked Li Yong to pretend to be her boyfriend and help her draw a clear distinction with her ex-boyfriend. Because she wants to look for a boyfriend who is pleasant to look at.

Not only Zheng Xinmei, but also Wei Fangxia is shocked.

She doesn’t find Li Yong’s ability when she doesn’t think about it. Sometimes she even thinks that Li Yong is annoying when she follows him. However, after connecting the things before and after, Wei Fangxia sees the merits of Li Yong.

She moves her eyes on Li Yong and suddenly finds that Li Yong has so many merits.

The resentment in her heart to Li Yong is suddenly reduced a lot. It seems that she can’t hate this talented man.

She knows Li Yong better than Zheng Xinmei. She knows that Li Yong has great medical skills as well as great luck in stone gambling. Moreover, he has an important identity that even Director Yang is desperate to protect him.

Thinking of this, Wei Fangxia suddenly shows a faint sweet smile on her cool face. She feels happy that she can meet Li Yong who is so talented in her life.

Hearing these reports from Zheng Xinmei, Han Lu’s laughter comes from the phone from time to time. She hardly stops laughing. She knew that Li Yong would be able to solve the problem, but she didn’t expect that Li Yong would solve the problem so perfectly.

Besides, he not only earned a building, but also bought top-class jade that is worth several billion yuan.

Han Lu has seen the re-opening of Han’s Pharmaceutical Group and more brilliant prospects.

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